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  1. Chris99

    the importance of knowing about the fish you are buying

    Welcome to Fishlore! Research is a major theme on this forum, as is getting as much information as possible from multiple sources. Sometimes store employees can be a great source of info, but other times they just want to sell you a fish or product.
  2. Chris99

    Notes re my RCS hanging on to their eggs

    I will share that my tanks with limestone and a slightly higher pH (around 8.0) seems to have produced the highest rate or reproduction in my RCS so I'm not sure the pH is the leading factor in this case. It seems it has come down to feeding for me. I have a dedicated shrimp tank as well, but it...
  3. Chris99

    Do you name your fish?

    Some fish that are easily recognizable receive names. Some include: Otis the oscar Jack Jack the jack dempsey Radio Dude the red severum (my 5 year old named him) Big Bertha our yoyo loach which has greatly outgrown our other loaches Tiny Butt the platy. I found this one alive in the canister...
  4. Chris99

    what can i throw in there... if any?

    I've heard of keeping mollies with F8 puffers. They can handle the brackish water and will eat some algae. I think any smaller cleanup crew tankmates would be a quick lunch for a F8.
  5. Chris99

    tanks stands....

    One benefit I forgot to mention to solid top stands is they can hold multiple size tanks. I have a stand that is solid top that originally held a 75 but was later changed to a 55. Now it holds a 20 and 10. Open top stands can only support one size footprint.
  6. Chris99

    tanks stands....

    If it is a glass tank with a rim on the bottom it will rest completely on the edges regardless if your stand has a solid top or open. There will be an open space between the glass and stand. The solid top doesn't add any addition support to the tank itself. Some stands do rely on the top as part...
  7. Chris99

    How does Prime affect API Ammonia testing?

    To my knowledge it does not measure the ammonia molecule in chloramine. After adding prime though there will be a spike in ammonia. Mine typically reads around .25 ppm just after a wc. The Seachem website states this ammonia is neutralized until the biomedia can process it.
  8. Chris99

    75 Gallon Tank looking to stock my 75 gallon aquarium

    I would say 99.9% of oscars in the hobby are kept in 18" tanks or less.
  9. Chris99

    75 Gallon Tank looking to stock my 75 gallon aquarium

    I had an Oscar and JD in a 90 (just a taller 75) and it started to seem crowded. Mine did have an overflow though that took up some swimming space. If you go this route make sure you over filter and do large weekly water changes.
  10. Chris99

    75 Gallon Tank looking to stock my 75 gallon aquarium

    I'm not familiar with needle nose gar. Oscars are actually South American and tend to do well if not overcrowded. They will typically eat any fish that will fit in their mouth though. Pictus cats may not be safe with and oscar. In a 75 the oscar should be fine but you are limited on tank mates...
  11. Chris99

    Does my fish have TB?

    I think that is the right decision as long as they are still swimming and eating.
  12. Chris99

    Does my fish have TB?

    My long fin danios went the same way. It is the normal progression before they die from what I've read. It seems a lot of the special bred danios are hit and miss on how hardy they are and may not last more than a few months. I say just wait it out.
  13. Chris99

    75 Gallon Tank Update: decisions

    Overstocking is only recommended for African cichlids. SA cichlids are just the opposite.
  14. Chris99

    LED light fixture.

    Look at the Finnex Stingray line. I have these on low light planted tanks with no problems. If you are willing to DIY, I've even made my own light from 6000K led lights off Amazon. They were less than $10 and I already had an old 12v power supply sitting around. I built a small frame out of...
  15. Chris99

    150 Gallon Tank Mechanical filtration for big messy tank

    May I ask how you back flush on your 2262? Do you go through the bottom drain?
  16. Chris99

    75 Gallon Tank Update: decisions

    Synodontis are my preferred catfish as well for an African rift lake tank. When it comes to mixed African cichlids there is no telling what is safe in the tank. In general I'm a believer in keeping with a theme unless it is a peaceful community tank where you can safely mix certain fish from...
  17. Chris99

    alligator gar eat pellet?

    I've heard gars will stay still for long periods of time waiting to ambush other fish. Yours may be waiting for another fish to swim by to strike. I heard a story of a person who had a large alligator gar that killed a large arowana and tore up the fins on a second one during the night.
  18. Chris99

    Diy co2 questions

    Might be worth posting your solution for the next person having a problem.
  19. Chris99

    MTS Bragging Summer 2015

    My MTS has maxed out for now.
  20. Chris99

    150 Gallon Tank Mechanical filtration for big messy tank

    I've been reading several thread on some of the monster fish boards. This seems to be the norm with "mega" canisters. Some will go 6 months or more without cleaning the filter. I do have a Fluval FX6 ordered and on the way. Several people swear by the Eheim canisters for bio media but for me...
  21. Chris99

    75 Gallon Tank Update: decisions

    Personally, there should be no problems keeping those fish together. Many people are successful keeping SA catfish such as various plecos with African cichlids. Most are several generations deep of being bred and raised in neutral to slightly alkaline water. All my fish from my South American...
  22. Chris99

    75 Gallon Tank Update: decisions

    These are sometimes the one or two left over from a group. Often times though they may be hybrids and no one knows exactly what they are.
  23. Chris99

    A question on the necessity of the nitrogen cycle

    I think this is a very reasonable question. As alternatives become available we should be willing to at least consider there are viable solutions other than traditional methods. If elimination of nitrogenous wastes are the ultimate goal then each person must decide what is ultimately the "best"...
  24. Chris99

    150 Gallon Mbuna

    Hopefully the pics loaded properly. Here is the tank with a group of rustys added. Final stock comes to: 7 yellow labs 7 maingano 5 red zebras 5 OB zebras 6 white tail acei 7 rustys 3 syno multis
  25. IMG 6438 (640x314)

    IMG 6438 (640x314)

  26. IMG 6428 (640x419)

    IMG 6428 (640x419)

  27. IMG 6423 (640x412)

    IMG 6423 (640x412)

  28. Chris99

    150 Gallon Tank Mechanical filtration for big messy tank

    My only problem with the sump is I'm using an HOB overflow box so I don't have a good intake near the bottom of the tank. I'll probably just add another powerhead to get more water flow toward my current filter intakes.
  29. Chris99

    Advice for starting a shrimp tank

    News and bees?? Red cherry shrimp are easy to care for and reproduce like crazy as long as they aren't eaten.
  30. Chris99

    Feeding mixed community tank

    Are the NLS cichlid pellets the low protein variety (around 34%)? These are usually targeted to herbivorous or omnivorous African cichlids that require lower protein. They may not like the lower protein formula perhaps. I have GBRs in my community tank. I feed a mix of Omega One sinking shrimp...
  31. Chris99

    150 Gallon Tank Mechanical filtration for big messy tank

    The new 150 mbuna tank is stocked and running. I currently have my old Cascade canister filter originally bought for my 55 gallon, as well as a sump (the old 55) set up as a Hamburg Matten Filter providing plenty of bio filtration. I also have a small powerhead to push water along the back of...
  32. Chris99

    Where to buy RCS

    I bought about 20 from EricV back in February and now have dozens in several of my tanks. If the fish don't eat them I want them in there for the best algae control you can buy.
  33. Chris99

    55 gallon cichlid stocking

    So true. I often see postings on my local fish forum of people trying to sell their larger fish including various African cichlids. They usually start out asking $15-$20 each or more. After a month or so the price is usually down to a few dollars each or sometimes even free. The fry and...
  34. Chris99

    Tiger Barbs killed my Silver Dollar - Help!!!

    Welcome to Fishlore, so sorry to hear about your problems. The only advice I can give is use 2 nets. Use one to drive them into the other. I've heard of tiger barbs being nippy but I'm surprised they would attack a silver dollar like that, especially when you had such a good size school of them.
  35. Chris99

    Suprise Zebra danio Fry

    Wow! First welcome to Fishlore and congrats. I can't really help with the fry but hope everything works out for you.
  36. Chris99

    Brackish water set up

    If it is already cycled keep it going and slowly convert it to brackish over a few weeks. Often brackish puffers are sold in freshwater so check with the supplier. If it is in freshwater you would want to start with freshwater and convert to brackish over time. MJDuti can probably help.
  37. Chris99

    How big of a tank do you recommend?

    Oops, I missed the bgk.
  38. Chris99

    Stocking a 700 litre/150 gallon aquarium

    Hi, welcome to Fishlore! I would be reluctant to put tiger barbs in with angels for the nipping reason you mentioned. In a group that big it might work but keep a close eye on them. For other fish I see you don't have any bottom dwellers. Perhaps some bristle nose or other small plecos, but if...
  39. Chris99

    How big of a tank do you recommend?

    Hi, welcome to Fishlore. A 75 gallon would be the absolute minimum I would try given the territorial issues. A 90 is a bit better since it would give more vertical space for the angels. A 125 or larger 6 ft tank would be ideal IMO.
  40. Chris99

    Aquascaping African Cichlids 125G Tank

    Thank you. Yes, I've seen the large rocks stacked as you mentioned. In my previous tank I had most of the rock leaning against the back panel. It made it difficult to clean so I tried to keep the rocks sitting in the middle when I upgraded. For reference I've used some online glass load...
  41. Chris99

    55 gallon cichlid stocking

    I don't really know much about peacocks other than they are bigger in general than mbuna. A 55 may be on the small size for them.
  42. Chris99

    What size tank to go with?

    I think it has to do with the swim area vs. volume. The idea is you can keep more small fish in a tank this size vs. say a 55 that while it has more volume and could handle more bioload it does not have as much actual swimming space. Most "show tanks" tend to have a bigger viewing panel and are...
  43. Chris99

    55 gallon cichlid stocking

    I don't recommend it. Demasoni like many mbuna are strictly vegetarian. Malawi peacocks and haps are from the more open waters of the lake and have a more meaty diet. That and demasoni have been known to kill much larger fish. Peacocks and haps tend to be less aggressive and a 55 gallon isn't...
  44. Chris99

    Aquascaping African Cichlids 125G Tank

    Hi, welcome to Fishlore. I have well over 100 pounds of rock in my 150 gallon mbuna tank. One rock alone is just over 60 pounds. Most people use eggcrate (light diffuser) in the bottom of the tank to elimate concentrated pressure points on the glass. When stacking the rocks it is important to...
  45. Chris99

    What size tank to go with?

    The 40 breeder actually has more bottom area than a 55 and is only 36". Of your choices I would go with the 40 breeder to give more space to the fetherfins. I agree about leaving the angels out, that is already a heavy load for a 40.
  46. Chris99

    55 gallon cichlid stocking

    I'm not familiar with Victorians but from some of the info Anders247 has posted they are really nice looking. I recently upgraded my 55 mbuna tank. I started with 7 each of yellow labs, red zebras, and mainganos in the 55 but lost a couple of the zebras due to an intestinal infection. These...
  47. Chris99

    Too hot...

    Running a tank with a filter (the pump will have some waste heat) and lights in a house that stays between 77 and 82 I would expect your tank to stay at 80 or above. I don't think there is anything wrong with your heater, you just don't need one.
  48. Chris99

    Too hot...

    Lights, pumps, and any electrical equipment can add to the temperature of the tank. If your ambient temp is 80 I could see your tank reaching 83 fairly easily.
  49. Chris99

    150 Gallon Mbuna

    Thanks! It currently has 7 yellow labs, 7 maingano, 5 red zebras, 5 ob zebras, 6 white tail acei, and 3 synodontis multipunctatus. If we are going to add anything else it would be a group of rustys and a few more syno multis.

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