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  1. Sabi

    Tetra Sudden Deaths

    I unfortunately did not quarantine them. Used a test strip so it my have been slightly off. the color came clear. i think its possible re colimnarius. thanks for the article. seem to have stopped losing fish thankfully, will carry on with partial water changes and see what happens.
  2. Sabi

    Tetra Sudden Deaths

    Hi Problem: Over the passed 3 days I have had about 6 fish deaths. 3 serpea Longfin's and 2 kulli loaches. I have had the serpeas and some of the kuhli for about 4 months. Tank and water; My tank is about 650L and has been running since early this year.. water parameters Nitrate 0 nitrite 0 ph...
  3. Sabi

    Polkadot loach

    Tnx, it does.:-)
  4. Sabi

    Question Twig catfish/ plant friendly algae eater?

    Lol. Am starting breeding, rams n swords. We'l see thereafter.
  5. Sabi

    Polkadot loach

    Hi. I would like to know if anyone has kept a Polkdot loach? Are they good to keep or not because i'm thinking of getting one for my planted aquarium. Tnx
  6. Sabi

    Attack of the snails!!!!!

    lol. Hope they dont infest ur tank.:-)
  7. Sabi

    Question Twig catfish/ plant friendly algae eater?

    Tnx for the feedback. Appreciated.:-) I did consider both, oto and bn's, but bn's are waay too expensive, N$500! I dont see ottos but i have seen flying foxes. I personally prefer catfish tho.
  8. Sabi

    Question Twig catfish/ plant friendly algae eater?

    hi, nice to hear from you again Carol.:-D tnx for ur reply, we really want the twig catfish but when i saw it at pet mart we ddt have a tank yet. Now they only getting in 2 weeks time. Meanwhile we wiping the glass ourselves.
  9. Sabi

    Question Twig catfish/ plant friendly algae eater?

    Hi, Are twig catfish plant friendly? I recently started up a planted aquarium and have been trying to find a catfish, that eats algae, doesnt uproot or damage plants or suck on them. Besides twig catfish, what others are there? Tnx.
  10. Sabi

    Ammonia ever present in a 9month+ system!!

    I'm going tomorrow to the pet store and i'm going to see if i can get one of these products. But why would thsi have happened, what could have caused it?
  11. Sabi

    Ammonia ever present in a 9month+ system!!

    They are red sea test kits. Sorry forgot to add this. They aren't expired altho they are quite old, maybe 5 months. Buuut, i have taken them to my lfs and they have received the same results.
  12. Sabi

    Ammonia ever present in a 9month+ system!!

    Hi all FL ppl. I'm here with a biiig problem or call it confusion if you like. I've had a marine tank set up for about 9 or 10 months now. 3 months after starting up the system i added a damselfsh. It lived, i thereafter traded it for other fish. So far i've had no mysterious fish deaths. And...
  13. Sabi

    Butterfly Plecos?

    ^Hi butterfly! uv really got a wonderful setup in that tank! i recently bought one of these lil locahes and he's really cool and cute! Reading this thread gave me tho knowledge that i have to get some more current for this lil guy. Thanks.
  14. Sabi

    Question Bio Rock

    Umm, are you saying its like matured filter media?
  15. Sabi

    Best Kind Of Food?

    I use many different types of dried food and frozen blood worms, krill, and other fmixes. Tetra, nutrafin, omega one, among others.
  16. Sabi

    Question Bio Rock

    What is bio rock and what exactly is it used for? Is it anything like live rock?
  17. Sabi

    What is this

    ^Lol, he looks a bully too!
  18. Sabi

    Many,many Kribs..........

    Yup! Get another tank for the fry, they are toughy's. And kribs dont waste time breeding, thats for sure, lol.
  19. Sabi

    6 dead kribs

    How big is your tank? I think under those circumstances the water change was the best thing to do.
  20. Sabi

    Whats this wormy things?

    Hehe i didnt take the rock. No way was i going to put those slimy creaturtes in! Well they did have spikey things.
  21. Sabi

    Was away looooong, remember me?

  22. Sabi

    Whats this wormy things?

    In the sea??
  23. Sabi

    Was away looooong, remember me?

    Hey nice to see i'm remembered, lol. Kate:yep my discus are doing fine, i have 3. The 2 blues are very much more bold than the orange, who mostly hides. My angelfish pair are coming out soon, so i'll be able to look at getting 1/2 more. Also want to look into mainaining lower ph for their...
  24. Sabi

    help with my 2 angels??

    They will lay eggs one a leaf or something. Generally they'l look after the eggs and fry themselves untill they lost the egg sack then ypu'll have to feed the fry.
  25. Sabi

    Whats this wormy things?

    Found these under rock here in the local waters. What is it, does anyone have an idea?
  26. Sabi

    Was away looooong, remember me?

    Hello Anyone remember Sabi? Lol, i used to be here a lot, live here, but been too busy and otherwise occupied to keep up my appearence. I came back today because of some email i got and realized how much i miss fishlore and speaking abt fish!! Have loads and loads of updates with my tanks and...
  27. Sabi

    30 Gallon Tank color problem

    Color loss is generally due to stress, speacially if its a new fish. Give it sometime and be sure that your water quality is correct.
  28. Sabi

    Discus- Darkening color?

    To be honest I cant say i took any notice on the poo color. I'll check tho. If its white what would it implement? Yes he's eating like normal.
  29. Sabi

    Discus- Darkening color?

    Hm, i see what you saying. He was taking an interest in the new discus but the day before i took him out he lost interest in them. What worried me was when he started to hang in the corner of the tank near the surface or at the bottom and not wanting to move. I knw that they arent very active...
  30. Sabi

    My Angelfish........

    Hi As some of you guys know, i have been waiting and waiting and hoping my angelfish pair up and breed as i really want to breed them. Well in all the upside down happenings on monday i found that i actually had a pair and that they had layd eggs on a leaf!!!!!!! Oh man, i was so happy and...
  31. Sabi


    Lol it just kinda happens.
  32. Sabi

    Question Black Angelfish (maybe a problem with him)

    Ditto to what Kate says. The water changes should help wonderfully!
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  35. My SW Tank

    My SW Tank

    Pics of my SW fish, inverts and tank
  36. Sabi

    Discus- Darkening color?

    Hi discus friends! When i first got my my blue discus (still not sure what type), after a month or two, he turned this darkish grey/ black colour. I watched him and apart from becoming less active and being this dark colour he was fine. He ate didnt seem to be having trouble breathing etc. I...
  37. Sabi

    Algae- different types.

    Another thing i bought a coral beauty angel 2 days ago and i see he's eating the algae. Nibbling at it all day.....
  38. Sabi

    New Coral beauty with ich

    Hi, Just wanted to know do you guys approve of the same method as FW in treating SW fish for ich? On thursday i bought a beautiful coral beauty angelfish and by the evening i saw he had some white spots. When i was sure it was ich i raised the temp. Thats all i've done. And he isnt acting sick...
  39. Sabi

    Algae- different types.

    Fishrule- yes some are brownish but the longer ones are green, like and grow like grass. Hi Peter I've googled hair algae and yes it does look like that, thanks. Gotta start doing more reading! Yep, i'm running a skimmer, i even moved it from my sump to my tank because of better output. i...
  40. Sabi

    Algae- different types.

    Hi all. I have seen 3 different types of algae growing in my tank of which I'm 100% sure 1 is coralline algae. Two others- (pic no 1) i think is cynobacteria. The last 2 pics i dont know the name of the algae but its a common one i think, since all the lfs SW tanks have it. This is the algae...
  41. Sabi

    Midas Blenny

    Right ho thanks for the reply! Did'nt find a midas blenny in the lfs's so i settled for a scooter. Seems to be more the favorite of marine hobbyists.
  42. Sabi

    Do you like Reading books?

    Lol, thats a lot. My reading been cut down to abt 3/4 books a week. Going to start an Alfred Hitchcock today. Yep, i still like my oold books,lol.
  43. Sabi

    What Kind of Pleco???

    Sorry, lol, not my pic, just picked it up on the web. Its a common pleco.
  44. Sabi

    FireMouth's Color

    Not sure if firemouth cichlids, too fall under the color loss being due to mood changes, like with angelfish....?
  45. Sabi

    Are you a Bird owner?

    Added gloster canary to my collection! Cant wait to hear him sing!
  46. Sabi

    Missing his brother

    Sorry, you are losing fish like this, can be very disheartening. If the fish are not showing any external signs of disease maybe its something internal- just a guess.
  47. Sabi

    My Zebra Pleco [L046]

    Oh he's gorgeous! Lucky you!
  48. Sabi

    Question How much is my red sailfin pleco worth?

    Wonderful mutt, that!!
  49. Sabi

    What Kind of Pleco???

    Your pics are there in the first pic. I'd say its a common or a chocolate pleco. Check out this link..
  50. Sabi

    Midas Blenny

    Hello all, from the stranger, lol I have a relatively new setup about 4 months old. The tank is a 38 gal and at the moment i have only a yellowtail damsel. I'm hoping of getting a midas blenny tomorrow. So, i just wanted to see if anyone here has had any experience with them and what can you...

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