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  1. mopuff

    Comment by 'mopuff' in media 'Red Chest Spotted Endlers'

    Are these fresh water or salt?
  2. mopuff

    Comment by 'mopuff' in media 'Longfinned L144 Pleco'

    lovin this guy! I have never seen one.. or i would have bought it!
  3. mopuff

    40 Gallon Freshwater w/Figure 8 Puffer

    he died.... i am SOooOoooO very broken hearted. He was swimming around just moments ago...[ ihave been checking him every 10 mins or so for 5 days] i am so sorry i couldnt help him.
  4. mopuff

    40 Gallon Freshwater w/Figure 8 Puffer

    This is a beautiful set up.. cant wait to see what you put in it!
  5. mopuff

    40 Gallon Freshwater w/Figure 8 Puffer

    heres a pic of my little BURP. Maybe you can see that his beak seems to be rather large, but has it always been that way, or do you think it is larger than it should be? I put in a handful of the smallest snails i could find [pinkie nail or less], i dropped them RIGHT in front of him and he...
  6. mopuff

    40 Gallon Freshwater w/Figure 8 Puffer

    thank you for your words of encouragement. He still not paying any attention to me. Just cruising the glass walls and totally ignoring food dangling, [i use hemostats to grasp a peice of raw shrimp or a worm]. Normally he tears into what ever i have for him and follows my actions until the hemos...
  7. mopuff

    40 Gallon Freshwater w/Figure 8 Puffer

    My lil guy still is not eating.. been 3 days. It is strange tho, cause his belly still looks roundish? I have heard that puffers dont like getting "puffed" up and some do NOT recover. I say that only because when i was feeding him [the last time he ate] , the flip top part of the hood fell in...
  8. mopuff

    40 Gallon Freshwater w/Figure 8 Puffer

    How big is he? Now i feel like i wish i had never turned mine brackish... can i go back to fresh gradually?
  9. mopuff

    Newest addition!

    OH goody, i have a male.. lots of wiskers!
  10. mopuff

    40 Gallon Freshwater w/Figure 8 Puffer

    how long have you had your Fig8? i too started mine in fresh water but was told by many to start adding salt gradually as he grew and that by maturity he shd be in full salt water. Do you plan to keep him in fresh always? I thought about it... just would like to know cause i cant fin d any live...
  11. mopuff

    Newest addition!

    How do you sex a BN Pleco... aquarist 48? I have one and love it, and it'd be great if i knew boy or girl?
  12. mopuff

    40 Gallon Freshwater w/Figure 8 Puffer

    I was going to ask the same thing. I wanted to know if the Figure 8 needed to be brackish like my Green Spotted Puff [burp]. I have been wanting to put a Blue Crawfish in mine too... I dont think it would be a good idea... but he hasnt eaten the little minnow that snuck in w/ some snails i put...
  13. mopuff

    Is it bad that.....?

    FunnY StuFf!
  14. mopuff

    Re-boil driftwood?

    so is that a NEW or OLD pic of Amazon? LOL. I am going to boil the peices of wood i have since they have been in my turtle pond and one has been floating and sinking gradually in the Koi pond. Will the one that has been in w/ the turtles carry any bad reptile cooties?
  15. mopuff

    DD Black Angelfish Blog

    thank you CATSMA and ROGUE and AMAZON for all the good advise about plants. I will try to find some eel grass in the river, if i do i will take a pic. It is probably a local common name , not science given..LOL. I will also try to find the plants you mentioned Rogue,thanks again. i will be in...
  16. mopuff

    DD Black Angelfish Blog

    Gee Whiz.. yes it is bamboo, bought at pet supermarket fish dept. Sold as an aquarium plant.I needed something tall. I wanted Eel Grass [i think thats what it is called], but, No one here has any tall flowy flat grass. I thought, I would take out the kayak and go down the river to see what I...
  17. mopuff

    DD Black Angelfish Blog

    I believe you are right, chinese evrgreen. i did buy it at the LFS and then realized i was growing it in a pot at i added to it. It has been underwater for atleast 6 mos.. still looking good. Is that a bad thing? Thank YOu Rougue for posting my pic... I didnt really understand the...
  18. SAM_0147


    new grasses and lighthouse
  19. SAM_0144


    new grasses and lighthouse
  20. SAM_0145


    new grasses and lighthouse
  21. SAM_0146


    new grasses and lighthouse
  22. SAM_0143


    new grasses and lighthouse
  23. mopuff

    DD Black Angelfish Blog

    i just took a new pic of the tank. Hope I post it correctly?! I added a Light house and 2 huge fresh clumps of two different kinds of grass. ok , I think it is done and they are in my pics. Wish i knew how to put them here. Just the first 5 are the new ones. Aquariums never look as good in a...
  24. mopuff

    DD Black Angelfish Blog

    i will put another tall grass in the middle.. BUT, really??? add more Danios?? i was thinking I would have to remove the ones i had or reduce them to 5. What would adding a few do?
  25. mopuff

    DD Black Angelfish Blog

    Yes, the Angels are next to one another 95% of the time. The larger one seems to be the more aggressive at corraling. They are Giant Danios and i have 7.. wanted a school. I notice when the tank is dark, the Danios are permitted a little more freedom, but when the light comes on... its back to...
  26. mopuff


    how can i sleep? The anticipation is just OVERWHELMING!
  27. mopuff

    DD Black Angelfish Blog

    ok, its for the best that they are 2 males... or is it? Do they need to have a mate to be happy fish? The Angels do NOt let the Danios swim freely across the tank. I said B4 that the danios seem to be corraled into one corner of the tank , in your opinion , are the Danios ok living this way...
  28. mopuff

    DD Black Angelfish Blog

    so Rogue and Amazon.. I watched a few videos...THANKS for the posting of them, I have concluded in my novice fish brain that i have 2 males. DANG IT! Maybe its for the best, i have a feeling if they were a breeding pair, i wouldnt be able to keep the fry alive [away from other fish]. How would...
  29. mopuff

    DD Black Angelfish Blog

    i give up.. i dont know what most of what you said is! I just hope you can see them somewhere.
  30. mopuff

    DD Black Angelfish Blog

    GROANING i ask...did you loose 2 angels? or one? I hope the water change goes well. sorry for your strife. Did you have a chance to see the smaller angel pics and could you tell the sex , I know you had more important things to do and worry about so i understand if it wasnt exactly a priority.
  31. mopuff

    DD Black Angelfish Blog

    GEE WHIZ! I did again.. they went into the "Angel Fish" site???!!! any hoo i think they are on my profile , how do i make it come here? thank you! .. Amazon. Both of you really.. i didnt even know they were PINOY! I just fell in love w/ them when i was choosing fish for my new setup.
  32. SAM_0108


    the smaller one.
  33. small_angel


    the smaller one.
  34. SAM_0099


    the smaller one.
  35. SAM_0101


    the smaller one.
  36. SAM_0102


    the smaller one.
  37. mopuff

    DD Black Angelfish Blog

    That one is as big as the palm of my hand. I will get a better pic of the smaller one...As soon as this lightning storm is over, i will post. Thanks good to know "ITS A BOY!"
  38. SAM_00641


  39. SAM_00651


  40. SAM_00631


  41. angels and aquarium

    angels and aquarium

  42. SAM_00511


  43. SAM_0064


    my angels and aquarium
  44. SAM_0065


    my angels and aquarium
  45. SAM_0063


    my angels and aquarium
  46. SAM_0051


    my angels and aquarium
  47. mopuff

    DD Black Angelfish Blog

    I just took pics... hope i can figure out how to post~ wish me LUCK . Do i do that on my home page? I will try. I did it!... ITHINK I DID IT!??... go see please. I amm sorry, when i went to go look to see if i was successful, I obviously put it on the angelfish site twice... can you fix that...
  48. mopuff

    DD Black Angelfish Blog

    I would love to know that info as well. Then maybe, i can figure out if the 2 I have are a male and a female. BTW, when i bought my 2 they wereboth the same size, about a Quarter size. However, rapidly one became much larger than the other... is that a sign? i feel like i will never reach...
  49. mopuff

    gonna get another 55

    we want to see pics! sounds like a great tank.
  50. mopuff

    DD Black Angelfish Blog

    oh my! I can not imagine doing that many water changes... I would not be able to get anything else done? Those are the same kind of Angels that i have 2 of. My tank is a community supposedly a "schooling" but it seems that the Angels are now "corraling" them into one side of the tank?... the...

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