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    Lost My Right Hand Man Today :/

    Condolences for your loss.
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    120 Discus Build

    I really would, but I do not own aquariums anymore, kinda took a break from keeping them a couple months ago and I have not set any new ones up, but maybe someday I will return to the hobby.
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    Question: What Is This On My Fish?

    It's a little awkward from that angle, but I definitely see a "bulging" mass right there, and I agree on a tumor. Unfortunately, tumors are usually not an emergency, and the fish may be able to live on normally with one, as long as it does not hinder their natural ability to swim and eat, or...
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    120 Discus Build

    I always admired discus and those who keep them, they are simply a stunning fish that I have always wanted to have of my own. Beautiful tank you have for them, hope to see more!
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    Synthetic Cork For Isopods

    So, are you asking about a material that would still feel and look like cork, or something that is hard and like plastic? You'd be doing them a great deal of disfavor if you use synthetic materials, they actually eat a lot of what is in their habitat, same goes for hermit crabs, they will pick...
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    Question Aquarium Gloves?

    I do not recommend those gloves you linked to in the first post, they are very poor quality, mine sprung a leak where the purple connects to the red part, and the whole glove was ruined by the water.
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    My Hermit Crab Story

    Sorry for the lack of updating the thread, but I did get some pictures of the crabitat. This is the topper, and the rest is the main part of the tank.
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    Will A Betta Eat Red Cherry Shrimp?

    It depends on the betta, but most will eat any bright colored shrimp that can fit into their mouth. You may get lucky and your betta could care less, or you may have a massacre on your hands.
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    8 Gallon Tank - Purple Land Crab + Red Claw Crab

    Nice! I know that @aussieJJDude knows something about these crabs too.
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    Question What’s Your Favorite Betta Decoration?

    I don’t have bettas anymore, but indian almond leaves were always a favorite.
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    Comment by 'Fanatic' in media 'Shinsou'

    Wow, a very beautiful boy!
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    Clown Pleco/other Plecos Eat Driftwood?

    They don’t actually chomp into the wood, they suck on it and slowly extract tannins and break down the fibers in the wood. It would take a long time, well over the common lifespan for it to even make a dent in the wood to where you’d notice it.
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    My Hermit Crab Story

    It's been a while that I have been on the forum, so I decided that I would come back and finally start posting about my hermit crabs. I want this to be my official journal thread only about hermit crabs, and I do hope that some of you guys actually find interest in this because most of my...
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    Question Cory Shot Into The Sand And Buried His Face For A Few Seconds

    They bury their mouths into the substrate when searching for food, but in this case it definitely sounds like it was startled by sudden movement, they can be a bit jumpy and will sometimes move in a sporadic and very quick fashion.
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    Question Getting Started With Hermit Crabs

    I have been keeping hermit crabs for four years, and I don’t recommend them to anyone who isn’t ready to make a huge commitment, or go out of their way sometimes to care for them. These guys cannot be slacked on, left out, have their special needs forgotten, or else you risk some dangers. The...
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    Sanitizing Siphon

    Dropsy on it's on usually is not contagious, but I suppose in some other cases it could be, but there is no harm done by cleaning your equipment. I always just ran really hot water through the inside of the tube, and possibly use hydrogen peroxide if needed, and then air dry for 24-48 hours, as...
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    A Little Update

    Hello, to those that may have wondered where I went, well that's the what I am going to tell you. I haven't been motivated much in the fishkeeping hobby lately, and my tanks were becoming a drag to my daily routine, and I didn't feel as interested in them as I once was, and for that reason I...
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    Plastic Storage Box Aquarium

    If it's anything like a generic sterlite storage tub, then there shouldn't be an issue using this.
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    How To Use Almond Leaves

    I have experienced some shipments of leaves not releasing as much color into the water as others, but all of my leaves turn the water at least an amber color.
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    R.i.p. Blueberry...

    I am very sorry to hear of your loss, my condolences.
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    Help Forum Gone

    I heard that Mike is working with another company to improve some of the site's features, and apparently a lot of the work being done is causing some other side effects, but I am sure that he will have everything perfectly normal again soon.
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    My Tank Is Leaking (i Think)

    I don't think the tank is leaking, that sounds like something I have had happen to me which was not a leak, could the noise have been caused by the filter?
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    5 Gallon Tank Renovation

    It's looking good to me, hoping to do mine over soon as well!
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    Betta Isn't Doing Well

    @AnimalsRmyLife that betta has some bad dropsy, it most likely won't respond very well if at all to medications at this point, so my personal advice would be to put it out of misery and just euthanize it, unfortunately.
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    Question If I Feed A White Betta Color Enhancing Pellets Does It Gain Color?

    It depends, what brand of food are you trying to use? I know that some brands say they can enhance the color of the fish, but the food itself may not be healthy to feed them. I used to add organic chlorella to my betta food, that is a natural antioxidant and it also brightens their color, you...
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    End Of July Flora And Fauna

    I cannot believe that we've already reached August, but as always, beautiful plants
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    When To Euthanize A Fish

    I euthanize fish when they appear to me to be in any sort of pain or difficulty that hinders their normal behaviors such as eating, swimming, or breathing as they usually would. You may use clove oil as an easy way to humanely put down a fish, there's a guide on how to do this as well. Humane...
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    Question Bubble Nest?

    The pile on the right side in the corner is a bubble nest made by a betta, but the other one on top of the leaf is not.
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    New To Fishlore

    Hello, and welcome to fishlore, beautiful fish!
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    Help Betta With A Bulge Behind Back Tail

    The amount you are feeding is fine, there is no reason to cut back from what you are already feeding him, my betta receives five or so pellets twice a day. They should be fed until their stomachs are gently rounded off, not bulging.
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    Unknown Snail

    It's a bladder snail, pond snails are normally lighter in color than the bladder snails.
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    Help Betta With A Bulge Behind Back Tail

    That is definitely not constipation, or anything related to the digestive system, it's normal to see a bulging spot on bettas, some more than others, it's just their swim bladder that controls their swimming patterns.
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    I Got A 75 Gallon, Is It Useable?

    I'll definitely bring it up in hopes that we do get one made, thanks!
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    I Got A 75 Gallon, Is It Useable?

    I filled it up yesterday, now all we have to do is wait and see how it holds out.
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    Best Thing For A Super Territorial Betta?

    Sometimes certain bettas may not be fit to be in a divided tank with another betta because they simply cannot calm down from trying to find the other betta on the opposite side, or if they become lethargic by their surroundings. This is very important to take note of when setting up a divided...
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    Feeding Cories

    I see that in the original post, sorry for missing that part before. I definitely would not continue keeping cories in a ten gallon, especially when you need to increase their group, and in this case a ten gallon doesn't have enough space for them, so a 20 gallon would be the minimum.
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    How Do I Care For My Fish On Vacation?

    I respectively disagree, they are nano fish, plenty of people keep bettas in their "nano" tanks under ten gallons.
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    Feeding Cories

    How many gallons is the tank?
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    I Got A 75 Gallon, Is It Useable?

    It’s at the very bottom, but I will definitely be leak testing it for up to a week or more to see how it handles water. When it comes to a tank this size, my dad gets to decide just what or where to put it, he told me not to get any wild ideas, but I am sure it’ll just sit empty in the garage...
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    I Got A 75 Gallon, Is It Useable?

    I’ll definitely leak test it soon, the damage isn’t through the glass, it’s more of the glass being chipped off than a crack.
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    I Got A 75 Gallon, Is It Useable?

    I was recently given this oak 75 gallon tank for free, and it came with an odd shaped dent in the glass which made me think whether it was safe to use with water in it or not, what do you think? The damaged area only penetrates the glass by about 1/8 of an inch, so it's not major, and the...
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    Help I Need Help Starting With Isopods

    I can't wait to see what you end up putting together, isopods are very neat. I have powder blues, skirted, and common wild.
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    Help I Need Help Starting With Isopods

    They need to fully enclosed in a secure container with a solid lid so they cannot escape, these things can climb on plastic or glass if there is anything on it (like dirt or sand) for them to grip onto. I use a medium sized rubbermaid storage tub with a locking lid. They will eat a variety of...
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    Better Betta Tank

    It's really coming along! I had to go back and reread the posts I missed while being away, but it looks to me like a fun setup!
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    Feeding Cories

    I would definitely look into feeding them a more varied diet, they need much more than just one type of protein, some cories will eat plant-based foods, like mine whenever I put blanched veggies in for the pleco. I know that these cories were recently handed to you, but they need to be in...
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    Stocking 10g With Betta

    I concur with @BottomDweller on this as well, it's just not something that I would ever recommend to anyone seeking personal advice on their tank, despite that I have done fish with bettas in a ten gallon tank. The only reason for this is because that most bettas are aggressive, and they may...
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    My Diy Light Stand

    It's rather nice and very good usage of spare parts, nice job!
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    Betta Pattern? Colour?

    That's definitely not a koi as already confirmed, but a very nice betta nonetheless!
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    How Do I Problem Syphoning 5 Gallon Tank.

    You can use a turkey baster to manually suck the water out, this is what I did for about a year on one of my small tanks until I learned you could buy siphons which makes it a lot easier, but this will work in a pinch. The other methods I recommend is the airline tubing like already mentioned...
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    Advice Needed: Teardown And Start Over

    I agree that getting a new tank would be a lot easier and less of stress over something that shouldn't be messed with.

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