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  1. josie townsend

    Show Me Your Betta Tank!

    This is Pebbles' tank. I do not remember the brand name,I just know that it is no longer produced. it is a 3.5 gallon with a built in filter.Pebbles by josie townsend posted Nov 29, 2018 at 6:04 PM This is Moonshine's tank. He has a 3.5 Gal bow front TopFin tank, and a mystery snail.Moonshine...
  2. Francis


    Francis's tank, Nov 29, 2018. TopFin 3.5 gal bow front.
  3. Jack


    Jack's tank, Nov 29, 2018 5.5 Gal
  4. Bacardi


    Bacardi's tank, nov 29, 2018 TopFin 3.5 gal bow front.
  5. Moonshine


    Moonshine's tank, nov 29,2018 TopFin 3.5 gal bow front.
  6. Pebbles


    Pebbles' tank, nov 29,2018 4 gal
  7. tanks


    a collection of my betta tanks
  8. josie townsend

    New Build With Existing Media For Betta

    I have a similar tank to the fluval spec, and my halfmoon does very well in it. My only problem with it is the flow of the filter.
  9. josie townsend

    New To Fishlore

    i sure will! thank you! when I got him (he was imported from thailand) he was all white with just a few black spots and he looked like he had pebbles on his body, hence the name. he has obviously marbled quite a bit since then.
  10. josie townsend

    New To Fishlore

    we have15 where I work back home and my mare is by far the cheapest. here at school we have 68 school horses and many have supplements, specialty shoeing, daily bute, or medications and i don't even want to know what the school pays
  11. josie townsend

    New To Fishlore

    I ride both english and western, I ride for both of our schools IHSA teams. that's always the best way to do it, i wanted the degree to be able to start my own barn and continue working with rescue horses from kill pens. an outdoor would be nice to have! we only have our indoor, but i mostly...
  12. josie townsend

    New To Fishlore

    awesome! i currently only own one, a sassy little arabian mare. I came to go for facility management, so if your looking for some summer help, or a long term person in a few years let me know! lol
  13. josie townsend

    New To Fishlore

    thank you! I struggle especially here because I am an equine major, so most of my friends prefer 1500 pound animals over fish lol. Thank you! Thank you! I purchased this phone specifically for the camera to get better photos of my horses and fish
  14. josie townsend

    Betta Tank Light

    I use a Deckey LED light for my 5.5 Gal that I ordered from amazon. some of the colors are a bit odd but overall I like the light.
  15. josie townsend

    New To Fishlore

    hi, I am a college student at a small private school, and am a betta hobbyist. I've had a hard time finding people in the area that have the same hobby as I do so thought why not try here right? I attached a photo of one of my boys that I've had the longest, Pebbles.

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