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  1. Twinkle

    Picking Out Led Lighting

    Finnex planted plus 24/7
  2. Twinkle

    Hatching Bbs

    I have a lot of luck hatching brine shrimp when I use a heater and a two gallon tank or jar. The heater is key and you cant use a heater in a bottle. I get fresh hatchlings every day for 3 or 4 days this way.
  3. Twinkle

    Bug Larva? What Is This I Found?

    I just wanted to let you know you were right! They are midges. I found a few adults floating on the top of my water. Then yesterday in my ten gallon fry tank I saw brown worm looking things covering every surface suddenly! They were on every leaf but they were not moving. I poked one and a tiny...
  4. Twinkle

    Bug Larva? What Is This I Found?

    Thank you, that makes me feel better! There might be fry but I try to move the fry to my 10 gallon and am not too concerned about the ones I miss in the 75 gallon. Thank you!
  5. Twinkle

    Bug Larva? What Is This I Found?

    I found this swimming for the top in my 75 gallon with 20 pygmy corydora and one mystery snail. What is it? This is under magnification with my microscope. This photo is for scale. It is tiny. I think it has wings and legs. Should I be alarmed?
  6. Twinkle

    Driftwood Goop

    If you clean it off it will come back but it will eventually stop coming back after 1 -3 months or so.
  7. Twinkle

    Question How Much To Feed Pygmy Cories?

    Hi, I also have 18 pygmies! I feed one of those hikari sinking wafers a day. What they really like though is live brine shrimp. You buy the eggs and it isn't too hard to raise a batch. If you feed them that they will probably breed! Mine have bred almost every time I have fed live brine shrimp...
  8. Twinkle

    Child Proof Fish

    You aren't supposed to have frogs with a kid under five due to salmonella risks.
  9. Twinkle

    Is This Fin Rot?

    Could he be biting it?
  10. Twinkle

    Sick Fish, What Do These Photos Show?

    Did the ph change suddenly?
  11. Twinkle

    Moving Goldfish

    Oh are you talking about Persian New Year? I was just reading about that! You're so nice to save them.
  12. Twinkle

    Betta Fish Help

    I think you definitely need a lid. My betta jumped. He might be more active in his new tank and more prone to jumping. At least put some craft mesh over the top.
  13. Twinkle

    fry picture gallery

    Pygmy cory fry.
  14. Twinkle

    Corydoras Pygmaeus, Habrosus & Hastatus

    My pygmaeus corydoras breed regularly. I have 14 in a 29 gallon species only tank. I transfer the eggs to a ten gallon and have probably 10 fry in there. The adults mostly hide except in the mornings when they mate. They swim everywhere very quickly when they are mating. It's really interesting...
  15. Twinkle

    Java Fern Pest?

    Thanks for the help! Maybe I can wait a week until the cory eggs hatch and then do a bleach dip... Hope that's not waiting too long...
  16. Twinkle

    Java Fern Pest?

    Here is another photo. I don't want to do a bleach dip because my pygmy corydoras have laid eggs all over this plant. The thing I saw moves so I don't think it is part of the plant?
  17. Twinkle

    Java Fern Pest?

    But they jumped when I put the light on them Tyler.
  18. Twinkle

    Java Fern Pest?

    Not a fish ID. Brown spots on Lace Java Fern under microscope are yellow eggs with some type of worm wrapped around them. They flex and spray the eggs under the light. I think this killed my last java fern.
  19. Twinkle

    Copepods & Nematodes

    They aren't bad for the tank, as long as there's not too many of them.
  20. Twinkle

    fry picture gallery

    Pygmy corydoras growth in one week!
  21. Twinkle

    How Did You Start Fish Keeping?

    I'm a teacher and wanted to get a class pet. I remembered a teacher at my school had a betta once in one of those 1/2 gallon critter keepers, so I thought I could do that. I got the betta in August 2016 and was so surprised he had a personality that I started researching everything about him...
  22. Twinkle

    When To Put A Suffering Fish Down? :(

    I think it's Dwarf Gourami Disease. Sorry. FAQs on Colisa lalia, C. chuna... "Dwarf" Gouramis of Many Names, Honey, Flames, Neon Blue, Sunset Fire... Disease/Health
  23. Twinkle

    Leech Bad For Aquarium?

    Good question! I added cabomba and java moss 4 weeks ago. I got many snail hitchhikers from that. Possibly they were hitchhiking on the plants as well? Thanks for the advice. Now to figure out how to catch it...
  24. Twinkle

    Leech Bad For Aquarium?

    This is a leech, right? I removed it from my 29 gal pygmy corydora tank but there's another one in there. Should I attempt to remove it?
  25. Twinkle

    White Growth On Pygmy Cory

    It was fuzzy like food that had been left in the tank too long. I will order the medicine you suggest. Here is a photo.
  26. Twinkle

    White Growth On Pygmy Cory

    It was fuzzy like food that had been left in the tank too long. I will order the medicine you suggest. Here is a photo.
  27. Twinkle

    White Growth On Pygmy Cory

    Thanks for all the suggestions! All other fish are well, except for one of the remaining 14. She has a clamped tail fin- just the bottom portion of the tail fin, and clamped pelvic fins. She's still eating and active. What should I do? I'm afraid to isolate her, as that will cause her stress...
  28. Twinkle

    White Growth On Pygmy Cory

    The fish died this morning. SIP. I found a pygmy fry this morning as well!
  29. Twinkle

    White Growth On Pygmy Cory

    This is my first post, but I've been reading this forum for months now and have learned a lot! I have a 29 gallon heavily planted tank with 15 pygmy cories and no other stock. Water parameters are pH: 7.8 Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 0 gH: 3 kH: 3 Although the Nitrates are 0 I know it's...

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