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    Hybrid Fish - Yes Or No?

    I loved my Bloody Parrots. I raised them from juveniles to 15 years old. The largest I had grew to 8" tall and 10" long. You will receive various opinions on Hybrid species. They are not for everyone. Video/Bloody Parrots/11/14/12 Ken
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    Treating Ich With Heat

    Hello, Sorry to hear that you are dealing or may be dealing with ich. I have had great success with the heat method and without the use of salt. Using salt is old school and is not necessary for freshwater fish. NLS Thera +A great food! I used it for years. Remember if 1 fish actually has...
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    180l/47g Stock. 80x45x50 Cm

    Hello, Make sure you have 0,0 under 20 for your cycle readings before adding fish. To help speed up the process, you can increase the tank water temperature to about 80/82 degrees. I have Seeded aquariums in the past using fully established filter media (full of good bacteria from another...
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    180l/47g Stock. 80x45x50 Cm

    Congrats on the new aquarium! I hope you can share some photos once your stocking is complete. Personally I like to stock my tanks with Top, Middle and Bottom feeders. This link may give you some tips if you haven't already seen it: Work In Progress: Freshwater Community Stocking List Best...
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    Identify My Pleco

    Thank you Fanatic. I hope to be popping on more often as time goes by.
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    Identify My Pleco

    Hello, How nice of your granddad to buy a fish for your aquarium. I am not certain of the type of Pleco that it is. 10cm = 3.94 inches. Check out the photos in the link below and try and make a comparison: Plecostomus Photos To help you to receive more responses, you may want to ask a...
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    What Do You Think Of My Tank?

    Hello, Your aquarium looks very nice! I had marimo balls in my aquariums for a very long time. If they start to fall apart, you can bind them back together with thread to create new ones. Consider a background for your aquarium. I used black on all of my tanks in the past that I purchased...
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    Betta With Cories?

    Hello, Simply stating what worked for me and my tank and fish. What works for me may not work for you. My fish thrived in their environment.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanks Mike!
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    Betta With Cories?

    Good morning, As mentioned above by others, Cory Cats do best in groups in larger aquariums, however, sometimes we have to take the need of the tank into consideration. I stocked my aquariums with top, middle and bottom feeders. As for the betta tank I had, it was a 6.6g bookshelf tank with 1...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanks everyone! It's nice to be back on the forum. Checking out all the new changes. Looks great!
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    Emergency help for parrot fish

    Hello and Welcome to Fish Lore! Noble of you to try and help the ill fish, however, if the fish has been this way for over a year, I seriously doubt that there is anything that can be done at this point. If the swim bladder has burst, there is no cure. I would talk with the owner of the fish...
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    Blood parrot upside down

    Good morning, The fish is obviously large and possibly elderly. Also it appears to be experiencing a Prolapse and if this is the case, there really isn't much that you can do. The Prolapse may contract or it may not. Best wishes for your fish! Ken
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    Can I use fish poo as plant fertilizer?

    Hello, If you want to use fish waste around your plant then do so. Just keep an eye on your Nitrate and pH levels. Many times in threads we see concerns about vacuuming around plants in the tank and it has been said that the fish waste will be good for the plants thus the reason to vacuum...
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    Fish Store Dropped My New Blood Parrot On The Floor, Help

    Good morning, The purpose for Seeding is to obtain an instant cycle and if you have 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrites and under 20 Nitrates (under 40 not so bad), then I have to believe you did obtain the instant cycle. I would go ahead and move the Bloody Parrot over to the 55g. Keep an eye on your...
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    Air stone?

    Hello and Welcome to Fish Lore! If you have sufficient surface water movement then an air stone/pump is not necessary, however, these are good to have on hand in case of an emergency. If you see your fish gasping at the surface for air, then add the stone/pump to provide more oxygen as stated...
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    Anyone know what this is?

    Hello and Welcome to Fish Lore! Looks like a pond/bladder snail. I hope you enjoy the forum. Ken
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    Parrot fish darting during water change

    Awwww! Too cute! Thanks for sharing the photo! Beautiful fish! Ken
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    Parrot fish darting during water change

    That is where the company gets you, telling you that you need to use it for the life of the aquarium. A way for them to make more $. Ken
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    Parrot fish darting during water change

    Something else to consider with your aquarium is stopping the use of Stability. If your aquarium has been set up for over year, it should be cycled and there should not be any need to continue using this product. Prime will detox the ammonia from your tap water for 24 hours in which time the...
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    Are these good foods to feed yellow labs, if not what should I feed them?

    Good morning, Foods that I suggest are New Life Spectrum (NLS) Thera +A in the link below at Ken's: Along with the NLS, I suggest treats a couple of times per week and for these I also select from Ken's such as Freeze dried Krill, Earth Worm Sticks, Spirulina Sticks and a variety of wafers...
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    Parrot fish darting during water change

    Good morning, Not sure why the fish is darting, perhaps it could be excited over the water change. If everything else is normal, I wouldn't worry too much at this point. Any time I do water change, the fish seem to enjoy it afterwards. My fish are elderly and are accustomed to me being in...
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    Can I help my Red Tail Shark's color?

    Hello, Please complete your Aquarium Profile Information. To access the Profile, click on Forum Actions in the bar close to the top of the screen. In the drop down box, click on Edit Profile. Be sure to hit SAVE when you are done. Thanks! Ken
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    30 Gallon Tank Changed my water 6 months ago Ken
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    Will my tank crash if I stop using Nutrafin Cycle after using it to cycle?? Link of interest above. Ken
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    Fish Store Dropped My New Blood Parrot On The Floor, Help

    I'm afraid you'll have to make the decision as to put them back together or not. Best of luck! Ken
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    Fish Store Dropped My New Blood Parrot On The Floor, Help

    Mine have bickered back and forth from time to time, and at times their mouths would turn white from getting into lip locks. Your call as to separation or not. Wish I could help you more. Ken
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    If you had an exotic pleco tank or indoor pondd, what species would you have.

    Bristle Nose both male and female. Ken
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    Hot link terms - list?

    Oh...a few more here: Ken
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    Hot link terms - list?

    Hello, To my knowledge there is no such page. This may help you though: Ken
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    Green terror tank mates

    Hello, Keep in mind that fish named Devil and or Terror usually live up to their name. Ken
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    Ammonia Spikes, Mini Cycle??

    Hello, If your aquarium is truly cycled, you should not have to be adding Stability every day. Too, I would not be using chemicals to alter your pH levels as they are unstable and can lead to a pH crash resulting in fish loss. Remember, we are trying to mimic a natural environment and the few...
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    Fish Store Dropped My New Blood Parrot On The Floor, Help

    Hello, It is really hard to say. It is rare that one Bloody Parrot will kill another but it does happen. Anytime that I've added a new Bloody Parrot they were treated as one of the family. I have had 2 or 3 cases where one Bloody Parrot killed another one but usually over spawning...
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    Cleaned Forum House!

    Thanks! Ken
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    Hello and Welcome to Fish Lore! Hate that you are dealing with Ich. Check out the information in the link below: I have moved your thread to Freshwater Fish Disease section of the forum. You...
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    Water changing and cleaning! Ken
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    Stocking 180 gallon

    Hello and Welcome to Fish Lore! Bloody Parrots should be housed with other nonaggressive species: I have moved your thread to Aquarium Stocking Questions section of the forum. You can locate your threads by...
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    Happy Valentine's Day!

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    Red tailed black shark sudden aggression

    Good morning, Welcome to Fish Lore! Other than separation, I do not know of any way to stop the aggression. These types of sharks, Red Tail and Rainbow, can be shy and timid as juveniles and until they become familiar and comfortable with their surroundings and then the aggression usually...
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    Fish Store Dropped My New Blood Parrot On The Floor, Help

    Good morning, Awww...poor fish. Sometimes things just happen that are beyond our control. For future reference, I highly recommend buying fish as juveniles and raising them yourself. When you buy larger fish, you really never know exactly how old they are. (really just a preference here...
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    Blood Parrot Link full of information above that you may find helpful. Keep us posted with your progress! Welcome to Fish Lore! I hope you enjoy the forum! Ken
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    Can i feed my fish just tropical flakes?

    Good morning, I recommend feeding pellets over flakes due to the greater nutritional value: (reference post #14)
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    Aqueon clean and fill system review

    Thank you for the great review. The bar of soap on the sink has me a bit concerned as water was splashing onto it and running into the sink. Eeek! Ken
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    Blood parrot might be sick :(

    Good morning, I never use fish nets to capture my fish as they can remove body slime from the fish. Luckily I do not have to handle my fish period as being in 265g would be very challenging to say the least. When I upgraded tank size from a 155g bow front I used a critter keeper in the link...
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    Preparing activated carbon - what kind of water to use for soak/rinse?

    Hello, I do the same with my Activated Carbon as JD mentioned above. Never heard of soaking it in distilled water before. Ken
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    christmas cactus help

    Good morning, My folks inherited a Christmas Cactus from my Grandma. It lived to be more than 60 years old and the pot it was in was actually a giant silver wash tub. Never seen anything like it in my life. It was beautiful! Good luck with yours! I wish I could tell you how they kept it...
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hello and to Fish Lore! I hope you enjoy the forum! Ken
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    Where do you work/volunteer?

    <---Well kept Man. Someone has to do it so it might as well be me. teehee! Ken

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