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  1. MisguidedSanity

    Sick Dwarf Gourami

    Sorry for the long post... I, as the title states, have a sick DG... I just recovered from a strong bout of depression and had neglected my tanks until Sunday. When I went to my tanks I noticed that one of my Cory Cats and a guppy died. I tested the water to see what I was dealing with and had...
  2. MisguidedSanity

    My 75 Gal Leaked... What Should I Do?

    I got real excited for my new 75gal, but I had a nagging feeling that I should do one more leak test as I only did the previous test for 3 days... luckily I listened to that feeling. I don't know where the leak is coming from, my guess is the bottom since there wasn't any water on the sides but...
  3. MisguidedSanity

    Can A Fish Recover From Swim Bladder Issues Within A Couple Hours?

    I performed a major clean and WC last night since I'll be leaving for a week and I don't want our pet sitter having to worry about anything other than giving the already sorted and labeled food, and making sure the filters/heaters are working. After I was done, one of my Cardinal Tetras seemed...
  4. MisguidedSanity

    Is This Fin Rot?

    A couple days ago I rescued Onyx, a black betta, from Petsmart. I know that he has probably had fin rot in the past (if not currently) because his fins are all ragged, but I noticed that there are clear patches at the edge of his fins and was wondering if that is also fin rot or something else...
  5. MisguidedSanity

    Recommended Gph For A Wet/dry Filter?

    I've recently acquired a 75 and I am planning to have a Wet/Dry filter in a 30gal refugium. So, I've been looking online for what the recommended GPH of a Wet/Dry / Trickle Filter is, but I can't seem to find any answers... I did see one site say x6 - x7, but I haven't seen anything to back that...
  6. MisguidedSanity

    75gal Stocking Ideas

    I recently got permission to put a tank in the main room of our house, found a great deal on a 75gal and the perfect place to put it. Now I just need to get it cycled. In the mean time I would love to figure out the stocking. This is going to be in a reasonably lit area (a good amount of...
  7. MisguidedSanity

    Is This A True Julii Corydora Or One Of The False Ones?

    On Thursday I got a Corydora that is supposedly a Julii. As I forgot which one had the spots or the lines, I got him assuming he was a false one. Once I got home I went to find out whether he was a real one or not. The problem here is that there appears to be more than one type of "Julii" (the...
  8. MisguidedSanity

    Water Chemistry: Gh, Kh, Ph And How To Manipulate Them?

    So from my understanding (please correct me if I'm wrong) pH and Hardness tend to correlate... if one is high, then the other is high. Well, I tested my tap water recently to see if there are any changes I should be making on the pH/Hardness front and what I found is: pH - 8.6 (API Master...
  9. MisguidedSanity

    Aquarium Set-up Critique

    I've attached a picture of my current set-up for my new(ish) 29gal and would like your guys' opinions on it. I also would appreciate your thought as to stocking it. Tank Details: 29gal freshwater Cycled Currently has 3 female guppies
  10. MisguidedSanity

    Betta Behavior

    We all know Bettas to be aggressive fish (with a few exceptions), but I am curious as to whether their aggression is stronger towards a similarly colored Betta, or stronger towards the brighter, more flashy Bettas. For instance, I have a little black/dark blue/dark green dude and I was wondering...
  11. MisguidedSanity

    Will 2 Female Guppies, In An Established Tank, Bully A New Female Guppy?

    Well this is kinda a 3 part question... The 1st part being: Can you have a female-only guppy tank, or would they (with the 1:2+ ratio) be happier with a male? - I'm not looking to breed them, but if having a male will make them happier, I will make it work - The 2nd part is: If they are better...

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