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  1. rrbauer96

    I'm Not Sure I Can Help My Betta Anymore

    Hey guys, Sad update on a betta I made a post about several months ago. My very first betta Ignatius is doing very poorly. He won't actively swim anymore, but will only move for food. He always stays in the corner of his tank, breathing very heavily at all times. I have noticed that...
  2. rrbauer96

    Normal To Have Betta Marble From White To Black?

    Hi again, I'm just a little concerned with one of my newer bettas. When I purchased him he was mostly white and purple. About a month has passed and he's mostly black and purple. I just wanted to make sure that this was normal marbeling... Thanks! ***And yes I know I'm about to do a water...
  3. rrbauer96

    Guppy Fry Keep Dying

    Hey all, So one of my females had her latest brood about a month ago, and I started out with roughly 14. Today I am at 6 and I'm not quite sure what is happening. I've slowly been loosing the fry throughout the last two weeks but everything seems fine. They are the only inhabitants in their...
  4. rrbauer96

    Guppy Pregnant Atleast 28 Days, No Fry.

    Hi again, One of my female guppies is quite pregnant and I'm starting to worry a little because she still hasn't given birth. I bought her pregnant, so I can't give the exact amount of days, but for the duration I've had her, she is atleast 28 days pregnant. She is much larger...
  5. rrbauer96

    Male Guppy Distressed

    About 4 days ago I added two females and 1 male guppy into one of my 10 gallons. Everything was fine for the first two days. Yesterday I noticed that the male was breathing much faster and his tail was slightly clamped but not fully. Today when I turned the lights on he's only resting on the...
  6. rrbauer96

    Female Guppy Tail

    Hey everyone, So today I went to my lfs and got a couple guppies. After letting them acclimate for about an hour and releasing them, I noticed one of the females' tails looked a little lower/"limp" when compared to the other female I just purchased. It's not too noticeable, but I'm just...
  7. rrbauer96

    What Are These?

    I purchased some cabomba from my lfs today, and as I was putting it in my tanks, I saw these two little things crawling on the paper towel. I smushed them just in case cause they were really quick, and it sounded like they had a shell of some sort... Any ideas would be appreciated. These were...
  8. rrbauer96

    Betta Swim Bladder Problem?

    One of my bettas has these two bumps that appear to be bulging out on one of his sides. I thought it might be a swim bladder issue but he always swims completely center balanced. Any ideas?
  9. rrbauer96

    Best Way To Transport 4 Whiteskirts

    On Saturday I plan to take 4 adult whiteskirt tetras to my "lfs." Not exactly too local which is why I'm concerned. It'll be about an hour drive and their age difference might take affect. Two of them are going on about 6 years old and the other two are maybe between 1-2 years. I was wondering...
  10. rrbauer96

    Betta Bulbs

    Alrighty, so I bought a pack of Betta Bulbs at petco just to see if they would do anything. And oh did they. They have grown about the height of my tank and I think it's safe to say they've taken root. My question is, should I remove the actual bulb or just leave it in there? Imo, it kinda...
  11. rrbauer96

    What Is This Wormlike Thing In My Tank??

    Okay so I'm very creeped out in the fact that I just saw these small worms attached to what looks like a bunch of dead duckweed leaves. They're swimming on their own, they're not on a fish or anything. I've never seen or heard anything like this and I'd like to know if it's a parasite or not...
  12. rrbauer96

    Can I Use Melafix And Api General Cure Together?

    Hi everyone. I was just wondering if I would be able to use both Melafix and API General Cure together as I have a bloated male guppy that has had the part of his body right before his tail start to turn white. To fix the bloating situation I fed him some deshelled boiled peas due to me thinking...
  13. rrbauer96

    Got My Friend Interested In The Hobby, Any Tips?

    Hey all. My friend visited and wants to get into fish keeping herself. Any advice on what size tank, fish, and other things I should help her with as a beginner? Thanks
  14. rrbauer96

    How Long Can Red Cherry Shrimp Live While Out Out For Delivery?

    I ordered 6 rcs from Philadelphia Pennsylvania and they were shipped out Saturday. They were supposed to arrive here today and didn't...In total the sellers giving me 10 in case of any doa's. I'm hoping that they come tomorrow, and if they do, how many do you think will survive it? Thanks in...
  15. rrbauer96

    Need A Second Opinion

    So one of my female glofish had fin rot so I put her in her own tank with some meds. It seemed to have helped with the inflammation, but her fin never grew back. She was doing fine for about a week or so after the treatment was finished, but now she has it again and it's really bad. She swims in...
  16. rrbauer96

    Can Rcs Live With Glofish?

    Just curious if I could put a few RCS in a 10 gal. that has 3 very old glofish in it. There are several hiding places including pvc connectors, fake plants, and I have a marimo ball on its way. Any insight would be great.

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