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  1. Adley

    Adding A Child (loach)

    I call all of my animals my children. So I want a loach, have for awhile, but I only have a five gallon tank that keeps on warmer temps since I house my betta in it. I do have a 20 gallon but I don't have a temperature for it nor a heater as for my turtle tank(which I know nothing about). If I...
  2. Adley

    Feeding Gary The Golden Mystery Snail

    Gary is my golden mystery snail. I do not know if he is make it female and it doesn't bug me. I just wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions for food to feed a mystery snail and or a betta since he lives with one. So far the only thing I feed him is sinking algae tabs because I don't know...
  3. Adley

    What Live Plants?

    So recently(this morning) my one betta fish passed away. I did have help in trying to heal her since she was ill but it did not work. Anyway, I have one fish and a snail left in the tank as well as a moss ball and an anubias. I wanted to know what other plants Sol(my betta) and Gary(my mystery...
  4. Adley

    Help! She's Badly Hurt!

    Hello! My name is Adi and I need help asap! I have a female betta fish that is missing a lot of her scales and her find are very torn. it started a few days ago when she would put herself between her filter and the power cord. At first her find were ripped bc she would go under her filter and...

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