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  1. DanInJakarta

    Ok, So What Did Petsmart Sell Me?

    What I meant by not having ever seen them was that I have never seen them in the stores that I frequent, meaning that either the fish is not P. johannii or the breeders are culling the juvenile females and/or keeping them and only selling males. I do not know, however, if any endangered species...
  2. DanInJakarta

    Ok, So What Did Petsmart Sell Me?

    Pseudotropheus cyaneorhabdos is a critically endangered species in the wild. Pseudotropheus johannii are not endangered (formerly known as Melanochromis johannii). Here is the link for Pseudotropheus cyaneorhabdos. Look closely at the photo. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species Pseudotropheus...
  3. DanInJakarta

    Upgrade Filter?

    I'm running an Eheim Classic 250, rated for 80l to 250l tanks on my 60l. One-third of the canister contains Seachem Matrix for biological. I've never had any problems with water parameters, although clarity with a tank of cichlids is another story. I never test, just water changes, once on...
  4. DanInJakarta

    Anyone Use Pure Sodium Thiosulfate To Dechlorinate?

    I use it all of the time. The only concern is increasing ammonia after treatment when the source water has high chloramine (NH2Cl) levels. Having said that, ammonia, NH3, is the value that you need to watch. Your test kit probably looks at Total Ammonia Nitrogen (TAN), ammonia and ammonium...
  5. DanInJakarta

    Ammonia Problem

    You have never given the before water change and after water change ammonia readings so everyone's just guessing. If you do a 50% WC, then your ammonia should drop by 50%. Temperature and pH are also important readings as well as nitrites and nitrates.
  6. DanInJakarta

    Question Calling All Betta Enthusiasts - Ventral Fins Standard?

    International Betta Congress has the judging standards. Go here, Scroll down to IBC Exhibition Standards, click on it and the pdf will download.
  7. DanInJakarta

    Calling On Experienced Fish Keepers

    Pretty common here in Asia to find filtration contained in the canopy. People buy the tank with the belief that "just add water and fish" and everything will be fine.
  8. DanInJakarta

    Help What Temperature Can Bettas Live In?

    Correct, some of ours are at 86F. Even on some days, in the wild, they can be in water that is hotter (dry season). At the same time, during rainy season, the temps can drop to 74-76F. Our house is always warm, like 84 all of the time. Tanks usually stay at 30C, 86F. The Bettas do fine. BTW, the...
  9. DanInJakarta

    Does Anyone Have Experience With This Decoration?

    Terra cotta is a clay. I don't know how that will cause fin rot. Fin rot is a bacterial or fungal infection.
  10. DanInJakarta

    Vinegar In Tank

    No, the vinegar changed the pH too quickly and that killed the fish. Did it kill your bacteria? Well, maybe. It depends on how long you left it in there. Normally a little vinegar won't kill bacteria. When the pH of water drops to 6 or below, the cycle stops; raise the pH and it starts again. If...
  11. DanInJakarta

    Bleach Vs Vinegar For Cleaning

    Any of the above will work.
  12. DanInJakarta

    Can Vinegar Actually Lower Ph? Safely?

    I agree with @Crispii - consistency and stability in the pH world are fine. As a sidebar, more than likely the LFS where you bought your fish use water the same pH as your water.
  13. DanInJakarta

    Question Why Are Electric Blue Jack Dempsey's So Much Harder

    Sorry for the late reply. I don't understand the connection made in the original post about "designer fish" as this variant is naturally occurring in the wild. Perhaps these folks have trouble keeping their water to its liking?
  14. DanInJakarta

    Can Vinegar Actually Lower Ph? Safely?

    You have yet to share why you wish to lower your pH. You can also just buy some distilled water and add that to your tank.
  15. DanInJakarta

    29 Gallon Tank Electric Blue Jack Dempsey In 29 Gallon Tank

    Sure. As he grows, you can consider getting a larger tank later.
  16. DanInJakarta

    Question Why Are Electric Blue Jack Dempsey's So Much Harder

    Mine are growing fine. Got them at 3/4" long, now 2 1/4" over about 3 months. Are you having an actual problem or speculating?
  17. DanInJakarta

    Best Ph For A Non Co2 Tank

    pH is more for the fish. Plants can handle a wider range of pH, although some prefer more acidic environments while others prefer alkaline.
  18. DanInJakarta

    Anaerobic Bacteria And Such Pockets In Substrate

    I don't think that the bubbles are harmful. Nitrogen if I remember correctly. If face, that was the purpose of the deep sand beds of the past.
  19. DanInJakarta

    Help Using Ammonium Chloride To Do Fishless Cycle?

    Ammonium chloride NH4Cl is the same regardless of the source, Dr. Tim's or otherwise. Household ammonia is ammonium hydroxide, NH4OH. Any source of ammonia will start the cycle. A fresh, dead prawn in your tank will do the same thing. The question is: how long after I add ammonia to my tank...
  20. DanInJakarta

    Question 1st Saltwater Tank

    Anemones. Small polyp stony corals.
  21. DanInJakarta

    Question 1st Saltwater Tank

    No, they will harass your SPS.
  22. DanInJakarta

    Please Help! All Readings Are Baddd

    OK, I need to apologize. it's not calcium hardness, it's carbonate hardness, KH. Your water is "super hard" but that does not mean that it has a high KH. Hard water if GH, or general hardness. Inside of general hardness are temporary and permanent hardness. Temporary hardness can be removed by...
  23. DanInJakarta

    Can Vinegar Actually Lower Ph? Safely?

    Yes, you can use distilled white vinegar. There are some unintended chemical resudial compounds that are formed however just as there are when adding baking soda to increase KH. The question is why do you want to change the pH? Rapidly changing pH is a great way to kill your fish-better than...
  24. DanInJakarta

    Please Help! All Readings Are Baddd

    @dlboge is correct. "You've had a "crash" due to "old tank syndrome". Your nitrate levels went up, which meant your pH dropped. When your pH dropped your beneficial bacteria stopped oxidizing ammonia. (beneficial bacteria stop working at about 6.3 pH). So your ammonia levels rose. It's all...
  25. DanInJakarta

    Braced Into Braceless

    3.8 is standard. I use 5. I don't want bowing. Additionally, the thicker glass makes for a more surface area for the silicone to seal each pane with the other.
  26. DanInJakarta

    Braced Into Braceless

    Play with this: I over-engineer everything, so...
  27. DanInJakarta

    How Do I Make Sure No Parasites In Plant

    I've never salt dipped my plants; I bleach dip them in 10:1 water to bleach dip.
  28. DanInJakarta

    Grillers And Smokers Of Meat!

    I'm sure that you already know this: the secret is in the rub and smoking instead of grilling. Many Americans just slather their meat/chicken in BBQ sauce and throw it on the grill and think that's BBQ-unfortunately. I have often considered the same; opening a restaurant here in Jakarta, for...
  29. DanInJakarta

    Grillers And Smokers Of Meat!

    I'm from Texas. Satay is not BBQ. Neither is Tony Roma's. If grilling chicken or beef on a stick and serving it with a gravy (Satay Pagang) or a peanut sauce is BBQ, well...
  30. DanInJakarta

    Contemplating Switching From Gravel To Sand Or Another Substrate

    Bleach. I use a 10% solution, soak them for 5 minutes or so, rinse, submerge in clean tap water and then di-chlorinate. "Sugar sand", i.e., pure silica aquarium sand that's like a powder almost, does have one advantage. If in a deep sand bed of 4 inches, the bottom will become devoid of oxygen...
  31. DanInJakarta

    Is Prime Really Worth It?

    Yes, of course, Seachem states that it uses, "a propritary mix of complexed hydrosulfite salts," a.k.a. sodium dithionite (Na2S2O6). Sodium thiosulfate is Na2SO3. Sodium bisulfite is NaHSO3. Whatever is in it, to "bind" ammonia NH3 into an ammonium form (NH4), that hydrogen atom has to come from...
  32. DanInJakarta

    Is Prime Really Worth It?

    You have a good starting point. Carrying the experiment further, treating one liter of water with Prime and one liter of water with sodium thiosulfate should yield the same amount of TAN. The difference being that Prime will take the liberated NH3 and convert some/most/all (unknown) into NH4...
  33. DanInJakarta

    Is Prime Really Worth It?

    Define "worth it". I saw somewhere that Seachem Prime contains sodium thiosulfate (Na2S2O3). I'll try to find the reference again. But here's the dirty little secret: that sodium thiosulfate does not neutralize chloramines (NH2Cl). Absolutely incorrect. From the EPA...
  34. DanInJakarta

    Question Best Schooling Fish

    Tiger barbs swim together as do Zebra danios. Neon tetras school but not usually at the top of the tank.
  35. DanInJakarta

    Seachem Breather Bags Review

    That is quite interesting as I am thinking of shipping bettas to the US.
  36. DanInJakarta

    Salt For Freshwater Tank?

    I disagree with NavyChief regarding "no good reason". Within that statement, I do use salt, but not at the "1 tablespoon per gallon." I dose about 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons. There are reasons for adding salt. Primarily, we (the wife and I) use it to reduce osmotic pressure in the fish...
  37. DanInJakarta

    Help How To Lower Ph In 10 Gallon Tank?

    I understand that breeding requires a much more accurate pH to the natural environment. Peat will work. Let us know.
  38. DanInJakarta

    Help How To Lower Ph In 10 Gallon Tank?

    Yep, that works too. If you did not already know, Max, distilled water pH changes upon contact with the air (goes down, more acidic as atmospheric CO2 dissolves in it forming carbonic acid). The question not addressed is where the rams came from. You may find that their parents were bred in a...
  39. DanInJakarta

    Help How To Lower Ph In 10 Gallon Tank?

    1. Add acid. 2. CO2 injection. 3. Add RO/DI water.
  40. DanInJakarta

    Help New Blood Parrots Acting Very Strange...

    One of mine is/was a shy guy-I understand that some of them are just that way. But now he's starting to harass the swordtails; he just might be moved into the angel tank or the other cichlid tank-we'll see. My other one is king of the cichlid tank. Go figure.
  41. DanInJakarta

    The Api Water Test Kit Color Chart Is Inaccurate

    I do high maintenance. Always changing water. So I never test. My water bill is astronomical. I've used both the API fresh and salt water kits in the past. No more; not because they don't work well, but because they drove me crazy chasing numbers. So now, I use Seachem's Ammonia Alert so that I...
  42. DanInJakarta

    Help New Blood Parrots Acting Very Strange...

    I personally don't quarantine. I know, I should. The sicknesses here are ich, popeye, and the occasional dropsy. All, as you know are caused by poor water conditions. What's left are other parasites and I have never had an infection, mainly because I give every new fish a 30 minute salt bath...
  43. DanInJakarta

    Question Diatoms Algae

    Plants really help. They use the phosphates in the tank, the diatom's food.
  44. DanInJakarta

    Question Jack Dempsey Tankmates???

    These are with my Jack Dempsey 2-Electric yellow African-Labidochromis caeruleus 1-Three spot gourami-Trichopodus trichopterus var. opaline 1-Honey gourami-Trichogaster chuna 2-Electric blue Jack Dempsey S. American cichlid-Rocio octofasciata 1-Rainbow shark-Epalzeorhynchos frenatum 1-Bluegray...
  45. DanInJakarta

    Question Does Seachem Prime Affect Ammonia Readings?

    It does lead to erroneous readings. This is from Seneye: This is from Seachem: You will notice...
  46. DanInJakarta

    Question Seachem Ammonia Alert...does It

    Yeah, I agree. I use them in new tanks. I don't check water either. They are nice if you get a dead fish hiding somewhere though. I don't use Prime-I don't care for the chemistry behind it. Sodium thiosulfate. But I don't have chloramines.
  47. DanInJakarta

    Question Diatoms Algae

    Diatoms use silica and phosphates. Almost every new tank gets them. Wait them out. Fertilizer contains nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. As far as I know, they are not harmful. They will disappear when they don't have any more food. Keep your filters clean and unclogged. Just clean them off...
  48. DanInJakarta

    Question Seachem Ammonia Alert...does It

    Have it. It's the only Seachem product that I would recommend without hesitation.
  49. DanInJakarta

    Unwillingly Inherited A Tank And Fell In Love

    How much money are you willing to spend? That is really what it will come down to. My experience is that claimed filtration ability is below what it really can handle effectively. How you set your tank up will also affect the ability of the tank to maintain water parameters well. I use an...

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