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    Oops. Bought A Puffer.

    Nibbles has become lazy. He will eat snails like mad when I dump them in but pointing at a snail on the glass that is 1" from his face doesn't lead to him eating it. Nibbles also quit growing until this week so the explosive growth scare is over. He is a little longer and significantly thicker...
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    What Can I Do To Help Betta With Tumors/blindness Feel More Comfortable

    What got me back into fish was my wife wanting a betta. We found a cool looking one. Fins like the skirts of a can can dancer and blue chrome sunglasses. Well I do not do business with that fish shop any more. Those sunglasses are what is called diamond eye. Their scales grow over their eyes...
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    150G SA cichlids help on decreasing water changes.

    You put a bunch of plants in the tank and see how many minutes it takes for the cichlids to shred them and then dig up what has not been shredded. I'm not familiar with your geophagus (I ran Jurupari) serious diggers/sand sifters. Angles do not shred plants. Acara's have that "amature...
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    Ugh.... what's wrong with him now?!?

    78F? Seems a little cool?
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    Sponges For Hob...

    30+ years ago HOBs came with sponges (and maybe a bag of charcoal). They worked great. Just wash the stuff when it gets filthy. Then manufacturers got greedy and wanted the "disposable razor" model where consumers would keep giving them money. Sponges bad! Disposable cartridges good! That...
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    How Much Weight (in Rock) Can My Aquarium Hold?

    I honestly do not know. I have seen many cichlid tanks with big rocks from bottom to top all across the back wall.
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    Filter Media

    Fluval ring media is nice. You just need several times what they supply (and their price for more is spendy). Foam is foam. Their coarse is about the same as cheaper alternatives. You can get fancy and get cheap mixed foam from Amazon so you can step from coarse to medium if you want. I wouldn't...
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    Fluval Spec V Aquascape Tips + Advice?

    Low tech/light plants do just great in them (Spec 3 and 5). Swords, mosses, etc. Hair mostly dies and you get a couple struggling sprigs. My wife's 5 has done a lot of duty as grow out for smaller swords. Something to keep in mind is that WHEN the pump goes out to first check the output for...
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    Cae Compatability

    I dislike Chinese Fish Eaters so I'd be looking to get rid of them and a turtle would work for that. And on the upside they shouldn't be able to hurt a turtle.
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    How Often Do You Add Or Change Out Fish

    When I get bored I trade them to the LFS if they are interested or give them away. Or I add more tanks. Right now I have to check with the worst online Angel fish seller on the internet about angels he sold me (completely different fish than I ordered). Then the fish will all go to the LFS...
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    I Don't Remember What These Are.

    In this case it is just the whole store heated to the most common temp for his stock. He is very warm water stocked (maybe 50? different kinds of plecos right now. Discus. Angels, all the bettas, half the shop is bettas.etc). So I feel bad when I see the hillstream loaches or the Imperial...
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    Fluval Fx6 Hoses

    I'd build something like an old fashion gun cleaner. So you get fluffy/bristly end on a rope, then just pull it through?
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    Adding A 2nd Canister To 75g

    When I turn them back on they do not run. The waiting for them to fire just makes me nuts. So I spend a lot of time going crazy hoping my filter isn't dead. Pumping the air out and swearing at the things. I do not clean them as much as i should just due to them not liking to fire up. My wife has...
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    Learn Me On Acaras.

    Cactus plecos. Leopard specifically. I do a lot of plecos. So bottom dwelling. All hidden in a sword that fills 1/3 of a 75. As I'm guessing I will not see any until they are a foot long (and they are refusing to grow) I was thinking of getting something I can see. Thank you. That is the info I...
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    I Don't Remember What These Are.

    I didn't even see that. I'm going to have to ask about it. That whole shop is discus temp. It is brutal in the summer and nice for a few minutes in the winter.. then back to brutal (leave your jacket in the car).
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    Question In Search Of Suggestions

    Search the internet an see if there are Planted Tank groups in your area. Often these groups will have sales/auctions a few time a year where you can get plants for pennies on the dollar. They also have piles of experts to help you not kill said plants. Now if you are not near a major...
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    Keeping Rainbowfish

    Mops, mine love mops. Mops mops mops.
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    Plecostomus Photos

    I visited Baby Barge at my LFS. Baby barge is my smaller Rhino I returned in a rental exchange. Looks like they are not feeding him/her enough so I will have to bring a zucchini. The other fish is an adult low grade cactus. Barge is in another tank and is MUCH larger. We are talking about me...
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    I Don't Remember What These Are.

    I was considering them at the LFS but I guess they only have a few babies at a time. So they are apparently extinct in the wild? Hopefully someone thinks the pics of rare fish are cool.
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    Question Discus Temperature Debate

    I always ran 84-86 and they bred like crazy.
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    Anyone Using Moss In Their Discus Tanks?

    Moss has always suffered in my discus, angel, and pleco tanks. It seems to hate the temp.
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    Discus Photos

    What looks to me like a possible terrible plan at the LFS. Maybe I'm wrong and this will not be a disaster.
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    Learn Me On Acaras.

    My 75 gal cactus grow out tank looks abandoned since the cactus live in the giant sword. I was thinking as a joke of getting an Alien betta just for "What size tank for my betta" threads. Then I saw these. I have done Oscars, Convicts, Terrors, Dempseys but have mainly been a Malawian guy...
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    Fluval Fx6 Hoses

    Hmm, I planned to just grow bacteria in mine forever (I run prefilters). My parachute plan was that if I needed to I'd point the pressure washer down the hose and void it into the garden. I had to clean a plugged 4" (5"?) sewage line as a kid and never want to relive that. Tips? Like swap out...
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    Adding A 2nd Canister To 75g

    You live in the US. We are getting close to Black Friday. I plan to get a second FX6 for my 75 at the BF sale at Petsmart (Petco? I always confuse those 2) as well as possibly a few backups (and the LFS guy wants me to buy some for him). At 50% off on BF (unless they change it this year) you...
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    Neos With Amano

    Amanos are nicer than Ghosts (who are jerks) but easy food is easy foo and a smaller shrimp is easy food. Now sifters like vampire and bamboo have never been a problem for me with neos as I do not think they can eat them (they have fans not claws).
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    Neos With Amano

    As with all things you can find unfortunate footage on Youtube. I am not going to provide a link.
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    Question Using Found Rocks

    Looks like granite and possibly a tumbled piece of limestone? If you like that size you can look at the local hardware store Menards/Home Depot/etc for river rock, they should sell it in a bag... possibly a big bag in case you need 50lbs.
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    Chain Pickerel With Koi?

    Chain pickerel get to 2 feet, how large is the tank? I remember as a kid camping in the boundary waters and on a hike I stopped to look in a shallow pool in the lake. There was a tiny pike eating a minnow that was the same size. So pike family fish will try eating fish that are equal in size to...
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    What Do You Guys Think Of This As A First Setup?

    Your red tail cat will be sad that it gets a mask instead of a meal.
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    What Do You Guys Think Of This As A First Setup?

    I unfortunately always feel my biggest tank is the best starter tank. If I get a billion gallon tank I will look at all the space and fish and think "This is the perfect starter".
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    Tap Water Ph Is 8.0 - Should I Do Something To Reduce It?

    Our well water as a kid it was 8.5+ and hard enough to forge a sword on (crystal layer at the water level). My malawians loved it. Downside: it killed bony catfish about as fast as a deep fryer. plecos and raphs were all dead by dawn. So how do your TDS look? Can you test for hardness? Also...
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    Question Want To Go Open Lid, Are These Known Jumpers?

    They were dead and drying on top of the frog bit. This lead me to believe they bolted through it in a skittish moment and then couldn't get back through. at the time the only open water was a few inches at the canister output. As the fish didn't like the flow at the canister output I guessed...
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    What Do You Guys Think Of This As A First Setup?

    That depends on the plant. When a sword takes off it can become a beast fast. Buce? congrats on growing 4 new leaves this year! I once picked up a big "I'm sure that will fit in my 60 gal" plant that may have been Aponogeton Bolivianus. from a LFS for only 10$. Yeah, the tank it was in at the...
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    What Do You Guys Think Of This As A First Setup?

    Nano just means small (not much over 1") with maybe a centerpiece fish. Dwarf cories/false cories, neons, chili rasps, Dario dario, etc. The idea is you get the impression of a much bigger tank by having smaller fish. It is also super cool with a nice 'scaping job.
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    My Monster Gobys

    Beautiful fish. Marbled sleepers were one of my dream fish as a kid.
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    A Baby Pea Puffer?

    Do peas have the teeth issues that are common in other puffers? I never had issues with mine. As I understand peas are some of the only puffs where you will never have to file, no matter what you feed them. Mine always chewed the soft parts of the snails so they were not wearing down their teeth.
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    Question Scarlet Badis: Does Anyone Here Keep Them?

    I kept them for a year or few. Pretty fish. Near impossible to find females. I actually ended up in a "Umm, that's not a female" moment when the LFS finally found a "female" for me.. "She" kept growing and growing, "Her" color changed and "she" took on some nice blues. So the LFS got a full...
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    How To Culture "greenwater"?

    I have done it in breeding tanks. Tank + foam. Breed, grow out young, move everyone out of the tank that has seen 0 water changes since the parents went in. leave light on. Green water! Unfortunately I still can't keep daphnia alive. I have failed 2x, they are all dead in a few days.
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    Question Random Discussion...

    As you said "mother abused her". I have learned the unfortunate way that you can't always save people and so you have to stop blaming yourself. If it wasn't that day it would have been another. Those who really want to go usually do not say a thing.
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    Question Want To Go Open Lid, Are These Known Jumpers?

    I know open top rimless tanks are really good looking, is that the only reason? I have lost fish to jumping and could never run a tank without a cover. Also keep in mind that with dense floaters like frogbit that it can/will kill small fish. I lost almost all my threadfins to frogbit (they swim...
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    Question Random Discussion...

    Lots of people have relationship drama. It sucks when you have to hook a woman you have been dating for a quarter century up with a friend because you can't legally marry her (And she is under heavy family pressure to get married). Or to find out a GF finally found a BF after you have been...
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    Neos With Amano

    My ammanos went to a different tank because they liked eating my bloody marys.
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    Best Fertilizer To Use In Gelatin Caps?

    I fill mine with Osmocote. One thing I learned is to keep the capsules that are filled or empty in a bag with desiccants so they do not glue together into a blob during the humid summer. I just save desiccant packets that come in different things I buy so I never had to purchase them.
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    -> Point Of View <- Bio Media....

    To go further off track. If you want top end Limoncello fast, sous vide. Not sure if it will work with the rest of your flavors (No point in not trying it) but it is magic for Limoncello.
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    Nitrite Off The Charts

    Well your post was Sunday. It is tuesday. Are your eggs white and furry? You can also make a breeding mop if you can't move the parents. Go get cheap synthetic green yarn (must be synthetic). wrap the whole package around a ~14" loop. tie at the top, cut at the bottom. Boil it and let it cool...
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    Question Angel Came Out Of Hiding At Higher Temp.

    I know that when my discus would get scared, skittish, and try to clump up and hide that I had another dead heater. The thing is that 80 seems fine for a angel. So I'm going to agree with timing not temp as the solution.
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    -> Point Of View <- Bio Media....

    Yeah, what you do is dump a bunch in the chamber, pin it under your filter rinse water then draw it down. Make sure there is enough space between the water surface and the intake where the pump pulls from (~5"), keep an eye on it, and be ready to close the intake valve while drawing it down...
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    How I'm Supercharging My Fx4/fx6 Filters With Poret Foam

    The thing that I have always questioned about things like biohome is how much flow through the media is there after the capillary action saturates it? My advanced fluid dynamics classes in college do not lead me to think there is much at all due to surface drag (and other drags that are not...

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