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  1. Platyarelife

    Cichlid Is Being A Bully But Why Now?

    I have a Cichlid tank with 2 male bumble bees and cobalt and blue zebra. I am not 100% sure but I am pretty sure all my blues are females and my 2 bumble bees are no doubt males. I've had them for over a year now and they've been perfectly fine. Recently the dominant male, Mushu, has been over...
  2. Platyarelife

    Ivory Mystery Snail Acting Drunk?

    I have a heavily planted 5gallon shrimp tank with one ivory mystery snail. I've had Dumbo the snail for a few months now and only had the shrimp a few weeks. Last 3 or 4 days I noticed Dumbo acting like he's drunk. He used to sleep normally and now his sleeping upside down and sideways...
  3. Platyarelife

    Dog Training Problems

    This is my first puppy and he's no dummy. He knows to sit, lay, leave it, stay, down and he knows not to be the on furniture. Now my problem is we currently live with my boyfriend's sister who has a small dog that gets away with a lot. He can be on furniture, he knows to scratch on the door to...
  4. Platyarelife

    Any Advice On Getting A Puppy To Eat It's Own Food

    So this puppy ( 8 month old Beagle) has been eating this food since he could eat solids. He likes it and according to the guy we got him from he ate it. We have video evidence of him eating it just fine. He moved in with us and settled in but he won't eat his darn food. He will sometimes eat a...
  5. Platyarelife

    Want To Buy Chili Rasbora

    Looking to buy a school of Chili's! Any sellers? I live in Alabama if location helps for shipping or anyone local.
  6. Platyarelife

    Dumbo The Ivory Mystery

    I cleaned out the tank 5g tank really really well since it had a huge algae problem from not having fish in there for so long. I plan on adding more but I won't order them for another 1-4 weeks. So I put Dumbo in but I'm not sure there's much for her to eat. I broke open some peas and put them...
  7. Platyarelife

    Fish Bowl Idea's!

    So, I got this old glass fish bowl and no I don't want to put a fish in there! I'd rather turn it into something fun and creative. I was thinking about planting a plant in it and setting it on top of my 55g. I wanna know if you guys have any ideas as to what to do with it. Was thinking of...
  8. Platyarelife

    Good Fish For A Nano.

    Okay, I am build up a nice little 5g aquarium. It is going to be heavily planted. This tank is a mess since nothings been living in it for long time so I am fixing it up and making it look pretty again. I will be adding some shrimp to the tank and I am thinking maybe an Ivory Mystery snail(maybe...
  9. Platyarelife

    Snail Population Boom And Sand Cleaners

    Hello, got a 15g with two clowns and some turbo snails. Lately the turbos decided to populate and there's a huge explosion of snails, not much of a surprise but still annoying. We can't get any assassin's since we wanna keep the Turbos but is there any way to lure the baby snails? My experience...
  10. Platyarelife

    Look For Some Cherry Shrimp!

    I have a shrimp tank all set up and am really looking to get some cherries! I've tried petco and LFS and they apparently run out of them super fast and never have any in stock. I don't know how sensitive they are to shipping but I live in AL, if that helps.
  11. Platyarelife

    Cichlid Log? Any Type Of Floating Hallow Wood?

    Since my betta died I put the betta log in my big tank and turns out my Cichlids love it and sleep in it. It's a little small though. Are there any types of floating hollow wood?
  12. Platyarelife

    Betta's Last Day

    I've had this Veil Tail Betta for a year now and he was an adult when I got him. He's had a rough year and was sickly. I don't know if sickly fish is a thing but he got sick a lot. I always did my best to make sure he got often water changes and had a clean filter. His water parameters were...
  13. Platyarelife

    Peppermint Shrimp Are Aggressive?!

    My boyfriends has a tank with two clown fish and some snails. The Algae had been getting super bad so we figured what the harm in adding some shrimp to clean. He got two peppermint Shrimp and so far they seem territorial and unafraid of anything but the light. He had some Turbo snails and some...
  14. Platyarelife

    Proud Cichlid Parent! Peanut Takes On The Big Girls And Wins!

    I wish I had caught this in time to film it but I am sure there will be more to come. My youngest and smallest Cichlid is about the length of my pinkie finger maybe a tinnnnyyyy bit shorter. Her name is peanut. Her other Blue Zebra sisters fight over this rock (for territory) all the time and...
  15. Platyarelife

    How Long Before This Red Tail Bala Shark And Glo Tetra Die Or Kill Each Other?

    My boyfriends sister and her husband kill pets a lot and I mean a lot. There's a long list of animals they've kept and have died because they don't bother to give them the proper care they need. Basically it's a long rant I have and I won't take my anger and frustration out on here. They...
  16. Platyarelife

    Roomba The Cray : Our Story

    Young Roomba Part 1 Hello everyone! I have a Tangerine Lobster-Crayfish named Roomba. He is my first Cray and he has taught me so much about himself and how to better care for him. The journey Roomba and I are taking has been stressful at times but in the long run it's been worth it. He told...
  17. Platyarelife

    Do You Know That One Fish?

    I can officially say I have "that one fish" in my tank. You know... "that one fish" that likes to rearrange rocks? That one fish that tries to 'eat' the glass? That one fish that attacks plants? That one fish that's more feisty than the others? That one fish that thinks it's the hottest thing in...
  18. Platyarelife

    Betta Sleeps Like The Dead

    Does anyone else's Betta sleep like it's dead? I turn on the light and he looks lifeless. He's either in his driftwood cave or against the filter intake. I can lightly tap the glass or put my face right by him or open the lid and he won't even flinch. Get the question, "is your fish dead" and I...
  19. Platyarelife

    Dropsy Or Something Else?

    My betta has been bloated for about 3 days now and automatically I'd say it looked very much like Dropsy. I recently had another betta that died from dropsy. However, he's not lethargic at all, still quite spunky. I've been looking at him closely making sure he doesn't pine-cone and some of his...
  20. Platyarelife

    Fish In Cycling : It's Not Bad! A Newbies Perspective.

    Let me start off with a slight disclaimer here. I am not a fish expert and I have only been in the hobby for a year now and what a year it's been. I am not trying to convince anyone to do fish in cycling. I still very much encourage people to learn about the Nitrogen Cycle and how it works as...
  21. Platyarelife

    Have Your Cichlids Ever Chomped On You?

    This is a totally weird question but I have never been bitten by my Kenyi/Electric Yellow/Bumble Bee/Cobalt Cichlids but I know they have some sharp teeth. I mean they are known for taking down fish much bigger than them and they COVERED this plastic breeding tank marks. I just went to test...
  22. Platyarelife

    I Just Found Out My Poor Cichlid Is Afraid Of Tape Measures.

    The top fish in the tank turned out to be totally afraid of Tape Measures. I wanted to get an idea of how big the smaller fish were getting and the second it came out he bolted to the back of the tank. This is the first time I've seen him afraid of anything and it cracked me up. He also...
  23. Platyarelife

    Chiclids Won't Breed?

    I think it would be fun for them to breed and get some babies since I have room for a couple more and put others in a different tank, though I've seen no signs of them breeding. I have a hard time telling their sexes but when I got them the guy told me he was almost sure that my Blue Zebras were...
  24. Platyarelife

    Snail Egg Whaaa

    I got this piece of drift wood for my 5g Betta tank and it's awesome. I was warned before I bought it that there is a pond snail overpopulation problem and there were snails on the wood so I said, "cool beans gimme gimme." Well, I got the snails off the drift wood and gave it a bath in extremely...
  25. Platyarelife

    Clown Fish (flops Upside-down When He Stops Moving)

    We've had this clownfish for about 4 months now and he's been your normal silly clown. He's pretty silly, sleeps upside-down occasionally, acts confused when the lights are off, and has overall been healthy. Today we wake up and he's upside down. Then he flips over swims around right-side-up...
  26. Platyarelife

    What Is Growing On This Turbo Snail?

    I think it's algae but after looking at a long list and pictures I couldn't find anything like it. Did the same with hitch hikers and found nothing. It's growing pretty fast too. (My boyfriend's tank and snails. I know nothing of saltwater.)ompous:What is this odd growth? Looks like a dandelion...
  27. Platyarelife

    So About That Missing Crayfish....roomba Mastered The Art Of Invisibility

    I posted a few days ago about how my Tangerine Lobster, Roomba, ran away and we looked everywhere for him and couldn't find him. We even tore up the fish tank and couldn't find him. Yesterday I deep cleaned the tank and vacuumed the gravel really well, the decor isn't that complex so not so much...
  28. Platyarelife

    Just Out Of Curiosity How Long Does It Take You To Clean Your Tank/s?

    For my 5g Betta tank and my 54g Chichlid and Cray tank, it took me about 2(2 1/2ish) hours give or take. Cleaning the canister filter takes up most the time since it's a lot to pull apart, clean the tiers, replace the filter pad (make the pads), then put it all back together. Then you go the...
  29. Platyarelife

    Are Female Kenyi's Bigger Than Males And Mating Dispute?

    I just caught my little kenyi trying to do a shimmy dance for the large Kenyi. The big one was like "Get away from me" and swam away. I have no clue what any of their genders are. Edit: As I sit and watch them these two and squaring off. The Big Kenyi pushes one away using that kiss method ( but...
  30. Platyarelife

    Crayfish On The Loose!

    I've heard the stories and now it's become a reality. My tangerine lobster has escaped somehow last night when I was sleeping. I am actually surprised he got out cuz the tank has a lip and is covered with a glass lid and a plastic lid the on the back where the filter goes. The stories are true...
  31. Platyarelife

    R.i.p Pancake The Snail

    Pancake was always a great cleaner. He kept the glass and the plants clean and never quit! Last couple days I noticed a build up and thought maybe he was chilling somewhere. Well, I did a water change today and couldn't find him in this small 2.5g. When I pulled the tank away from the wall and...
  32. Platyarelife

    Shrimp Plants For First Aquascape

    I am doing my first aquascape and in preparation, I am trying to pick out some nice plants. For my shrimp tank, I am looking for a nice carpet plant of some kind but I am not aware of what the plants are called. I saw a video of a shrimp tank that had this thin carpet plant that looks like...
  33. Platyarelife

    Setting Up A Shrimp Tank And First Real Aquascape!

    Before I start, I am doing research on shrimp and what they need and how to successfully take care of them but I am also more than happy to listen to any advice you may have. I normally use feeder Shrimp for my Lobster and Chiclids but I decided to make a Red Cherry Shrimp tank because they are...
  34. Platyarelife

    My Betta Has Dropsy, Got A Few Questions.

    My little betta Ghost is over here looking like a sad rolly polly pine cone so I wanna get him fixed up asap. I am reading on Epsom salt baths and something it doesn't mention is the duration the Betta should be kept in there. It talks about doing this for a week or so but won't sitting in Epsom...
  35. Platyarelife

    In The Market For Some Frogbit!

    Looking for lots of Frogbit!
  36. Platyarelife

    My Fish Just Traumatized Me

    Anyone else witnesses something in the fish kingdom you wish you hadn't? I... I have no words. I keep telling myself it's the circle of life but holy mackerel I wish I did not see that. To make it worse there were no warning signs! I had one fish that was being chased around by a bully fish...
  37. Platyarelife

    I Think I Mistakenly Bought A Red Devil

    The fish store had this fishies tank labeled "Red Empress" and 'Kenyi". I was told it wasn't the Red Empress which left Kenyi. I have 2 Electric Yellows, 2 Bumble Bees, 1 Blue Zebra, and 4 blue Kenyi. I know they are all compatible but when I got home from the fish store I decided to check out...
  38. Platyarelife

    Sharing My Boys Bubble Nest!

    This is the biggest bubble nest Sir Phillipe has made and he's still not done with it! He is really trying to show that he is worthy to be a father. Kinda sad since I have no intentions or room to breed him but he never gives up! Very fun and interesting to watch him build. Some info for those...
  39. Platyarelife

    You Ever Feel Like Your Fish Hate You?

    My betta Ghost is sick with something unknown. Then one fish in my big tank died and my lobster ate him. NOW in my other betta tank, my betta Phillipe, randomly has a ripped up tail fin! His tail was literally fine a few minutes ago and there is nothing in his tank that can hurt him. He was...
  40. Platyarelife

    I Think My Lobster Ate A Dead Fish.

    I don't know why I find this amusing. Not like "haha" funny but just... amused. I had 5 Electric Yellows and two of them I had plans to rehome. The two were smaller than the other Electrics and were being picked up so I used separation methods and what not for a bit but those failed so I was...
  41. Platyarelife

    Betta Not Growing/clamped Fins

    My Betta, Ghost, I've had for less than a year, wanna say about half a year or so? I read that Betta usually reach adulthood within a few months-year. Now, Ghost was suppose to be a halfmoon Betta (what PetSmart Labeled him) but I am having doubts on that. I got him when he was a baby and now...
  42. Platyarelife

    Looking For Plant Ideas/devising A Plan For Them To Last (roomba The Tangerine King)

    Hello everyone! Hope your day or night is fairing well. It has finally happened. Roomba, my dear and beloved Tangerine Lobster, has finally eaten ALL the Frogbit:nailbiting:. One poor leaf floating in the corner of a breeding tank is all that remains of my Frogbit. I very much miss having...
  43. Platyarelife

    Fishing Being Bullied

    My Electric yellows have decided that after all these months... this one fish needs to go. They are picking on it so bad. It's tail is all frayed and in sits in this corner and can't go any where else in the tank with out being chases and harassed. Obviously I want to remove the fish from this...
  44. Platyarelife

    Is My Baby Growing Up? Teenage Betta Becoming Sexually Mature?

    My baby Betta, Ghost, is still less than a year old and he's not fully grown yet. I heard that it can take up to a year for a Betta to be full grown. I've noticed he's been flaring up a lot more and showing off his beautiful fins and he's becoming more colorful. I haven't seen an bubble nests...
  45. Platyarelife

    Anyone Else Give Their Fish A Thanksgiving Meal?

    My fish will be have a little bit of frozen blood worms mixed with a a little bit of brine shrimp with a light sprinkle of flakes.
  46. Platyarelife

    Lobster The Plant Monster : Will This Be The End For All Tank Plants?

    When I got my Tangerine Lobster I was under the impression that they will dig up plant, eat mostly meat, and giving them a frozen pea every now and then. I feed him shrimp but of course like most aquatic animals he's always on the hunt for food. So... He started off by climbing up the air tube...
  47. Platyarelife

    Thermometer Strips Accurate Or Reccomendation?

    Would any of you know the accuracy of Thermometer strips? The black ones you stick to the side of the tank. I have 3 digital Thermometers that I got from amazon and I just did and experiment and found out they all don't read any where close to the actual temp. So now I have to go Thermometer...
  48. Platyarelife

    Fin Rot Or Not To Fin Rot?

    My Betta has been showing symptoms of fin rot since I got him MONTHS ago. His tail was thinning but after I got him in his new home he was doing fine and perfectly fine. Months down the road I had to do some tank rearranging and he got tossed around to 2 different tanks before I was able to get...
  49. Platyarelife

    Silly Lobster Like Floating Plant Rides

    So my Tangerine Lobster is a silly crayfish. He climbs up the air tube to eat the floating frogbit. Then he waits for a big piece of frogbit and grabs on top the bottom. Then he eats it as he floats around under it. Tangerine is without a doubt the most entertain freshwater creature I have ever...
  50. Platyarelife

    How Big Do Tangerine Lobsters Get?

    I just realized I got this thing with no clue how big he is suppose to get. Though he's in a 55 Gallon and he's made him self a nice, dug out cave. He just went through his first molt and he is noticeable bigger. What's the max size for these things?

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