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  1. Ashy777

    Multiple Filters

    So i have 2 pumps with 6 filters... my question is if possible what is the process off hooking up 3 filters to one air pump? i do understand the pump needs to be strong enough firstly..what comes next?
  2. Ashy777

    Heaters And Air Pumps

    hi guys so i have a 55g and 30g breeder for a pair of cons getting 3 more tanks this question is..I dont want to have 6 heaters 3 air pumps 5 lights and multiple plugs.. that is just messy.. is it possible to run 2 heaters off of one plug?
  3. Ashy777

    Breeding Setup For Cichlids

    Hi i decided to let my guppy breeding take care of itself so onto a new challenge...i need advice on: A) smallest tank size for breeding cichlids B) simple cichlids to breed that dont grow bigger than a palm as well as were i can keep multiple together C) tank setup.(gravel, rocks...
  4. Ashy777

    Led Lighting For Low To Medium Plants

    So I have recently (well today) upgraded my lighting from a red boyu led to a 20watt ip65 flood light seems pretty bright l. Specs are 20w 6500k and 2000 lumens. Its in my 35gallon. Seems perfect, (if not let me know why) I plan on adding low to medium plants... As I'm sipping on some cider...
  5. Ashy777


    Anybody know what plant this is? Seems like hornworr to me
  6. Ashy777

    Temperature Drop

    Hi guys, we are starting to feel summer here in cape town getting pretty hot so i decided to drop my aquarium heater from 30c to 26c. I noticed uptil now my females of all livebearers are going crazy chasing each other around. Its 8 hours later and still happening. Its not friendly chasing i...
  7. Ashy777

    How To Know If U Have A Good Filter

    So i have recently noticed as i shovel the gravel looking for guppy molly and platy babies as the water gets cloudy is it a good way to assume my filter is good for the tank as the water clears up in under 30 minutes. I have a 43 gallon excluding deco space. Also what are easier ways to find the...

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