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  1. Gvilleguy

    Castle On The Moors - Live Nest Cam

    Added a Fluval 2.0 spotlight tonight. I love that it retains the selected light color when it turns off and back on (connected to an Amazon smart plug).
  2. Gvilleguy

    Castle On The Moors - Live Nest Cam

    Have not done a tank video in years, but my old videos have a lot of views. I’m actually planning a new one with the castle decor. GreenvilleGuy
  3. Gvilleguy

    Castle On The Moors - Live Nest Cam

    The little green plants are cheap and fake from Petco. But I agree with you on how it looks. I did years of live plants with varying degrees of success (been keeping tanks since 2009), but, finally, black brush and other algae types just took control of the gravel and surfaces. I moved my fish...
  4. Gvilleguy

    Castle On The Moors - Live Nest Cam

    Here is a photo since the cam will be offline.
  5. Gvilleguy

    Castle On The Moors - Live Nest Cam

    The cam will be taken off public after this evening. Thanks for checking out my tank!
  6. Gvilleguy

    Castle On The Moors - Live Nest Cam

    Tank light and camera on now until around 10 PM EST. (And then cam will stay on all night, but with night vision enabled)
  7. Gvilleguy

    Castle On The Moors - Live Nest Cam

    The camera is off during the day when the tank light is off. (See schedule in my original post) Otherwise, you will just be seeing a reflection of me scratching my butt on the couch, and no one wants to see that! I’m actually going to turn the cam and tank light on in about 20 minutes when I...
  8. Gvilleguy

    Castle On The Moors - Live Nest Cam

    That’s the night vision. Otherwise you would see nothing in the complete darkness. The main light will be back on at 5 PM EST in full color.
  9. Gvilleguy

    Castle On The Moors - Live Nest Cam

    Thanks! In about 35 minutes the main light goes out and an LED lights up the castle. Not sure how well it will pick up on the feed. We will see. The cam picks up the mood lighting better than I expected. Once it goes out I’ll turn on the cam night vision to see the fish better.
  10. Gvilleguy

    Castle On The Moors - Live Nest Cam

    Rasboras and Rummy-Nose Tetras. I’m interested to see if the live cam feature of Nest still works, assuming it is allowed here. This is my 40 gallon breeder. After five years with a natural, planted look, I sanitized it after algae took over and have re-scaped it with a fantasy castle theme. I...
  11. Gvilleguy

    Unconventional Decorations?

    Let me know what you think. I have not been there in a year. The owner was thinking of retiring. Google maps still show them as open, though. Legos are ABS plastic, which is considered aquarium safe. I researched it back when I was thinking about it. I assembled the Legos submerged in a 5...
  12. Gvilleguy

    Unconventional Decorations?

    YES!! The only place I go now for live stock is Pet World in Boiling Springs (Spartanburg). I bought a shoal of Celestial Pearl Danios and a shoal of Rummy-Nosed Tetras, and all of the fish are still with me (one to two years later). They have lots of tanks and the fish are well cared for. They...
  13. Gvilleguy

    Unconventional Decorations?

    In 7 years or so I've had a number of tank scapes - but this was my most "fun" - Lego City of Atlantis. This tank has since been de-commissioned since I upgraded to a 40 gallon. But my kids really liked it. I got a little tired of cleaning algae off the legos with a toothbrush...
  14. Gvilleguy

    Fishless Cycle With Fish Food - Can't Even Produce Ammonia

    I'm so sorry I misread the OP! I saw Dr Tim's and assumed it was the bacteria in a bottle.
  15. Gvilleguy

    Fishless Cycle With Fish Food - Can't Even Produce Ammonia

    Hopefully Dr Tim's has set up camp in your filter like it should. Sounds like it worked well! I agree a water change should not hurt at this point as long as you don't mess with the filter. Just make sure you are de-chlorinating the water being added to the tank. Then keep "feeding" your...
  16. Gvilleguy

    Introducing Fish To New Tank

    Agree on reading up the cycling procedures - get the tank cycled - and then post back with stocking questions. Congrats on the new tank!
  17. Gvilleguy

    A Little Question..

    Should be fine to put the lid on now. Agree on waiting for the cycle to complete before moving your fish.
  18. Gvilleguy


    I like your tank - looks great. In my opinion you are fully stocked.
  19. Gvilleguy

    How Often Should I Test My Water

    My 40 gallon community I only test maybe once per month, or if any fish behave differently from their norms.
  20. Gvilleguy

    Ph Problem

    If you don't have room for crushed coral in your filter, you can also create a coral bubbler out of a Tic Tac container (large size, not the standard small container). I like to call it my "pH Reactor"! My tank water is 6.0 pH and zero KH. I drilled air holes in a Tic Tac container, ran an air...
  21. Gvilleguy

    Angel fish fighting or playing

    Agree - would have to see longer video. Even my mated angel pair peck at each other when it's time to lay eggs.
  22. Gvilleguy

    In your experience - what is the most active, shoaling, smaller fish?

    And my Rasboras are very good at shoaling - they just move around much less.
  23. Gvilleguy

    In your experience - what is the most active, shoaling, smaller fish?

    I thought my zebras were the most active fish I ever had, but they were not very good at schooling...swimming together. Just scattered chasing of each other. But several months ago I added a shoal of 7 Rummy Nosed Tetras - and they put the zebras to shame! These little red-nosed fish are amazing...
  24. Gvilleguy

    New Tank

    Hi - the bacteria that grow for the nitrogen cycle are primarily in your filter media. Just taking the water itself from the cycled tank would not do much for cycling purposes. If you could spare some of the media from the cycled filter and insert that into the new filter, that would be the...
  25. Gvilleguy

    Size for glofish tank?

    Congrats on the 90g. That is a huge playground for smaller fish! I have not experienced the reported problems with glofish only lasting months, nor the high pricing. I have kept mixed shoals of zebras and glofish (the danios) for five years now, and while they seem to not live as long as my...
  26. Gvilleguy

    Polite roommate rescue

    The poster child of a neglected tank! Wow.
  27. Gvilleguy

    Bolivian Rams?

    Agree with texas. Bolivians in the 4th pic have the nice orange'ish bellies. Those look healthy!
  28. Gvilleguy


    It is not unusual, in spite of careful acclimation of the new fish, to lose one in the first few days. Sometimes the fish might not show signs of being weakened in the fish store, but the stress of being bagged and acclimated pushes them over the edge. Happens to the most experienced keepers.
  29. Gvilleguy

    Biggest/Largest Fish for 40g breeder

    I have a breeding pair of angels in a 40 breeder, and I feel like it is a tad tight - especially vertically. I would not do it again.
  30. Gvilleguy

    Java ferns

    Agree with Dovah. I have never planted them. I would tie them to an ornament or driftwood using fishing line - after a few weeks the plant would attach its roots and not need to be tied any longer.
  31. Gvilleguy

    DIY Fish Feeding Ring (Large Diameter)

    Let me know how it goes if you make one. It really was not hard to do, and was a CHEAP solution.
  32. Gvilleguy

    DIY Fish Feeding Ring (Large Diameter)

    Hi all, It has been a while since I posted - but I am getting back into producing more fish videos. A few weeks ago I created a DIY fish feeding ring for my two large angel fish. Today I created this video showing how it was done. I hope someone finds it helpful. Thanks...
  33. Gvilleguy

    Best Way to Raise pH in Fish Tank

    I use crushed coral, and it works very well. You don't even have to have it suspended in the filter flow. I created an acrylic trough that sits along the back edge of one of my tanks and filled it with coral. It does a good job of stabilizing the pH at a higher level.
  34. Gvilleguy

    Angelfish at surface gulping for air

    One of my two angel fish would periodically gulp air at the surface, and I finally figured out I was dosing a little too much Flourish Excel (liquid carbon) which I'm using to fight black brush algae. I added a bubble stone in one corner to make sure the surface tension is being broken up enough...
  35. Gvilleguy

    cycling fishless on 75 gallon

    The pH might still settle some more, but 8.2 is great for cycling, in my opinion.
  36. Gvilleguy

    cycling fishless on 75 gallon

    Hi Crystal - what is the tank pH? Just making sure it is not too low, as 6.0 - 6.6 can slow down a cycle.
  37. Gvilleguy

    Red Cherry Shrimp Tank Issue (ink on the plastic log I got)

    Agree with Akili. Cleaning that mark off will not seriously affect your bacteria count.
  38. Gvilleguy

    BBA Algae In Planted Tank

    I think the standard answer is to establish a proper balance of lighting, CO2, and ferts. But that is easier said than done! I hate that answer even though it is the truth. I have battled BBA in my tank for over a year. I tried different levels of lighting and different ferts. BBA is very tough...
  39. Gvilleguy

    10gal fish for nearly blind brother

    Ohhhh...that is so unfortunate to hear. I was reading this thread thinking "yep, betta set up will be perfect in that tank"...and then the mom crushes our plans!
  40. Gvilleguy

    What should i do with my java moss?

    Fishing line will last years before degrading. Rubber bands last a few months. I've used both. I currently have a large java moss clump creating a "back wall" look, and it is held in place by a piece of driftwood and a couple of bamboo skewers. The moss grows out and around the skewers...
  41. Gvilleguy

    Dipping Plants in Peroxide

    BigXor, thanks for bringing this up. I'm currently battling BBA, and I would like to try soaking my plants outside the tank to see how well HPX works to kill it.
  42. Gvilleguy

    Shelf in tank

    You could also support the shelf using fishing line attached to your tank lid. I did this to create a suspended cave for apistos in my old tank. The shelf was entirely supported by fishing line. (this tank is currently empty and in storage)
  43. Gvilleguy

    Is this BBA?

    I am no algae expert, but that looks too long and wispy to me. I am, unfortunately, battling BBA as I try to get my fert balance correct, and my BBA is shorter and stays in a tighter clump. I'm having some success controlling it with Excel, but I need to keep working at it.
  44. Gvilleguy

    Possible Ram pair

    Excellent looking tank, and GREAT looking rams. I liked and commented on your youtube video.
  45. Gvilleguy

    Afraid of Java Moss?

    @amydeb, I agree with the other posts regarding the moss. I personally love it as an accent plant, and I always keep clumps of it growing in corners to be used on driftwood, ornaments, etc. It grows steadily over time, but you can keep up with it pretty easily if you need to cut it back. A...
  46. Gvilleguy

    Community aquarium stocking advice

    +1 on Bolivian Rams. Very peaceful in community except to their own kind (unless mated).
  47. Gvilleguy

    Community aquarium stocking advice

    Yes, in theory (and most likely, in reality), if you took an established Aqueon QF 10 and moved it to the new tank, then the new tank is cycled to handle however many fish the old tank was handling. But just testing the water does not tell you if it is cycled. You would have to test the filter...
  48. Gvilleguy

    Community aquarium stocking advice

    Hey LilChicken - welcome to the forum! When you say you are cycling with the little filter - are you adding an ammonia source to the tank since there are no fish? Also - if you would be willing to cut back your stock by one or two types, you could up your shoals to 7 or 8 each, which can make...
  49. Gvilleguy

    Start a Culture of Daphnia in a Mason Jar?

    I went down a similar thought path as TanksbyTim. I want a fairly simple live food source. I first tried brine shrimp, but really did not like the effort, and dirtying up the tank trying to get the brine out of the hatching bottle. So today ordered a producing colony of wingless fruit flies -...

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