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  1. Aqua Hands

    Tfreema’s 5g Nano ?saltwater? Tank

    you top off with freshwater not salt.
  2. Aqua Hands

    Topfin 5g Pico Reef

    No, its the Engage. I found a used ATO with 10g tank and pump for $145. I have a 3 y/o ****
  3. Aqua Hands

    Roommate/landlord Issue

    Remember to not bcome a bully in the situation. they want advise not an argument.
  4. Aqua Hands

    Tfreema’s 5g Nano ?saltwater? Tank

    Im in a similar situation. Fishlore is always supposed to be a supportive place but also fact. This eing said, Is it reccomended to start a saltwater tank so small? no. is it possible? yes. heres what you'll need to help make it more possible. An Auto Top Off System A Saltwater Refractometer A...
  5. Aqua Hands

    Topfin 5g Pico Reef

    I've looked into ATO and im definitely getting one. Just a case of what i get. But as for water changes, Ive done some research and your don't want to do tons of big water changes. you just want the tank to crawl not run. If you try to make the tank do absolutely amazing then there is a higher...
  6. Aqua Hands

    Topfin 5g Pico Reef

    I'll look into it! im just making a list of what i'll need again. Hopefully, this all goes smooth.
  7. Aqua Hands

    Identical Tanks - One Cycled/one Didnt

    a cycle isn't exact. I wouldn't take media off of a newly cycled tank.
  8. Aqua Hands

    Topfin 5g Pico Reef

    Hello! Long time no post! I just wanted to have some guidance along my trip with this PICO tank. Its a tank of 5g with a built in filtration unit. this leaves 3 gallons of (swim space). It would be idiotic and irresponsible to try to put a fish in the tank so just corals. Any suggestions on...
  9. Aqua Hands

    Why You Should Get A Flowerhorn

    Honestly, i would disagree. They can be very very difficult to understand and care for.It's also never an easy thing to bond with a fish. You need to treat ever single fish differently and with respect. Making it very different than a mammal. Other than that Love it!
  10. Aqua Hands

    Weird Clownfish Behavior

    Dominance. Clowns (some other fish too) do this to show their dominance.
  11. Aqua Hands

    Problematic Fishkeeping Myths

    1 fish per gallon baby!
  12. Aqua Hands

    Is Anyone Else Here School Age

    Can comfirm he meant mike
  13. Aqua Hands

    Fussy Frogs!

    Don't you just love having poor eyesight and trying to read titles on FishLore? Will they touch shrimp pellets? I know my LFS feeds their fussy ones shrimp pellets.
  14. Aqua Hands

    What's Something You Hated As A Kid That You Don't Now?

    I can still play pretty well. ive lost my shot. I used to only be able to shoot 3 pointers. 2 pointers were iffy. Now, i can just outplay people and if I practice i can shoot pretty well.
  15. Aqua Hands

    What's Something You Hated As A Kid That You Don't Now?

    I know right. I was always playing basketball. from 3pm-8pm I'd play basketball. Every. Single. Day. so i hated music.
  16. Aqua Hands

    Got Random Fish With Feeder Shrimp? Id?

    curse fishlore for having a maximum image size
  17. Aqua Hands

    Got Random Fish With Feeder Shrimp? Id?

    its a SAE. look at the fins and head. also, the tail ends in a buldge
  18. Its A Sae

    Its A Sae

  19. Aqua Hands

    Oscar Acts Scared

    Could it possibly be Hole in the head diease?
  20. Aqua Hands

    Oscar Acts Scared

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? How long has the tank been running? Does it have a filter? Does it have a heater? What is the water temperature? What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) Maintenance How often do you change the water? How much of...
  21. Aqua Hands

    Is Anyone Else Here School Age

    little off topic, but i wonder if Micheal has ever asked the age of someone.
  22. Aqua Hands

    Birthdays : D

    I was actually 14
  23. Aqua Hands

    Super Bowl Spoiler

    pipe down there, we know your team hasn't been to the bowl since 1964 Just kidding of course. congrats on the victory.
  24. Aqua Hands

    Birthdays : D

    I'm pretty young. I was actually on before I was 16. which is why I kinda left the forum for a bit. WHen i turned 16 I came back lol.
  25. Aqua Hands

    Foster A Dog

    not to be rude, but did it live in a cardboard box before?
  26. Aqua Hands

    Can We Clean Up The Builds Area?

    1. I forgot how to merge my own threads. 2. I was like why is he responding to my question.. then i realize my name is hunter on here. also: I think the mods are letting us run this one for giggles
  27. Aqua Hands

    Can We Clean Up The Builds Area?

    It's a new active thread let it ride out. [not to mods.] Sorry, I've been told to merge my posts I honestly don't know how.
  28. Aqua Hands

    Can We Clean Up The Builds Area?

    actually this should go under r/ChoosingBeggars. But, our moderation does a great job. If you don't it please please dont be so rude about it. that's my only request. This site is free to use. So much, that i wnted to donate and it was declined. so let's appreciate what we have. Secondly, the...
  29. Aqua Hands

    Bulletproof Plants

    tank size? Can you take it with you?
  30. Aqua Hands

    150 Tall 2.0

    me four
  31. Aqua Hands

    Question Cold Brew Coffee

    I could hitch a ride or walk. only a 91 hour walk. Don't want to waste gas.
  32. Aqua Hands

    Question Pea Puffers With Others

    take chance wit a stratedgy. add them dead last.
  33. Aqua Hands

    Question Pea Puffers With Others

    Pea puffers are like uncles. Some are okay but they have a bad reputation of being weird (aggressive in this case).
  34. Aqua Hands

    15 Gallon Tank 15 Gal. Nano Tank Stocking!

    IMO I would do a clown fish pair + CUC. You'll maybe have 9-10ish gallons of swimming water. This leaves no room for other fish due to territory and you're gonna max out your bioload. Then you can save more money for your corals also!
  35. Aqua Hands

    The Coolest Tank I've Ever Seen.

    Very interesting. Im thinking about buying my clown pair back from the Gun Shop i sold them to, I loved those guys. They would bicker over hiding food for their host. Intense battle were fought in the good old biocube at feeding time. I'm gonna get measurements and i'll start the plan! I...
  36. Aqua Hands

    Any Artists Here? Retro
  37. 16_handshoeh_Choice


  38. IMG_3418


  39. 17_Handshoeh_Mardigras


  40. 15_handshoeh_Watercolor


  41. Retro


  42. Aqua Hands

    Any Artists Here?

    Do we count photography and graphic design? if so ill upload my stuff. if not im not gonna waste the sites storage ****
  43. Aqua Hands

    The Coolest Tank I've Ever Seen.

    Wow, I really did think that diamonds would pair up with a pistol! My uncle does have a diamond already in a seperate tank. So, I think i'll go with the YWG/PS combo! Would it be possible to keep a pair of clowns with them? I don't know how agressive the shrimp are due to me never setting them...
  44. Aqua Hands

    The Coolest Tank I've Ever Seen.

    Yep! its a salty tank! Each little cubby on top is 10 gallons. each on bottom is 30 gallons. It has a very large sump that holds another 90 gallons of water. so thats 180 gallons total. there are 6 on top and 3 on bottom @stella1979 I posted the links above your comment
  45. Racking tank front

    Racking tank front

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