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    Question Feeding A Betta While Away

    well, ok. what you guys are saying here are quite reassuring. i was worried because we wouldnt have anyone else to at least check on him.
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    Question Feeding A Betta While Away

    so long time no see..... so me and my family are going to west virginia to hang out with relatives this summer (4th of july, for specifics), and we will be gone for four days. now the last vacation (this spring break), a family friend was able to take care of the animals (dog, betta, & hermit...
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    Question Tetra Algae Control: Should I Use It?

    ok. but if i already have invertabrates, should i remove them before adding it in?
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    Question Tetra Algae Control: Should I Use It?

    so while grabbing an algae scrubber last week, i saw some tetra algae control. it claims to get rid of blue green algae, and while i dont really mind the whole "puts aquarium back a day 1", i am concerned about the big mystery snail because some people say its harmful to invertebrates. should i...
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    Help Can Cyanobacteria Die Out Of Water

    or, more like "can i dry blue-green algae to death", because my tank apears to have green paches on the grave. not too much, but i'm still worried, so here's the stupid plan: i take the animals out of the tank and into a quarintine tank. i then basically suck all the water out, scrub...
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    Most Popular / Common Gourami

    have this random Idea to draw labyrinth fish species as dinosaur / bird creatures. just wondering whats the most popular / common gourami species, and I can go from there.
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    Help White Slime Mold Halp

    only squidward's house (Christmas present from my brother)
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    Help White Slime Mold Halp

    ok. I recently been doing 25% waterchanges because I thought the beneficial bacteria have populatade enough to take care of it, but its seems i'm wrong and need to continue the 50% changes. ok, that's a relief.
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    Help White Slime Mold Halp

    0123192119 white slime stuff by mcloomis posted Jan 24, 2019 at 11:03 AM Well, darn. Last night i noticed what apeares to be white slime mold stuff on squidwards house, an this morning i also noticed a tiny bit of it on the heater. My biggest concern is weather its harmfull to my betta, and how...
  10. 0123192119 white slime stuff

    0123192119 white slime stuff

    White slime on squidwards house. ****
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    Question Giving Peas To I Doing It Right?

    i heard from numerous websites and sources that tiny pieces of skinned peas are good for betta as a scource of fiber and to prevent bloating. most sources say that although peas are used for when your fish is actually bloated, you can still feed them bits at least once a week.
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    Question Giving Peas To I Doing It Right?

    nice to hear. for the first few weeks I've been feeding ocean man the dial-a-treat in the afternoon, but i realized that it made a mess, so i just been feeding him pellets and the peas. i did just get some tetra bloodworms yesterday, which he really liked alot. i of course soaked all the...
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    Question Giving Peas To I Doing It Right?

    so ever since I got my boy ocean man, I've been giving him three pellet-sized pieces of peas (skined, of course) one a week. I normally feed him three pellets per feeding twice a day (six pellets total), and every Friday afternoon I give him tiny pieces of skinned peas, but I still resume...
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    Hermit Crab Update

    1229181350 befor tank by mcloomis posted Jan 1, 2019 at 11:24 AM0101191113a new tak by mcloomis posted Jan 1, 2019 at 11:24 AM so here's the update to the whole hermit crab thing. I am still ticked at my aunt for getting me an animal without at least asking me about it. so the first image is...
  15. 0101191113a new tak

    0101191113a new tak

    New, better tank
  16. 1229181350 befor tank

    1229181350 befor tank

    Hermit crabs original tank
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    Question Best Beginer Saltwater Fish

    not that I ever want to get a saltwater tank. just an interesting question.
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    Important Is This Ich On My Betta??!!!

    update: whatever it was, it somehow poped off the next day. im still worryied about it. if it is ich, would a 1.5gal. aquarium (filter an all) make an ok teperary setup?
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    Important Is This Ich On My Betta??!!!

    Ich by mcloomis posted Dec 24, 2018 at 9:17 PM ok, I hope you can see the picture. my boy oceanman is a PAIN to take a good picture of, especially due to my bad android phone (that desperately needs to be upgraded). I notices this single little wart-like thing on my crowntail's right ventral...
  20. Ich


    i think oceanman has ich
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    Help Surprise Christmas Hermit Crab Help!!!

    update: I asked dad to call her and dad said not to worry about it, and to acted surprised. he claims that my aunt will probably have a proper setup. I partially take back what I said about her not knowing how to take care of one, but I'm still a bit worried. I will update you guys new-year's...
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    Help Surprise Christmas Hermit Crab Help!!!

    i learned that at my family's new-years Christmas party, my aunt is getting me a hermit crab i am pretty **** and for a few good reason. 1-she didn't ask me if i wanted a hermit crab, let alone giving me a month or two in advance to prepare 2-i doubt she would've got the correct stuff to care...
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    Help Help! How Can I Provide The Best Living Conditions For My Nerite Snails?

    I've heard about using bits of cuttlebone. usually found in the bird section
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    10gal Betta Tankmates (bottomfeeders)

    so i finally got my betta (oceanman) and been thinking "well, if i'm gonna get tankmate they better make themselves somewhat usefull" so here are three of my idead with pros / cons corydoras: pros- cute, lively, and low matenence cons- need to be in groups (is 3-4 good?), requires shrimp...
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    Question Whats The Cheapest Betta Breed

    just an interesting question. we are (FINALLY) getting our betta tomorrow. I noticed that different breeds have different prices, so we was wondering what breeds might be cheaper (because my dad is already angry that we spent a lot of money just on items alone).
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    Question About Those Silicone Anemones (tank Decor)

    you know those rubber-like aquarium plants? the ones that look like anemones and sometimes glow under UVA light (like glowfish accessories)? I was kinda thinking of putting it into my betta aquarium, but I like to hear your thought on them before get some. are they good? bad? ok-ish?
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    Question 10 Gal Fishless Cyling Questions

    so I have a few questions about it. I was originally gonna do a fish-in cycle, but then I realized that a fishless one would be more easier. specifically, I'm doing it with fish food. so here are my questions 1-do you have to perform water changes, and if so, how often 2- does it matter what...
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    Is Petsmart Really As Bad As They Say?

    sand? sand!!? SAND!!!???
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    75 Gallon Which Cichlids Or Peacocks

    parrot cichlid? they're really cute and smart.
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    Question Live Plants For 10gal Betta Tank (with Little Care I Guess)

    live plants are what i'm going for as decorations (i'm still gonna get hiding caves though). i'm wondering what's the easiest live plants to take care of. some sugestions I've seen are waterweeds, anibias, and marimo moss balls, but i'm open to sugestions. I really just want a plant that can...
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    Rasboras As 10 Gallon Betta Tankmates

    so apart from the female betta i'm planning on, and 1-2 nerite snails, I heard that harlequin rasboras make great tankmates for bettas, especially in a ten gallon. so maybe i'll ad 3-4 of them. if i'm able to do so, should I add the rasboras first before the beta? or is adding these fish a bad idea
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    Fish For Cycling Ten Gallon Betta Tank

    plan on using tetra safe start to kickstart cycling, and want to use fish instead of a fishless cycle. i need ideas of what fish to use. i need fish that can co-exist with the betta IF they survive the cycling process. my ideas were ghost shrimp, nerite snails, and maybe feeder guppies. i also...
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    My Mudskippers...

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    How Tough Are Ghost Shrimp

    I believe ten gallons. the tank's dimentions are 20x12x10. I plan on keeping the ghost shrimp, a nerite snail and a betta.
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    How Tough Are Ghost Shrimp

    i'm thinking of using them for cycling. very unsure about it. i hear on one side "ghost shrimp are to sensitive for cycling", and on another side "ghost shrimp are very hardy and can tolerate cycling". the one place i can get ghost shrimp is petsmart (i dont think countrymax has them), and...
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    Ten Gal. Betta Tankmates

    so this weekend i was blessed that i got a used ten gallon tank (with no leaks). i still need to get everything else (gravel, plants, etc). so these are the betta tank mates i already decided on 1 betta (female) 3 ghost shrimp (for cycling) 1 nerite snail (for algea eating) i kinda want to add...
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    How To Cycle A Betta Tank

    OK, many questions on how to cycle a fish tank. (before adding fish) 1- how do i obtain benificial bacteria? what is the best way to do it? 2- will the betta fish alone cycle the tank, or do i have to get another type? 3- any fishless way to cycle it? can live plants (say, anubias or...
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    Betta.. Male Or Female??

    agree. females have eggspots. but there is a chance its a male, considering they sometimes have them to avoid other, more menacing males
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    Are Fake Flowers/plant From Craft Store Ok

    wanted to ask a quick question because i'm currently typing this at school and the internet is crappy at the moment. are the fake silk plant at say, hobby lobby or any other craft store safe for betta fish? or do i have to get silk plants specialized for aquariums?
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    Diy Betta Aqurarium: Good, Bad, Even Possible?

    this may be a stupid question, but I'm wondering if a diy aquarium is possible. I've seen people use clear totes as a cheap, inexpensive aquarium/ pond/ tank for their fish. I'm partially interested, as this might save me a few bucks, and I can get more item for my future betta's care &...
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    Female Betta Tankmates: Snails Or Ghost Shrimp?

    ok then. snails it is!!
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    Female Betta Tankmates: Snails Or Ghost Shrimp?

    so my parents have allowed me to get a betta. before I hopped onto this forum, I did countless hours of research. the kind of live plants, the substrate, and even some (possible) tankmates. the tank size I'm going for is around 3 to 5 gallons. i plan on getting a female betta and want some...

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