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  1. angelfish220

    Free Blue Ramshorn Snails

    Got my shipment last week and everything was perfect! Looks great and the snails made short work of the bloom I had growing on my new driftwood.
  2. angelfish220

    Free Blue Ramshorn Snails

    I would love to take you up on this! Sending PM now!!
  3. angelfish220

    Starting A Classroom Aquarium!

    if you have a master kit, this is what I do: Measure the ph of your water and the ph of the water from the bag the fish are in (I don't worry about ammonia nitrite or nitrate, because there is no beneficial bacteria in the bag, so ammonia is usually through the roof. Float the bag so that...
  4. angelfish220

    Plants bubbling. Happy or sad?

    sometimes I think we baby our tanks too much... and waterchanges are almost ALWAYS key... the more water changes the better... nice looking plants btw
  5. angelfish220

    Calculate the volume of a 5 sided aquarium

    I got 46ish gallons as well... so I don't know. I did the tank as a rectangle minus the corner as well...
  6. angelfish220

    The quickest way to get the drift wood ready to roll

    I didn't like the tannis look until I had live plants. I think the tinged water makes the plants look super green and healthy, and the livestock more colorful. I've done multiple things for large pieces, but my favorite is a combination of steaming/baking. Basically baking it with a roaster full...
  7. angelfish220

    Plant trade?

    I have a couple onion plants, a small aponogeton, and a few water wisteria cuttings. Interested? pm me...
  8. angelfish220

    10 Gallon Blog

    Okay so I haven't updated in a while! Since the last pic I've gotten watersprite, java moss, and some duckweed from Harpua, so it looks quite a bit fuller. Also the banana plant has sent up a shoot which is now looping around the surface of the tank. I've started to notice some inverts in the...
  9. angelfish220

    Ask The Deaf Guy

    "Deaf people can smell too!" lol I was hanging out with one of my friends once (her being Deaf, me being HOH (hard of hearing)) and we were a restaurant waiting to order, signing away... The waitress saw us signing and brought us a braille menu
  10. angelfish220

    Starting A Classroom Aquarium!

    Hi! What a cool idea! Fish tanks are very calming to look at and exciting to learn about, making them a great classroom tool! I agree with everything said above, they seem to know what they're talking about. I thought that you could use the API test kit as a learning tool to. You could make a...
  11. angelfish220

    Question What Source Water do you Have?

    I'm the only one who has acidic water? My water comes from a local spring that supplies our neighborhood (I live so far away from civilization there isn't city water piped here)
  12. angelfish220

    fishlore needs a chatbox

    we could start a google group or whatever they are called... Then it wouldn't be on the Fishlore site, keeping it family friendly, but it would be something that members could get on just to chitchat. I kinda like having it all here though, so some threads get hijacked but at least it shows...
  13. angelfish220

    psalm18.2's RAOK Contest

    One of my favorite RAOK to do is whenever you are at a grocery store or supermarket (anything with candy bars at the cashier's isle) is pretend to be looking for a candy bar, and ask the cashier their favorite, then buy it for them! Its usually only a dollar or so and it makes someone else happy...
  14. angelfish220

    Any suggestions for beginner's plants?

    sometimes you can play on a lfs employee's lack of knowledge, example: Me: *buying the fish I came to get, spot a nub of anachris in a tank* "Can you throw in that little dead leaf so it has something to nibble on the way home?" *bats eyelashes* Bumbling Employee: "Sure" A month later, I have...
  15. angelfish220

    What's for dinner?

    We are having a local slow cooker dish basically ham, green beans, and potatoes cooked in a crockpot with ham broth... it great to use up leftover Easter ham
  16. angelfish220

    Hello All!!

    Welcome to Fishlore!
  17. angelfish220

    RAOK Contest #2!

    If I had something to give away, I would do a RAOK but I'm just getting restarted...
  18. angelfish220

    Help a Friend win a Scholarship!

    Voting closes at Midnight!
  19. angelfish220

    Help a Friend win a Scholarship!

    Hey guys! I have a friend who entered a sculpture into a contest to win a computer and money to go towards schooling. If you guys could vote for her she would be thrilled! Here is the link you have to submit you E-mail address, they will send you a verification link, and then you can...
  20. angelfish220

    German Blue Rams

    I don't think the gouramis and rams will be a problem, as they tend to occupy different parts of the tank.
  21. poor shrimp :(

    poor shrimp :(

  22. angelfish220

    Baby Danios Help!

    So exciting
  23. angelfish220

    Can you do this with out a calculator?

    why is it hard? I got the same as post 8
  24. angelfish220

    Where is the "aquarium info" tab

    why is Mike in quotes?
  25. angelfish220

    Baby Danios Help!

    great! sounds like all is well... just a hint, we really really like it when people post pictures haha
  26. angelfish220

    Bio Bubble?

    though, I don't even know if plants could work because there would be practically no gas exchange at all...
  27. angelfish220

    Headache or heck of a buy?

    I think it depends on if you will want to upgrade a kit... I've gotten a kit before, then found I wanted to upgrade the lights, so new hood. Then I wanted to upgrade the filter so that it had a stronger current. New filter. The kit didn't have an adjustable heater... new heater. I could have...
  28. angelfish220

    Me again Good fish book?

    I don't have a book, but I would highly recommend a subscription to a fishy magazine. I have a subscription for Tropical Fish Hobbyist and I really love it. Every month there is something new, and they cover everything from ponds to nanos to plants to cichlids to livebearers... the list goes on...
  29. angelfish220

    Article: Recent Forum Upgrades

    It keeps saying I don't have permission to view it
  30. angelfish220

    RAOK Contest #2!

    Disclaimer: I don't want to be included in this contest, I don't need anymore plants, but I had a really cool idea for a picture that I wanted to share This is a smiling slice of salami, serious slice of salami, and sad slice of salami stuck to a silver sheet of shiny stainless steel.
  31. angelfish220

    Forum Issues Log

    nevermind, I figured it out down the righthand corner it says 'basic uploader' click that and then its like normal.
  32. angelfish220

    10 Gallon Blog

    The tank is offically DONE CYCLING just in time for ZeeZ's RCS that I'm getting soon... I have quite a few pics... The amazon sword is sending up tons of new leaves, it looks so much fuller than before. The 2 onion bulbs started shooting up. Each of the java ferns has a new leaf and substantial...
  33. angelfish220

    Forum Issues Log

    I can't figure out if its broken or I'm overlooking something, but I can't upload files from my computer.... I click on the manage attatchments, and found the link to upload from the computer, but then it sends me to a different website? I'm confused :/
  34. angelfish220

    Never fear, I shall return!

    Just watched that documentary... errrr..... I mean fictional movie meant for entertainment purposes only..... yesterday! They are so cute! I mean.... if they were real....
  35. angelfish220

    Baby Danios Help!

    Try soaking the food with some tank water in a shot glass/small Tupperware container then feeding with a medicine dropper. Then the food has time to soften and they can eat it better, but its not sitting at the bottom of the tank fouling the water... I've not had any experience with the...
  36. angelfish220

    Baby Danios Help!

    Congrads on the babies! Danios were my first fry too! Wait until they are free swimming then feed them miniscule amounts of fry food (First Bites is what I used). Make sure to change the water and if you have some floating plants/moss hanging around I would definitely recommend tossing it in the...
  37. angelfish220

    Fish Room

    Everything looks great! The only thing I have to say is be careful getting attached to this! 3 years ago I was exactly where you were now... Then I had to tear down 7 tanks in 1 day, put them all in storage, and deal with life... Now college is fast approaching and I can only have 1 tank...
  38. angelfish220

    Coolest Aquarium Accessory

    Rofl!!! A little pricey for me though
  39. angelfish220

    How far do you have to travel to the fish store you LIKE?

    Well, the closest chain store is 35 minutes away, as is the LFS. The best is That Fish Place, which is 2+ hours... I don't go often at all (maybe once a year) but it is my favorite, just to go and look at all the stuff...
  40. angelfish220

    Wanted: Watersprite

    pm sent!
  41. angelfish220

    5 Gallon Tank Ewwww. Thread like worm in my tank

    Everyone in the link think that, yes that is planaria, and that they are not dangerous, just a nuisance. They also recommend heating the water to 35C for several hours... Edit: 35C is 95F! I wouldn't try this unless there was nothing else in the tank and you have a backup 'cycle' (aka...
  42. angelfish220

    beginners mistakes... :(

    not saying that there aren't really really good LFSs out there, the majority just want to sell you stuff... We are just strangers online yes. but we are taking time out of our lives to reply to posts here. Why? because we love fish. We are trying to tell you what is best for the fish. We don't...
  43. angelfish220

    I've learned how to use the freezer!

    hip hip hooray for Jaysee!! Does anyone get into canning... that's where its really at! I love going into the basement looking at all my cans and knowing that I have the means to survive a zombie apocalypse :;nin
  44. angelfish220


    I guess it wouldn't seem as funny if you thought it was true... once you are done reading the story, read the intro. I never read prefaces before the story either because when I pick up a book I want to start the story. the only books I read the intro first on was the Lord of the Rings series...
  45. angelfish220


    read the intro! He goes on and on about how much he loved the book as a child but nobody seems to read it because of all the boring parts and he can't find a copy to give to his son. He goes into great detail how he went all these places and met all these people to write the story properly, and...
  46. angelfish220


    Is it ACTUALLY a condensed form? cause the original book has you believe that it IS the condensed form of another book, that of course, doesn't really exist... Which of course is the beauty of the book in the first place. If it is exactly like the movie though, it is probably, because there are...
  47. angelfish220

    Heater or no heater?

    I kept a 55 gallon tropical community tank with no heater no problem... but the room they were in also housed the pellet stove, so it was never under 74, usually it kept a steady 76, so I think that that was a special circumstance... Normally I would never keep a fish without a heater...
  48. angelfish220


    Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam... cracks me up every time...
  49. angelfish220


    Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die! Have you read the book? it is HILARIOUS!!!
  50. angelfish220

    Has anyone bought and raised eggs from eBay?

    I've never done it before, but I am planning to very soon... so it will be interesting to see what people say...

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