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  1. Awaken_Riceball_

    What Is Your Most Dangerous Fish?

    One of these days, I want to own a Vampire Tetra. The teeth on that fish are awesome!
  2. Awaken_Riceball_

    Question Scary Fish Stories

    Definitely a horror story, and I kept the same powerhead. I copied the same idea on how saltwater keeper prevent anemone on the powerhead. I put a mesh screen on the powerhead.
  3. Awaken_Riceball_

    Question Scary Fish Stories

    My coworkers said the same thing! I was more stunned how the Apisto got inside of the powerhead and how the fish just began to eat something that was alive, then dead. In the end, I put a mesh guard around the powerhead to prevent that incident from occurring in the future.
  4. Awaken_Riceball_

    Question Scary Fish Stories

    It was the 2018 month of Halloween when I was gaming on my laptop and heard a loud obnoxious grind sound coming from my main big ol' aquarium. I turned my head, neck popped, toward the sound to witness a horrific event. The male Apistogramma Agassizii got caught inside of the powerhead and...
  5. Awaken_Riceball_

    Help Recipe For Medicated Flake Food

    It is difficult to use flakes as medicated fish food simply because the flakes are so brittle and even the smallest drops of water will cause the flake to turn into a muddy like substance. Going forward, since the fish does not eat pellets, then I recommend going the "Freeze-Dried Bloodworm" to...
  6. Awaken_Riceball_

    Newbie Looking For Best Equipment

    Understood, thank you for your response! For now, I recommend to go with Seachem Excel. It is around $10 for 500ml. If you want to save up for a pressurized CO2 setup by purchasing a little bit over time, then here is a topic I posted a long time ago on what you will need. I strongly recommend...
  7. Awaken_Riceball_

    Newbie Looking For Best Equipment

    Your Options are: Liquid CO2 ($) DIY Yeast and Sugar ($$) Pressurized CO2 ($$$$ - $$$$$) Which option do you prefer to go with?
  8. Awaken_Riceball_

    Do Chain Pet Stores Make Money On Fish.

    If Petsmarts or Petco carried better aquatic food, medicine, equipment, and speciality decorations like driftwood and aquascaping rocks, then their profit margin should rise in the aquatic department. The biggest source of income is their dog & cats. In order to obtain high quality equipment or...
  9. Awaken_Riceball_

    Question Do Many People Not Know About The Nitrogen Cycle?

    In simple terms, water is water or the thought pattern is similar to fish need water to survive. In reality, those people are only processing information through what they can see through the naked eye rather than diving deeper into the complex ecosystem of the aquarium at the microscopic level...
  10. Awaken_Riceball_

    Working On A Beginners Guide

    @nikm128, your editing was approved! Thank you so much! Here is an outline what I have added today: Equipment - Wrote out an outline to discuss Filtration: Explained in more details, added more points to discuss Added Optional > Semi-Critical > Crucial categories in terms of the...
  11. Awaken_Riceball_

    Working On A Beginners Guide

    Thank you nikm128! Fishlore does not allow Word Document to be uploaded; therefore, I had to convert it to PDF. I uploaded the Word Document to Google Drive, and it can be downloaded and edited as you see fit! I turned on sharable link with editing so feel free to add to it! I'll keep the...
  12. Awaken_Riceball_

    Working On A Beginners Guide

    I saw those guides, and I use some of it when I began the hobby. They are great guides, but I want this one to be a collective data to get started and not multiple separate articles. One stop shop like Walmart in a way
  13. Awaken_Riceball_

    Working On A Beginners Guide

    Thank you for the positive feedback that I am on the right track! I do not plan on writing an entire book, but I do find enjoyment writing guides. I want to avoid diving in-depth like a book. I want to provide general information for them to branch upon on their own if they desire to learn more...
  14. Awaken_Riceball_

    60 Gallon Tank The 6 Months War On Bba

    Thank you for sharing, I appreciate it greatly! The PO4 at 3.5 - 4.5ppm, I will have to monitor it closely.
  15. Awaken_Riceball_

    Working On A Beginners Guide

    I am working a novice guide for the aquarium hobby. If you will like to contribute, then I will gladly give you credit after verifying the information is correct! Just color code what you have added along with your name in (name). Also, I will appreciate any feedback or what else I can add to...
  16. Awaken_Riceball_

    What's The Meanest Fish You've Ever Had?

    Emperor Tetras, those schoaling fish are definitely not peaceful temperment as labeled. Semi-Aggressive.
  17. Awaken_Riceball_

    60 Gallon Tank The 6 Months War On Bba

    No, I read about a black out, but to me, it does not make any sense. It is a short term fix which is why I did not attempt that solution.
  18. Awaken_Riceball_

    60 Gallon Tank The 6 Months War On Bba

    Here is the 6 months war on Black Beard Algae (BBA) story. I have read numerous how to articles on eradicating BBA and while I experienced mild results, the BBA reinforced and continued conquering more and more of the plants, decors, equipment and established onto the substrate. Thus, months...
  19. Awaken_Riceball_

    Technical Mind Moments

    Hahaha, Brilliant!!!
  20. Awaken_Riceball_

    Technical Mind Moments

    Hi Fishlorians! If you have a technical mind or work in the IT industry like me, then what are some IT moments that you have personally experience? Here are mine: Get asked constantly, "What's your number?" I do side work, but it ain't open to the public When attending parties, I am not there...
  21. Awaken_Riceball_

    450 Gallon Tank

    450 nerite snails lol Honestly, I would do this: x6 Full Koi Angelfish (They are bright red/orange/black) x6 Blue Angelfish (Nice Contrast) x2 Pure Black Angelfish x2 Gold Nugget Pleco x3 Zebra Pleco x10 Angelicus Loach A very large group of Tetras The biggest Apistogramma possible The...
  22. Awaken_Riceball_

    Question Diy 90 Gallon Aquarium Stand

    I think it is both hahaha, avatar and decision, but I am going for a dark stain. I bought some copper handles to contrast it nicely! My wallet broke there for the handles, but it looks great in my mind! The thought of imagination vs reality, I have high hopes, it'll turn out much better than...
  23. Awaken_Riceball_

    Question Diy 90 Gallon Aquarium Stand

    Hahaha, I see that! I thought I was the only one for the longest time! That is good to know! Thank you for sharing your experience!!!
  24. Awaken_Riceball_

    Question Diy 90 Gallon Aquarium Stand

    I use Whatsapp as well, but never found that wallpaper! Amazing find!!!
  25. Awaken_Riceball_

    Question Diy 90 Gallon Aquarium Stand

    I Google'd for Pisces Fish profile pix and saw the perfect one like you did! It appears we may think alike hahaha!!!! The paint will not bring out the wood grain that well. I am using some pricey wood pieces.
  26. Awaken_Riceball_

    Question Diy 90 Gallon Aquarium Stand

    Greetings, It is going to be my very DIY stand, and I recently obtained a 90G aquarium to upgrade from a 60G aquarium; a very happy moment! After watching numerous DIY aquarium stand videos, I have a grasps on how to build one; however, there is one bit of information missing that concerns me...
  27. Awaken_Riceball_

    Funny What Part Of Fish Keeping Do You Hate Most?

    The two things I hate the most in this hobby is taking a long vacation is difficult and hope that everything is A-Okay. The other that I hate the most is power outages during winter time. I had someone steal my generator one year and experienced an entire aquarium lost in my 60G Got a camera...
  28. Awaken_Riceball_

    Does Your Family Think You Overdo Fish Care?

    My mom did tell me once, "Your fish looks better than you." *Cough* No Shave November. That implies, I do my utmost best to keep my living furniture alive and well by overdoing fish care lol
  29. Awaken_Riceball_

    Question Do I Need A Water Test Kit? Or Should I Get Better Food?

    Get test kit, and I recommend to get this product to hold API or similar size test tubes. It'll save you the headache of accidently knocking over an API test tube and as fragile as those test tubes are, it has a fairly high chance of breaking or cracking if knocked the test tube over. In...
  30. Awaken_Riceball_

    An Open Note To Our Newer Members.

    I write both formal and informal depending on the audience. My friends, I tend to speak and write informally; meanwhile, in a work or forum environment, I write very formal. Although I admit, grammar sometimes get the best of me if I do not go back and edit. These are my languages: Gamer...
  31. Awaken_Riceball_

    Banned From Lfs

    I'm famous at my LFS store for a very particular reason and that is, I am always special ordering fish that they do not know about lol. When they get it in, they are amazed and next time I visit, they actually have it in stock Don't fret about your share of troubles, I bet they have stories to...
  32. Awaken_Riceball_

    Christmas Count Down

    I am going to be super evil and nice this Christmas. For my friends, I bought a Mario question mark gift box, going to put their present inside of it and fill the rest with coal. Camera is ready and so is YouTube :emoji_smirk:
  33. Awaken_Riceball_

    Dont Use Flourish Excel!!

    I use Flourish Excel with no problems in my 16G Betta Tank was well as used to in my 60G tank before I switched it over to injected CO2. No death as a result of dosing accordingly to the directions. Just note, as another aquarist stated that 5ml is not a cap full and to use a syringe to...
  34. Awaken_Riceball_

    Brown Algae?

    Brown Algae will always appear in a newly setup aquarium greatly varing in the amount of time until it begins to reside. The average is between 3 - 6 months until the brown algae aka. diatoms begins to die back. The flip-side of the coin is that brown algae can continue to overtake your aquarium...
  35. Awaken_Riceball_

    Cold Saltwater Coral Setup

    Great idea! I have not thought about that, but it does make sense about the lack of demand! I'll do that given the information is so scarce, and I appreciate your help on this as well! I'll contact GA Aquarium if we cannot find a seller.
  36. Awaken_Riceball_

    Cold Saltwater Coral Setup

    Thank you Stella and Ryanr for the support and great information to start! I went to the Georgia Aquarium and saw their cold water marine life corals thriving, and it just blew me away that it is possible! I am hopeful, and if successful, then I will most definitely share! The question remains...
  37. Awaken_Riceball_

    Cold Saltwater Coral Setup

    Greetings Everyone! I am in the midst of research for a unique, rare cold saltwater coral setup. The information is hard to come by, and I do not know where to purchase fish and coral specifically suited for this type of environment. In addition, there are very few YouTube videos pertaining to...
  38. Awaken_Riceball_

    Amazing Sales

    Hey Everyone! I was recently searching around to restock and grab new aquatic items. I want to share some awesome deals I came across, and it might be worth it to get it to save due to most of us know the aquarium hobby taught us how to budget more effectively haha! If y'all see any amazing...
  39. Awaken_Riceball_

    Whose Responsibility Is It?

    As with many things, research before you buy. The buyer assumes all responsibility of his or her action and the seller is an informant in which one can inquire them for knowledge and recommendation. It is up to the buyer to take their words or again, research to validate their knowledge and...
  40. Awaken_Riceball_

    Important Help Or Answers With Non-responsive Transhipper!

    I totally understand, but while I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I look forward when your Betta finally arrives!
  41. Awaken_Riceball_

    Please Show Me Your Colorful Apistos!!

    Here are the pictures of the Double Red Agassizii. I have x2 females, but one is definitely camera shy because she sees my camera and flees behind the safety of the rocks. Although one is a junior, the male actually keeps her safe; surprisingly.
  42. Awaken_Riceball_

    Please Show Me Your Colorful Apistos!!

    I'm a fan of Apistos, so I definitely have some pictures. When I arrive home from work, I'll upload current ones. I used to have a pair of Agassizi Fire Red, but lost them due to Emperor Tetras literally chased them to their death. Lesson learned, never keep those two together at all. I have...
  43. Awaken_Riceball_

    5 Gallon Tank Best Heater For A Betta In A 5 Gallon Tank?

    I personally recommend using an Aqueon Pro 50w heater. I have 3 different Aqueon Pros (x2 100w and x1 250w) running for 2 years now and not a single one failed.
  44. Awaken_Riceball_

    Things You Have Learned In This Hobby!

    I have learned a lot more about water. I always thought clean water is clean water lol
  45. Awaken_Riceball_

    Important Help Or Answers With Non-responsive Transhipper!

    You used Jesse in Florida as the Trans shipper. Unfortunately, he has a very bad reputation for being non-responsive and lack communication. The only positive is that you will get your Betta Fish, you just will not know when. Multiple forums rated Jesse as one of the worse trans shipper to use...
  46. Awaken_Riceball_

    Things You Have Learned In This Hobby!

    I have learned that planning a long vacation like 2 weeks is a living nightmare when in this hobby lol
  47. Awaken_Riceball_

    Question 55 Gallon Or 90 Gallon?

    90, you will be very pleased with the extra "width" that gives the feeling of more depths to your aquarium scape!
  48. Awaken_Riceball_

    Co2 Regulator?

    I totally agree with CO2Art, I own it myself, and I found it is actually cheaper to purchase from an aquatic retailer rather than the official website. This is the model that I own. Since you live in Florida, I recommend to purchase it from Wet Pets Emporium due to it will be cheaper for you...
  49. Awaken_Riceball_


    In NC, if it calls, keyword, CALLS, for snow, then a large majority of schools and other government agency will close in preperation for the snow. Sometimes, it does not snow when the weather forecast calls for it. They'll close if there is a white sprinkle of snow on the ground like 0.01ft of snow.
  50. Awaken_Riceball_

    Most Expensive Thing You Have Broken?

    I train Brazilian Juijitsu and bought a new uniform for $150. I told my mom not to wash it because there is a special way to wash it. She took it as an insult like you don't tell me I don't know how to wash clothes and long story short, my new uniform shrunk so badly, but it was sparkling white...

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