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  1. allyh

    Crayfish basics please!

    I'm getting a new 20G from a friend, and I'm really interested in a white crayfish. I have a few questions! -How much water/air should there be? Like 50/50? do they need rocks to stand on to get to the air? I've seen tanks with tiny steps coming out of the water for the cray. -Are they okay...
  2. allyh

    Dead Horseface Loach :(

    I came home from school today to find my favorite fish, my Horseface loach, dead. I quickly tested my water and my parameters were perfect (0,0,5), temp at 78 and no signs of anything wrong with my 6 Kuhli loaches or 6 guppies. I never saw her eat, but horsefaces are pretty shy and eat at night...
  3. allyh

    What should I feed my fish and how should I stock?

    I have a 20g aquarium that is almost finished cycling. I was planning on getting 6 kuhli loaches and 6 guppies. What else could I get? I'm open to suggestions on a centerpiece fish or another school of colorful fish or inverts. What should I feed them? Should I get frozen bloodworms? What...
  4. allyh

    Options for a fun stock?

    Hi! I have a 20H with sand, a sponge filter for 20-40g, hydor theo 100W, Tetra whisper air pump and no decor yet. Currently going through a fishless cycle. I'm really overwhelmed with stocking options and I could use some human advice (not aqadvisor) I'm totally new to all of this and I'm not...
  5. allyh

    20gal newbie needs cycle and stocking help please!

    Part 1) Need a cycle I recently got a 20H tank, and have everything I need except a cycle. I went to Petco and a local fish store and they both gave me bacteria starters and said that's all I needed, but I know I need ammonia to feed the bacteria. My mom wants me to go with the bacteria...

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