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    Unusual Ideas For 15g?

    Hello, I have been looking at getting a nano reef for around 3 months, but unfortunately won’t be able to get one till early December. I don’t have a high budget, so that is why I’m going with a nano. Just a heads up, I hate clownfish, so if you mention them I am gonna be mad lol. I was looking...
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    Saltwater Fish For 25g Cube

    Hi all! New to the saltwater hobby, and going through some confusing times. Every time I think I know lots, someone comes at me with a whole new aspect of reefing. Currently I have been deciding what aquarium to buy, and I went with the Kent marine 94l. I don’t really want a tank any smaller...
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    All Amazon Beginner Saltwater Aquarium?

    Hi all! I have recently become very interested in saltwater, and really want to ramp up my passion for it. I have done many hours of research into what fish, coral and equipment to buy. Equipment:
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    Apistogramma Agassizii Community Tank Aggression.

    Hi all! I am new to this website and tropical fish keeping, so please bare with me. I had an old 20 gallon, which went into disorder as the filter broke. It was disgusting, so i decided to take action. I purchased a Fluval Flex 57l (15g) and added my old black widow tetra, two zebra danios, and...

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