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  1. DoubleDutch

    Help Corydoras dying!

    This looks like a C.splendens (emerald green Cory). Did you get it in an LFS nearby? Got a pic of the other one?
  2. DoubleDutch

    Help What fish is this?

    And another vote
  3. DoubleDutch

    Help Corydoras dying!

    Looks like Red Blotch disease / condition. How long is the tank cycled ? Are there other corys in allready ?
  4. DoubleDutch

    Corydoras Photos

    My first thought but think it is a Pygmaeus after all.
  5. DoubleDutch

    Help Possible flukes or anchor worms?

    To me it doesn't. If you'll be using heat please aerate the water.
  6. DoubleDutch

    Help Possible flukes or anchor worms?

    But does the heathtreatment work for flukes ?
  7. DoubleDutch

    Help Possible flukes or anchor worms?

    Do you know what I think is strange : I saw a documentary from Canada in which gen altered corn "Roundup ready" was fed to cows which caused all kind of issues (suspecion was on the overuse of te same Round Up) On the other hand the simplest pet-meds are not allowed grrrrrrrrr.
  8. DoubleDutch

    Corydoras Photos

    Who is watching who ?
  9. DoubleDutch

    Help Possible flukes or anchor worms?

    Missing scales on scaless fish is a contradictio in terminis. Think they are flukes / nematods. Why can't you get a decent dewormer ?
  10. DoubleDutch

    Feeding A Community Tank (cories, Shrimp, Betta)

    Corys won't eat shrimp Bettas do
  11. DoubleDutch

    Question Ich on corydora?

    I seriously doubt it is Ich. Looks more bacterial. It misses it barbells as well !
  12. DoubleDutch

    Help Would Otocinclus Do This???

    The Ancistrus has progressed finrot and needs serious antinmbacterial treatment a.s.a.p. There is no fish that caused this.
  13. DoubleDutch

    Gouramis breeding question?

    Raise the temp and feed living food. Could you place a pic of the couple? Did the male build a bubblenest ? After the female laid eggs you shoukd seperate her !
  14. DoubleDutch

    Question Splash Tetra, Copella Arnoldi.

    Mmmm he kept and bred C.meinkeni. Those have a different way of laying eggs etc.... but seems to be quite nice and docile fish. He didn't expect any issues. But you got your info from Chromedome allready !!!! Great. Awesome fish !!! Good luck.
  15. DoubleDutch

    Question Splash Tetra, Copella Arnoldi.

    Asked a friend in Manchester who I think kept them. If I am correct will inform you later.
  16. DoubleDutch

    Cat Photos

    12 year old Luna Organic food for the first of het life. Hoping she will "survive" hahaha
  17. DoubleDutch

    Is My Gourami Pregnant?

    I'd seperate immediately before it is too late.
  18. DoubleDutch

    My Cichlids Have A Ick :(

    Yeah I got that. But on the back of that one definitely isn't Ich. If it is bacterial, the bacteria will love the heat !
  19. DoubleDutch

    Question Cannabis Leaves

    Sounds like a "good" human study. One puts fish in a too small / crowded environment and use stuff to calm them down. Uhhhhhhhhh if you provide the right environment / space you don't have to calm down anything.
  20. DoubleDutch

    My Cichlids Have A Ick :(

    The other cichlid seems to have a different issue. Is raising the temp a good idea for that ?
  21. DoubleDutch

    Corydoras Weitzmani?

    Great !!!!!
  22. DoubleDutch

    Seeding Quarantine Tank & Hexamita

    What exactly is your question. Seeding a new tank? Corys are not prone to Hex (why did you cranck up the heat BTW?) but often appear to be sensitive to brand new tanks (new substrate). So I'd seed the filter and let the substrate ripen before you add the Corys.
  23. DoubleDutch

    Which Medicine Do I Need?

    How many "other guys" are in with it ?
  24. DoubleDutch

    Corydoras Weitzmani?

    Yahoooooo you're the greatest !!! Well done !
  25. DoubleDutch

    Which Medicine Do I Need?

    Definitely don't swap !!! Pimafix isn't an antibiotic.
  26. DoubleDutch

    Important Diagnosis Plz.

    That's definitely not Ich.
  27. DoubleDutch

    Dying Cories And I'm Not Sure Why...

    This fish doesn't look stressed, but on its way out.
  28. DoubleDutch

    Which Medicine Do I Need?

    If the OP lives in the US the last resort would be an antibiotic. To be honest I would euthanise in this stage. Sorry !
  29. DoubleDutch

    Cardinal Tetra With Widespread Bullous / Vesicle-like Lesions

    Sorry, no experience with the use of salt.
  30. DoubleDutch

    Which Medicine Do I Need?

    Grrrrr. Can you seperate / qt it ? Try a strong antibacterial med (not Melafix) or antibiotic but to be honest I doubt it isn't too far gone.
  31. DoubleDutch

    Which Medicine Do I Need?

    Only thing that comes up : Bring it back. It shouldn't have been sold to you !
  32. DoubleDutch

    Dying Cories And I'm Not Sure Why...

    Why is 12 hours of light way too long and especially for Corys ?
  33. DoubleDutch

    PLECOS!! share yours

    MMMM cumcumber
  34. DoubleDutch

    75 Gallon Freshwater Tank Glass Chip

    It isn't Ich. Probably a neon specific straun of Columnaris
  35. DoubleDutch

    Dying Cories And I'm Not Sure Why...

    What are you feeding ?
  36. DoubleDutch

    Wild-life photos

    Not entirely true, but I couldn't find it hahahaha
  37. DoubleDutch

    Corydoras Photos

  38. DoubleDutch

    Help Honey Gourami - Swim Bladder Problems

    What are you treating and how do other fish "respond" ?
  39. DoubleDutch

    Unknown Pleco

    Hahaha I was searching in the Peckoltia-range
  40. DoubleDutch

    60 Gallon Tank Gourami Community

    Not want to be rude but anxious to know why you would rehome the Pearl that only is showing its natural behaviour. You have made something that doesn't exists in the wild (a gourami community tank) and put fish in that all have their own natural behaviour. But if the fish don't "behave" you're...
  41. DoubleDutch

    Unknown Pleco

    L387 ?
  42. DoubleDutch

    Bloated Pleco

    I'd only add vegs to eat. That's the way I solved the issue mine had. It is back to normal.
  43. DoubleDutch

    Unknown Issue With Corys

    Did it have the dark stomach before it died ?
  44. DoubleDutch

    Slowly Upgrading 55 To 75 Gallon

    Yes but also adding ferts etc.... can trigger spawning.
  45. DoubleDutch

    Paradise Gourami Is Sick

    Looks like an Aeromonas bacteria infection.

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