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  1. Antoniothe3rd

    want to add more fish

    Probably not big enough for any other fish. Try a snail or maybe a couple of shrimp. The snail might be safer though.
  2. Antoniothe3rd

    weirdest adoption ever!

    Mad scientist time! I wonder if it could work. Overriding their instinct by raising Betta fry with schooling fish. And Voila! A new way to socialize bettas for community tanks? So crazy it just might work! (or not, idk)
  3. Antoniothe3rd

    its a miracle!

    It's a Christmas (in July) miracle! That's so amazing! I'm glad your hard work paid off and he's getting better. What a story
  4. Antoniothe3rd

    Question When can quarantine be cut short? What precautions can help in this situation?

    Wow that reverse quarantine is so crazy it just might work! Just kidding, it actually makes a lot of sense. Just as long as you're willing to risk the "small fish or two" from your main tank as potential sacrifices to ensure the new fish aren't secret carriers also. But to safeguard the main...
  5. Antoniothe3rd

    Not having a good couple weeks :(

    Nooooo. Fishpocalypse! D: Well luckily bad-heater-itis isn't contagious so it won't happen in another tank anytime soon. And maybe you'll get lucky and the parasite or bacteria will contain itself in the tanks it's in and not spread. Either way doesn't sound fun. I hope things get better. Good...
  6. Antoniothe3rd

    What is on top of betta tank?

    That's a classic bubble nest. You can try to breed him if you want but you don't have to. Nothing bad will happen if he doesn't breed. And it's kind of difficult. I've found the nest is usually a sign that they're happy and healthy and feel it's safe to breed. That means you're probably doing a...
  7. Antoniothe3rd

    Question New to Tetras. Eating habits?

    Thank you. I'm thinking they are just stressed or being timid. It's been about 4 or five days now. I'll probably keep them in quarantine another week just to be sure. They tend to hide during the day in the plants but after dark I can see their silhouettes darting around in the dim light...
  8. Antoniothe3rd

    My rescue Blue Gem

    Soooo I think I just accidentally deleted a very long post but the idea of it is this: You have about 3 options for setting up a new tank on the cheap if you're starting from scratch, no extra equipment laying around or anything. 1. 5 gal starters usually aren't bad. Tank, lighted hood, and...
  9. Antoniothe3rd

    Question New to Tetras. Eating habits?

    Hello. I recently picked up a small school of 5 neons from LFS. I did a bit of research before, but really I have no experience with tetras or schooling fish of any kind (except a community tank when I was 5, but my parents took care of those so it doesn't count, lol). Pretty much all of my...
  10. Antoniothe3rd

    New fish! And a question about air quality.

    Thanks guys! I'll be careful then. And yes, I always keep a cover on my Betta. I've had several jump if their container was left uncovered for a little while. Some I could save, others weren't so lucky. Once a female even jumped through the narrow equipment cut-out of a lid in the middle of the...
  11. Antoniothe3rd

    New fish! And a question about air quality.

    Hello all! I'm new to this site and recently bought a new Betta. I used to keep them a few years back but had to stop for a while. Therefore I'm a little rusty with the hobby. The last time I had a fish was in junior high or high school. Now I'm in college and decided to liven up the apartment...

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