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  1. aquariumlover1

    Scarlet Badis Alone?

    Quick question: can I keep a Scarlet Badis alone, or does it need to be kept in at least a pair?
  2. aquariumlover1

    SICK of Melting, Crabby Aquatic Plants. How Can I Improve?

    Picked up the recommended Flourish Comprehensive today. Thanks again.
  3. aquariumlover1

    SICK of Melting, Crabby Aquatic Plants. How Can I Improve?

    Hi all- I have a 29 gallon freshwater planted tank. I've just recently redone it completely, as I wanted to change my gravel substrate for something better. I'm now using dirt (garden/potting soil), Flourite, and black sand in a three-layer configuration. My lighting is a 65 watt Coralife...
  4. aquariumlover1

    Chichri the one eyed betta

    I have a one eyed loach. They're charming. Kind of like a house with arch doorways... "character", as they say. Enjoy Chichiri!
  5. aquariumlover1

    Question Plants

    Are these LIVE plants? That would be my first question. If not, then what you're doing is fine. But, I'm assuming they probably are, and that's not a great idea. Live, aquatic plants root just like their non-aquatic counterparts. That means that you're tearing at their root structure every time...
  6. aquariumlover1

    Neon tetra trouble ! please help.

    Same behavior here, too, Ken. I've still got my full school, but I'm not sure how long that will last. However, Louis, if in fact there's fin nipping, treat with Melafix. Not only will this help keep your fish healthy, but it might help them regrow their fins. In my experience, the neons go...
  7. aquariumlover1

    Neon tetra trouble ! please help.

    I've had problems with my neons and fin nipping lately. A little territorial too. I hadn't seen this behavior with previous schools of neons. Coincidentally enough, my school is 11 big too! Maybe it's an unlucky number! Kidding aside, have you noticed any fin nipping from this dominant fish? Or...
  8. aquariumlover1

    Help me out here...

    I agree with Jaysee on this one. Rainbows are appealing, but best not added to the 29. Two wouldn't be overwhelming on your bioload, perhaps, but Rainbows prefer to school, and that's something you can't accommodate. A lone Rainbow is not a happy Rainbow. Cherry barbs are a nice idea. If you...
  9. aquariumlover1

    Mystery Tag-along Crab... Help!

    When I purchased my live rock, I noticed that I had a tag-along crab, about a half inch to an inch. I've left him in the tank for a while, and now I'm getting just a bit concerned. He's dull in color, but I've been examining him and I've noticed black tips on the claws. Also had a peppermint...
  10. aquariumlover1

    Mixing Skunk Cleaner and Peppermint Shrimp

    Yes. I'm just starting the 20 gallon. Any reason for your plethora of question marks?
  11. aquariumlover1

    What Fish for the 20 Reef?

    Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to come across as jumping down your throat, Sharkdude. Your points are totally valid. I'm not sure I will go with that last fish; you're right about asking for disasters. I was just trying to dismiss others from continuing to comment about that tank when I wanted...
  12. aquariumlover1

    What Fish for the 20 Reef?

    I've been keeping fish a long time, and I wasn't planning on putting the gallon info into this message because I know that's the general opinion. All things considered, I think that after talking to various experts, my plan is what it should be. This tank has about 25 pounds of live rock, along...
  13. aquariumlover1

    What Fish for the 20 Reef?

    What Fish for the Reef? I'm currently stocking my reef tank. In the plans are: two black ocellaris clowns, one PJ Cardinal, one flasher wrasse (likely a Carpenter's), one Rainsford Goby, and one Green Clown Goby, along with the assorted inverts. Now, I already have the PJ and clowns. As you can...
  14. aquariumlover1

    New Tank 20g High

    Nice tank!
  15. aquariumlover1

    Mixing Skunk Cleaner and Peppermint Shrimp

    What's the feeling about mixing shrimp in a 20 gallon reef tank? I LOVE the skunk cleaners... just a wild look about them. But, the peppermints call my name because of their use to control aiptasia. SO... the grand question: can I mix? And if so, how many of each? I know not too many, given the...

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