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  1. bUtTerCUp

    Amazon Frogbit Help

    actually they all died, dont know why. my betta died too
  2. bUtTerCUp

    Question Bloated Belly? Overfeeding?

    Do you soak the pellets b4 feeding them to your betta? Daphnia and a blanched de-shelled pea should help
  3. bUtTerCUp

    What Is This?

    i noticed these sesame-like white spots in my tank and wondered what they are. i have a nerite snail so it could be eggs. does anyone know what these are?
  4. bUtTerCUp

    Help Worms In My Shrimp Tank

    i've only fed them once..i just got them. but anyway, how do i completely get rid of them? would stop feeding them for a while work? thanks
  5. bUtTerCUp

    Help Worms In My Shrimp Tank

    i noticed this particular worm just today but yesterday i saw some really tiny white worms, like a miniature version of this one. please help me identify what worm this is and how do i get rid of it?
  6. bUtTerCUp

    Help What Is This On My Betta's Fin?

    i bought him like that but now that part is like knotted up. if it is fin rot, what should i do? @Fanatic
  7. bUtTerCUp

    Help What Is This On My Betta's Fin?

    i just noticed this on his fin. it's like his fin is twirled up together. it also looks like fin rot. can someone help?
  8. bUtTerCUp

    Rescue Betta, Help Please :(

    @Chad Funkhouser any pictures?
  9. bUtTerCUp

    Help Lethargic Betta

    i live in a tropical country so i don't need a heater.he's not showing any signs tho
  10. bUtTerCUp

    Help Lethargic Betta

    My betta is really lethargic. He won't swim around and won't flare at the mirror. What should I do?
  11. bUtTerCUp

    Help Stocking Ideas For A 2.5 Gallon?

    i would do a betta
  12. bUtTerCUp

    Think I Have A Weird Fish

    that's really funny lol
  13. bUtTerCUp

    Help Me With My Beta Please

    that's great news!!
  14. bUtTerCUp

    Question Hot To Get Rid Of Algae?

    What's the best way to get rid of algae in my 2.5g tank (with a betta)? I know i don't have space for a snail or smth so i was wondering how to get rid of the algae.
  15. bUtTerCUp

    Picking A Betta...

    wow he's beautiful. he looks like a 'mars' or 'gilbert'
  16. bUtTerCUp

    Help Sick Betta??? Pls Help

    i just changed the water. ph is 7, nitrate is 5, nitrite is 0.05, ammonia is 0. there is amazon frogbit, java fern and one pice of driftwood. the temperature is around 80 and it's a 2.5g tank
  17. bUtTerCUp

    Help Sick Betta??? Pls Help

    it went away but he's still lethargic and he seems to be swimming on his side
  18. bUtTerCUp

    Help Sick Betta??? Pls Help

    my betta has this white thing coming out of his gills and he's been lethargic. i just noticed this today and im really worried. pls help me @Fanatic @A201 @Repolie @The_fishy
  19. bUtTerCUp

    Help What Is This??

    thanks!! i was sooo worried
  20. bUtTerCUp

    Help What Is This??

    omg thanks soo much
  21. bUtTerCUp

    Help What Is This??

    there are brown spots on my betta that were never there before, what is that and what do i do? can anyone see that small red lump near his right eye? what is that? @Fanatic @SFGiantsGuy @Repolie @Flowingfins @Rtessy @mattgirl @The_fishy
  22. bUtTerCUp

    Is This A Good Start?

    you need more nitrates, i would cycle the tank more so the bacteria builds up b4 adding any fish
  23. bUtTerCUp

    Question Feeding A Betta Bloodworms

    for a short while (like 1 day?), yes
  24. bUtTerCUp

    Plants For Single Betta In 55g Tank Set Up. [advice Needed]

    amazon frogbit, they're relatively easy to care for and they mutiply pretty quickly (i bought 4, 2 weeks ago, now i have 7 lol)
  25. bUtTerCUp

    Plants For Single Betta In 55g Tank Set Up. [advice Needed]

    that's an extremely lucky betta, maybe some floating plants? my betta loves hiding in the roots. and i also agree with @Fanatic
  26. bUtTerCUp

    Question Five Neon Tetras In 3 1/2 Gallon

    i agree, neons need at least a 20g tank and at least a school of 8-10
  27. bUtTerCUp

    Question Plastic Plant Break Down!

    i'm so sorry for next time, you should have some nitrates.
  28. bUtTerCUp

    R.i.p. Pig The Glofish

    SIP pig sounds like he had a good life
  29. bUtTerCUp

    Picking A Betta...

    This is my betta. If you want a colorful one, get a male.
  30. bUtTerCUp

    29 Gallon Tank Pleco For 29 Gallon

    a bristlenose, clown, maybe a zebra, rubber lip or queen arabesque?
  31. bUtTerCUp

    Important Illness/dropsy In Bettas

    i'm so sorry ;-; she was a really pretty betta. what was her name?
  32. bUtTerCUp

    Question Stocking Issues

    if you want a betta community tank, i would suggest a minimum of 3 bettas in a 20g
  33. bUtTerCUp

    Help Me With My Beta Please

    could you send a pic?
  34. bUtTerCUp

    Whater Change Schedule For Betta In A 55g Tank?

    that's one lucky betta
  35. bUtTerCUp

    Sick Female Betta

    what i would do is split the 10g in half, with a divider, (so 5g each betta), put the sick betta in the tank you put the aggressive betta in, put the aggresive one in one half of the 10g, and the healthy one in the other half of ur 10g. hope u understand this lol any pictures?
  36. bUtTerCUp

    Help With Plant Selection

    some amazon frogbit? my betta loves that
  37. bUtTerCUp

    Betta Has Turned Completely White

    you have nothing to worry about! he's soo beautiful!
  38. bUtTerCUp

    15 Gallon Tank And Some Fish Questions

    green spotted puffers need 30g per puffer so i would recommend other fish. perhaps u could have a pair of gold rams, Pseudomugil furcata (8-10), Iriatherina werneri (6-8), and pygmy corydoras (6-8).
  39. bUtTerCUp

    Help Me With My Beta Please

    oh and i only give my betta 2-3 pellets once or twice a day glad i can help. btw, what's his name?
  40. bUtTerCUp

    Help Me With My Beta Please

    you should change his water like at least twice a week, and get him a bigger tank. you should also pre-soak ur pellets b4 feeding as they can expand and cause bloat. it also looks like he has fin rot, probably coz ur only changing the water once a month try giving him an Epsom salt bath
  41. bUtTerCUp

    Fire's 75gal Tank Journal

    that's so cool! can't wait to see it set up
  42. bUtTerCUp

    What Human Food Can Betta Fish Eat?

    there was a website that said i could feed them lettuce. i was kinda shook
  43. bUtTerCUp

    Blue Crayfish Tank Mates

    i bought a blue crayfish (not knowing she was pregnant). i have already put her in a separate tank. i was wondering if there was any fish i could keep with her.
  44. bUtTerCUp

    Betta Food

  45. bUtTerCUp

    What Human Food Can Betta Fish Eat?

    i was just wondering what human food can betta fish eat safely?
  46. bUtTerCUp

    Betta Food

    @SFGiantsGuy 1-3 pellets twice or once a day?
  47. bUtTerCUp

    Betta Food

    @SFGiantsGuy do you know how much of these i should give my betta and how many times a day? (these pellets are quite big compared to my old ones)
  48. bUtTerCUp

    Betta Food

    is this brand of pellets ok?
  49. bUtTerCUp

    Betta Food

    what ingredients should i look for in betta food?
  50. bUtTerCUp

    Question Will My Betta Get Used To My Snail?

    actually you would need at the very minimum, a 5g for a mystery snail and a betta. you should remove the snail

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