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    Important Dino Or Diatom??

    It doesn’t have the signature bubbles like Dino but has the texture of Dino
  2. T'sTropicalTanks

    Important What Kind Of Algae??

    I think it’s either diatom, bryopsis, or dino but I want more input. It’s a 2 year old tank so it is established
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    Question Api Test Kit

    I hear lots of people will leave their water sample they intend to test out overnight to gas off before they test them for accuracy, can someone explain the science behind it??
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    Help What Kind Of Deficiency???

    My amazon sword rots/yellows/browns at the tip when it reaches a certain height. I learned that problems in older leaves are NPK related, so I am dosing flourish Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium daily. I know this is some sort of macro deficiency just which one in particular I am unsure
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    Help Kenya Tree Always Closed

    Anyone have experience with Kenya trees? I have a small frag in my 16 gallon bowfront, it won’t grow, and it’s only ever partially open (it’s not closed, but it’s never open to it’s full extent) It’s in an area with high flow, and I feed reef roids thrice a week. I know there’s stories of...
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    Help What Deficiency Could This Be ?

    Seems like a deficiency in all the macronutrients (n,p,k). Cut off all the dying leaves since the dying leaves are hogging the nutrients to repair themselves, starving the remaining healthy leaves in turn starving them too. Feeding/ light schedule??
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    Question Macroagae Id???

    It’s been growing on my LR for a week
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    Help Why Is My Ph Always So High

    I have a 29 gallon planted tank (very low tech, no co2, average light). The ph seems to be always at the max threshold on the API test kit kit chart which seems to be 7.8 maybe even 8. this seems very adnormal for a freshwater system given I do nothing whatsoever that could buffer the tank. It...
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    How Do I Zoanthids

    Thanks, I am now considering removing my zoas and Kenya tree from the plug, I’m planning on starting a new thread for this on how to do it
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    How Do I Zoanthids

    They’ve doubled in polyps since, I have gsp and Kenya tree that aren’t growing . The zoas open every day
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    29 Gallon Tank Plant Deficiency Diagnosis ??

    The leaves grow to a normal size before dying, no change in maximum growth size, I figured the N and P would sustain if I just fed fish frequently and the N and P would be derived from fish food / waste. I use regular black pet store sand and capped with pea gravel I add flourish root tabs every...
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    Question Best Tank Size For A Beginner?

    29 gallon. Always goes with the maximum size your space allows, larger tanks are more forgiving and you have more stock opportunities, smaller tanks mistakes have a larger impact and stock is limited
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    Help Dosing Regiment For A Nano

    What supplements do you recommend dosing in a nano reef? My tank 16 gallon Kenya tree Zoas Gsp 1 Clownfish 1 royal gramma Aqua Knight led I currently want to speed up growth in general . I broadcast feed reef roids once a week. I am considering trying the seachem line of reef supplements. I...
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    Important Api Test Kit Longevity

    So I know that API test kit reagaents have a 2-4 year life span in the bottle, but are there storage methods that can dictate the longevity of the chemicals? My bottles (specifically pH and nitrate) say 2022, but my reagents already have signs of expiration according to my results I’m getting...
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    How Do I Zoanthids

    Is keeping zoas on the frag base it came on from the lfs make it more difficult to spread onto the hardscape, like will it leave the base eventually? I purchased a colony with roughly 12 polyps on it it’s been since January and it’s yet to colonize enough to leave the frag base I currently...
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    29 Gallon Tank Plant Deficiency Diagnosis ??

    I have an amazon sword with roughly 7 leaves. Each week a new leaf will emerge from the center. Once that leaf grows, an older leaf will turn yellow/clear. I am trying to get the sword thick and bushy with leaves but it can’t exceed 7 leaves without melting. Tank is a 29g with standard t8...
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    Question Is It Possible To Restore Chemipure

    Similar to how purigen by seachem can be recharged by bleaching to restore it after exaustion, is there any known way to recharge chemipure products such as elite or purigen to restore its properties?
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    Neon Tetras And Angels

    Anyone have experience with angels and neons in the same tank?
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    Help With Brown Algae

    Diatoms are a sign your tank is concluding its cycle. When a tank is cycling it is trying to balance itself out on its own which is why parameters and algae will be all over the place. Hence no real reason to remove diatoms by hand as they are just one of many phases
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    Question Green Algae

    I have battled diatoms and green algae in my 16 gallon for months and I started using rodi water and have been on it for 2 months now. The diatoms have subsided but The live rock has remained covered in green algae. any thing I can do to get rid of it?
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    Sudden Nitrite Spike

    I change 1/3 of the water every Sunday but I only do filter maintenance once a month.
  22. T'sTropicalTanks

    Sudden Nitrite Spike

    My tank has been running for about 3 years and everything’s been stable until now. My nitrite has been 0 for those years and now it suddenly 1.0 ppm. Yesterday I was doing regular maintenance. I run an aquaclear 50 and once a month I squeeze the condensed organic matter out of the foam block...
  23. T'sTropicalTanks

    Help It’s An Angel Emergency

    My small silver angel’s tail is shredded and one of its feelers is missing I need lots of suggestions like what to dose and stuff like that any suggestions will help
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    Male Clown Secluding Himself

    Well the female will swim around the bottom where the rock work is. When he comes down they will start chasing each other around playfully
  25. T'sTropicalTanks

    Male Clown Secluding Himself

    He is in that corner a big portion of the time and only leaves during water changes or feeding
  26. T'sTropicalTanks

    16 Gallon Bowfront

    But my male is the one isolating himself. I’m scared the female is chasing it to the top of the tank
  27. T'sTropicalTanks

    16 Gallon Bowfront

    I have 2 clownfish, a crab, and a bangaii cardinal. The male clown is always swimming up high by the heater all the time and barely spends time with its tank mates down by the rock work. Anything I can change to get a more social and behavior out of him?
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    Cichlid With Curved Spine

    As you can see it's a bit crooked if you zoom in
  29. T'sTropicalTanks

    Cichlid With Curved Spine

    My Bolivian ram has had a somewhat curved/crooked/uneven spine for about a month now. Is this fixable or is it something is just have to deal with? Any tips on curing it if possible are helpful
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    10 Gallon Tank

    Will a male dwarf gourami and a female betta get along in a 10 g tank?
  31. T'sTropicalTanks

    Good Non Schooling Catfish

    I have a 29 gallon standard with 1 Bolivian ram, 6 serpae tetras, and 4 white skirt tetras. I want it to be affordable and easy to find. If no non schooling catfish will fit in my setup, then I'll probably get some cories but plz give suggestions
  32. T'sTropicalTanks

    Trying To Bring Out The Red In My Serpae Tetras

    Anybody got any reviews on New Life Spectrum UltraRed? I may get some for coloring up my serpae tetras. Any other suggestions for foods or tips to color them up?
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    16 Gallon Bowfront

    Will 2 clownfish (already have), and 3 blue chromis fit in a 16g bowfront?
  34. T'sTropicalTanks

    Tips For Fish Diet

    I just drop the bloodworms straight in when dry. Do u think this caused the serpaes to be fat ? And I haven't tried micro worms. Not sure how hard culturing is. Any tips to get me started in doing it?
  35. T'sTropicalTanks

    Emperor Tetra Has A Red Spot - Ok?

    If it is disease or infection, which in ur case is very likely due to the fact that it's not healing, then I recommend using API erythromycin
  36. T'sTropicalTanks

    Peaceful Cichlids

    Electric blue acara gets over 8 inches (I've seen one that big in lfs) and 55 may seem big enough but in reality it's not. I suggest either apistogramma caucatoides or Bolivian rams. Both hardy and peaceful. I'd get a pair or even a pair of each
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    Tips For Fish Diet

    In my 29 gallon tank I have 4 white skirt tetras 6 serpae tetras 2 Bolivian rams My serpae tetras are kinda on the fat side. It's kinda bothering me because it's getting me concerned about their health. What I feed is Omega one super color flakes Tetra blood worms Tetramin tropical...
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    Bolivian Ram Pair

    @TexasDomer 29 standard with plants and wood and rocks Here's a pic as well if the one I scooped up
  39. T'sTropicalTanks

    Bolivian Ram Pair

    Today in going to the lfs to pick up a female ram to be a pair with my male I already have. If there's no female, would it be okay to get another male or will there be aggression issues?
  40. T'sTropicalTanks

    Siamese Algae Eaters, Is This Aggressive Or Amorous Behavior?

    SAEs are that type of fish in which they like to be in big groups (not necessarily a "school") but they do just fine on their own. False SAEs are the same case, despite their species difference. Angelfish are a great example of that. So I recommend keeping just one alone or a group of 4+
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    Serpae Tetras

    About the spawning, how do I sex them in the first place cuz that'd really help me.
  42. T'sTropicalTanks

    Serpae Tetras

    Ph 7.5 Ammonia/nitrate/nitrite 0.0 Temp 76
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    Will Amano Shrimp Eat Brown Algae?

    It's heavily decorated with driftwood, tall rocks, and plastic plants with tons of cracks and crevices
  44. T'sTropicalTanks

    Will Amano Shrimp Eat Brown Algae?

    Ok now my concern is whether my large tetras or dwarf cichlids or especially my SAEs will munch em up
  45. T'sTropicalTanks

    Will Amano Shrimp Eat Brown Algae?

    Will amano shrimp eat Brown algae/diatoms off plastic plants?
  46. T'sTropicalTanks

    Serpae Tetras

    Two of my serpae tetras look a little fat on the stomach area unlike the others it's school. Is this disease or the overall characteristic of the individual fish? Because I feed the tank properly (I don't over feed) Do you think it's dropsy?
  47. T'sTropicalTanks

    Stocking Help

    I would do do a pair of apistos over the rams or kribs, because and more hardy and peaceful then the other options, 6 white skirt tetras (black variants are great also), 8 neon tetras, and the cories should do great in a group of 6 instead of 5. For "unusual fish" I would try 3 honey gouramis...
  48. T'sTropicalTanks

    Bolivian Rams - Sexing

    On the right is a female for sure Not sure about the left. Most likely a premature male
  49. T'sTropicalTanks

    Serpae Tetra Not Showing Black Vertical Stripe

    I mean, the two were talking about show a faded mark. So like half of it is showing so it looks like a black dot almost
  50. T'sTropicalTanks

    Show Off Your 2.5g Setup Here.

    Just a male betta. It's heated and filtered. I made a video about it. It's on my YouTube channel as well.

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