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  1. AWheeler

    Getting Rid Of Snails

    I'd just turn off the light like you normally do.
  2. AWheeler

    Melafix Just Killed My Fish!

    If he went right into the spot where you dosed the water, in theory, he may have gotten overdosed by doing that. Stranger things have happened before I'm sure. If I remember correctly, one of the ingredients in that stuff has the same chemical or compound, that clove oil has in it, just at lower...
  3. AWheeler

    What Are You Listening To?

    If I told you, you'd all be scared hahahaha.
  4. AWheeler

    Help Skirt Tetra With Swim Bladder

    Could you give the exact numbers for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate? A picture of the fish may help as well. How does this fish behave when the other tetras are schooling? Do you know that you should technically have them in a bigger tank (when I had mine and had a tank break, I had to put them in...
  5. AWheeler

    Help How To Cure Fin Rot :(

    Fin rot, for me, means I have to change a bit more water, a bit more often.....I have a guppy breeding tank going on right now and noticed the male with some fin rot starting....instead of one 50% water change every week....I'm doing a 1/2 gallon a day water change and then the big one at the...
  6. AWheeler

    Help Excessive Amount Of Snails.

    1 10 gal planted tank set up to specified temp requirements, etc.....and 1 pea puffer....I've made my own threats on this several times haha.
  7. AWheeler

    Disappearing Nitrites

    Are you using something to speed up the process of Tetra safe start + or even something from an old tank? Do you happen to know the gh/kh readings of your tap water? You might want to add some crushed coral to the filter to bring the Ph up a bit.
  8. AWheeler

    Ammonia And Nitrates But No Nitrites??

    If you used Tetra safe start +, chances are you will never see a nitrite spike. I never did when I used it!
  9. AWheeler

    Glass Suitable For Aquariums?

    One is cheaper but shouldn't be drilled (untampered I think) and one is more expensive and can be (tempered) I might have it backwards though.
  10. AWheeler

    How Do Sponge Filters Work?

    If you have already started the cycle of the tank, throw a sponge filter on there with an air pump attached rated for 40 gallons, it will help establish more of a BB colony, if not, start with a sponge filter with the same rating for the air pump. Those types of fish are good to keep with a...
  11. AWheeler

    Algae Problems And General Advice, Please!

    Sometimes if you have really high nitrates or are unsure of them... say it looks to be about 100+ but could be more towards do half tap water (assuming no nitrates in tap) and half tank water, to see what your nitrates are really reading. Doing the half test also shows people that...
  12. AWheeler

    High Nitrate In Happy Brackish Planted Tank

    You have some stocking issues, if you want to discuss them, but there are others that can help you with it more specifically, I know for sure a pleco doesn't belong in brackish and neither does an African cichlid. Mollies are fine, puffers are fine ( unless they are the freshwater kind?!)...
  13. AWheeler

    Algae Problems And General Advice, Please!

    I'm not that familiar with the whole under gravel system....except the nightmare I faced when I was a kid and my mom used one....lets just say it was enough to let me not ever want to try them again as an adult myself lol. I would gravel vac even if you are running your canister filter through...
  14. AWheeler

    High Nitrate In Happy Brackish Planted Tank

    Oh...and last but certainly not you have nitrate in your tap water!
  15. AWheeler

    High Nitrate In Happy Brackish Planted Tank

    Is the driftwood rotting? Do you have any live rock type of rock that could be leeching nitrates into the water? When is the last time you cleaned out the cannister, swished the media around in tank water you were changing? What do you have in the tank (fish) and what percentage of water changes...
  16. AWheeler

    Plants Question!

    Nope, it's shooting off like a spider plant or a strawberry plant!
  17. AWheeler

    Algae Problems And General Advice, Please!

    You want to act drastically, yes, but you also want to do it a certain way if you are looking at changing large volumes of water that have nitrates that high, the fish will have to acclimate to the new conditions in the tank....For instance, if you were thinking of doing more like a 50-75% water...
  18. AWheeler

    How Do Sponge Filters Work?

    There are no dumb questions! It depends really....what kind of fish are you looking at getting, what size tank, what type of sponge filter are you looking at purchasing, what kind of air pump are you looking at getting? Do you know about the nitrogen cycle, etc.
  19. AWheeler

    Plants Question!

    I have just been using flourish root tabs honestly. I have amazon swords and some Anubis and something else in there and my swords had some offshoots forming so I put it in the substrate so I could eventually cut off the stem from the parent (this was Friday)...I woke up this morning and there...
  20. AWheeler

    Algae Problems And General Advice, Please!

    have you ever done a half test to see what the nitrates are close to being in reality for the tank? I have a feeling that you want to do a test and get back to us on that. I will also warn you that algaecide treatments will up your ammonia, and you might end up with a catrostrophe on your...
  21. AWheeler

    Best Artemia Hatchery?

    I have used DIY ones that you find on youtube, that you make out of soda bottles.
  22. AWheeler

    Plants Question!

    It could be that, it could also be something in the air haha, my heavily planted tank is near a very shaded window and I didn't dose iron and have had some crazy growth in the last few days, usually it isn't that noticeable, that quickly!
  23. AWheeler

    How Do I Tell If My Aquarium Is Glass Or Acrylic?

    If it is glass it is going to have silicone on the sides...if acrylic then it won't have that.
  24. AWheeler

    Algae Problems And General Advice, Please!

    I agree with the above poster....less light, more water changes. If the plants are established, you can keep the lights off for a week and nothing would happen to them too drastic, I'd go ahead and reduce it to 8 hours...the next thing I'd ask is if the tank is near a window...that natural...
  25. AWheeler

    I Can't Keep Anything Alive light, day light light bulbs and some wood to hang it over the tank It won't break the bank and it's what I have hanging over my 40 gallon right now! I even put a flat of seeds I was starting for the garden under it to give the tank some "shade". I've had this light for awhile...
  26. AWheeler

    No Idea...anyone?

    I've used Kanamycin flakes before with planted tanks and sensitive fish/snails/shrimp and never had any bad thing happen. Read the instructions on the box to be sure though!
  27. AWheeler

    Worth Medicating?

    I dose with prazi or use prazi flakes no matter what....and if I saw white poop in a fish I was "waiting to see" for that long, I'd dose it, just to be sure!
  28. AWheeler

    How Do Sponge Filters Work?

    A regular sponge filter will give you bio filtration (keeping the beneficial bacteria alive and the tank cycled), it will also give you a little bit of mechanical filtration (sucking up gunk and keeping the water clear)…..BUT you have to remember to rinse it out in dirty tank water, and it will...
  29. AWheeler

    No Idea...anyone?

    I would assume some sort of hole in the head disease, I'm not sure if it could be anything else and i'm not sure if the fish can survive since I see it's insides nearly. I'd try to treat with some Kanaplex and see if it helps any.
  30. AWheeler

    How To Get Rid Of Yellow Cloudy Water

    Do 50% water changes every day, should clear right up. It will help the fry grow faster as well.
  31. AWheeler

    New Tank, High Ammonia, White Cloud, Note Cycling!

    once the nitrite hits 0 you are good to change the water once the nitrates hit about 20.
  32. AWheeler

    What Is The Best Way To Find And Catch Fry?

    honestly, I don't catch them, I have enough plants in the tank that they can hide, or I put a pregnant female in a 10 gal tank on her own to have the fry, then net the mom when she has completed the task
  33. AWheeler

    I Need Serious Help.

    What kind of filter are you using and did you also clean the filter when you changed the substrate? How long was the filter off when you changed everything around? What are your tap readings?
  34. AWheeler

    Test Limits From Water

    My tap runs even higher and I won't adjust it. Yours is fine
  35. AWheeler

    I Can't Put My Treated Water In My Tank!

    My guess is there is some fertilizer run off going on where you live and it's causing an ammonia spike. Use actual prime and it will bind the ammonia for 24 to 48 hours and your BB should eat it all up by then.
  36. AWheeler

    Possible Air Bubbles In Seams?

    It's totally reasonable, just keep an eye on it, you might have to change it in like 3 years instead of 7-10. I try to explain it so that others will understand it better, tub is the first thing that comes to mind
  37. AWheeler

    Possible Air Bubbles In Seams?

    hmm, feel around the outside of the tank (maybe even get a paper towel) and see if there is any condensation on the outside corners where those air bubbles were. It is possible that the caulking is just really thin right there but not further in towards the center where it joins the two panes of...
  38. AWheeler

    Possible Air Bubbles In Seams?

    stick your finger down in the tank and see if you can get the bubble out by just gently pushing your finger towards the thinner part of the caulking. It looks like it might just be some water getting under the thinner part of the caulking, how old is the tank?
  39. AWheeler

    Glass Thickness 100 Gallon Square

    make sure you know how to get the seams together with the acrylic...cant' use caulking with it like you can with glass
  40. AWheeler

    Glass Thickness 100 Gallon Square

    I'd be safe and go with the thicker glass, that is a lot of weight!
  41. AWheeler

    Possible Air Bubbles In Seams?

    Take a few pictures and post them on here. It's kind of hard to explain.
  42. AWheeler

    Possible Air Bubbles In Seams?

    It depends on what these little bumps actually are... sometimes it is just raised caulking, sometimes it is an air bubble in the caulking and sometimes you actually have to replace your caulking. If you have to replace it, you have to take the old off as best you can and put the new on, you...
  43. AWheeler

    Taking Down 10 Gallon And....

    I'd keep the cories in the 10 gal for right now, and keep the hob on the tank....put the betta in the 29 gallon with the sponge filter, depending on how long you've had the tank set up, the 29 gal tank might actually instant cycle, or cycle in a very short period of time. (You could add all of...
  44. AWheeler

    How Soon Should You Add Fish After Cycling (starving Bacteria)?

    You'll be fine if you wait a short period of time (a day or less).
  45. AWheeler

    Nitrites Fish In Cycle Need Help

    If your nitrates are that high, and there are fish in the tank, you need to do more than a 25% water change. You should do a 50% water change in the morning, another one in the evening, then add the TSS+ the next day. You don't have to keep the lights off for 2 weeks with TSS+.
  46. AWheeler

    What Does This Mean? Water Perameters...

    How often are you changing the water?
  47. AWheeler

    New Tank, High Ammonia, White Cloud, Note Cycling!

    Your ammonia will cycle first, gaining one type of bacteria that converts it into nitrites, when the nitrite bacteria forms it turns into nitrates. When both bacteria are up and running full force, your nitrate will go up pretty high. The fish produce ammonia, but your excess food will too...
  48. AWheeler

    Keeping Platy Fry Healthy.

    Even a small amount of water being changed will help them out honestly. I change about a gallon of water a day in my 10 gallon that has guppy fry in it. I have a ton of plants in it though.
  49. AWheeler

    What To Do?

    Do you have a place for them if you choose to let them grow in a different place?
  50. AWheeler

    Keeping Platy Fry Healthy.

    They might eat the seed shrimp, they might not. The thing is, they need the water changed daily to grow fast...and they need to be fed at least a few times a day as well. You can feed them "first bites" fry food. They need the heat to be up a few degrees as well.

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