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  1. ShaynaB

    I'm back!

    Hi all, So I've been pretty much absent on the forums for the last 6 months or so but I used to be on here a bunch. I got pretty sick and ended up having surgery over the summer but I'm feeling great now and back into my fish addiction! Unfortunately I had to give away most of my fish...
  2. ShaynaB

    Help Cory Cat Having Problems :(

    Is he having problems getting back down to the bottom or can he go down when he wants to? If he's having problems getting down to the bottom it sounds like his swim bladder is messed up. That's usually a secondary effect to a bigger problem. I'm guessing it's the established tank thing that...
  3. ShaynaB


    I hate hearing about bad petstores. It makes it worse when it's a chain store... I'm so sorry your swordtail died! That's never fun. :console:
  4. ShaynaB

    Dear Ambellina

    Oh she's SO cute and tiny! Congrats on the great find!
  5. ShaynaB

    Name for the new Boy?????

    I vote Epsilon too... Great name and pretty unique.
  6. ShaynaB

    Seriously frustrated

    I've always been pretty leery of salt. I know people say it works but I donno... I have a weird feeling about salt in fresh water. Maybe I'm nuts. I've had good experiences with the herbal stuff in the past, although not for fungus. I used it for an ich outbreak once... Higher temps...
  7. ShaynaB

    Seriously frustrated

    I have triple sulfa and garlic guard. (From my stockpile... haha) I was thinking that was the way I'd go. It's not really by his eye... I really need to get a picture. I've seen pop eye, and I'm almost sure it's not it. It kind of looks like it's where you'd put a hat, as strange as that...
  8. ShaynaB

    Seriously frustrated

    What was the outcome of your fish's mystery growths? The white is the weirdest thing... It's just like the scales lost pigment or something. The growth is only on the white part for now, so I'm going to guess they have something to do with each other. Who knows, though.
  9. ShaynaB

    Seriously frustrated

    Well, there's no visible redness or any damage to his scales. It's just one area of scales that turned white and then are starting to expand... Maybe an internal infection? I'm going to get some bacterial/fungal combo stuff to start him on this weekend. Oh, another question for...
  10. ShaynaB

    Seriously frustrated

    Thanks Shelly. I hope it's not a tumor either!
  11. ShaynaB

    I finally gave in... to deviantart

    Ooh that's so cool! I don't have one (I'm not patient enough to actually finish anything I draw unless it's in art class for a grade) but I have several friends with them. I love looking at people's art! I'll go check yours out!
  12. ShaynaB

    60 Gallon Tank new here

    Welcome to Fishlore! You've come to the right place! Here's an article on the nitrogen cycle: That should point you in the right direction about water quality and such. I'd suggest getting a water test kit to see what your numbers are...
  13. ShaynaB

    What to do with my 5 gal!?

    I've got 4 as well. My main problem is that I really have no more space to put any more tanks and my dad has put his foot down and said no to a nice community tank for the living room. Dads... I've got 2 more tanks in storage waiting for when I move out! >
  14. ShaynaB

    What to do with my 5 gal!?

    Aww don't be sad! If I had it my way, I'd set up another tank in a heart beat. But my parents have threatened doom and destruction if I set up one more tank. The first tank I set up when I *finally someday maybe possibly* get my own place will probably be a puffer tank.
  15. ShaynaB

    Seriously frustrated

    I'm not at home. I'll get pics this weekend!
  16. ShaynaB

    Seriously frustrated

    It's not fuzzy... It's just like a patch of scales on the top of his head turned white. Now they're protruding a little like a tumor would under the scales... I hope it's not a tumor either! Thanks Lucy! I'll try a combo med.
  17. ShaynaB

    Seriously frustrated

    So my very first betta boy Prince (my avatar picture) is having a little trouble. Now, I've had him over a year and I know he wasn't a baby when I got him. He got this white patch on the top of his head. It wasn't raised, it was just like the scales turned white. It was the oddest thing...
  18. ShaynaB

    What to do with my 5 gal!?

    I vote betta! I have two of my boys in 5 gallon tanks (each has their own, of course!) and they love them! (Sorry PFP, I haven't been swayed to the puffer side of things yet! )
  19. ShaynaB

    Siilly noise problem, help fixing it :)

    My penguins are almost completely silent... Maybe some part of the tank is leaning on the wall causing vibrations? Or try to re-seat the bio wheel in the filter again. Good luck!
  20. ShaynaB

    Confused by a Goldfish

    20 gal for the first goldie, then 10 gallons for each goldie after that. Scraps, I hope your fish gets his color back soon!
  21. ShaynaB

    Help Dying fish?

    If you go to Petco or another chain store I've seen them for up to $30. Sometimes I've found them at smaller stores for cheaper. I'd say do a water change now and just keep watching the new fish. Sometimes it takes a couple days for them to get comfortable especially because you have zebra...
  22. ShaynaB

    10 Gallon Tank neon tetras + betta?

    Haha! MTS strikes again! I only had one tank when I came to this site, too...
  23. ShaynaB

    Help Are my mollies pregnant?

    It's very possible that they are pregnant. Usually just having males and females in the same tank will let you know that you've got babies on the way. I'd be careful. Babies can overpopulate a tank really quickly. I had mollies in the past and I had to give them away because I couldn't...
  24. ShaynaB

    Curious... What's your fav. section on the forum?

    I'm all for the new posts section.
  25. ShaynaB

    Funny Things your fish do.....

    I have two ottos in with one of my bettas. Before there was really any algae for them to munch on I'd drop in pieces of algae wafers. My boy thought it was for him, so he'd pick up one of the pieces (these were not small pieces either) and he'd swim around with it in his mouth. Kinda looked...
  26. ShaynaB

    10 Gallon Tank neon tetras + betta?

    Welcome to Fishlore! I personally wouldn't add a betta to a tank with neons. They're known to nip and you might end up with a betta that has no tail. Plus, with the addition of the other neons, you'd be cutting it close with space. You could always set up a 5 gal tank for a betta! Then you...
  27. ShaynaB

    I am unbelievably excited

    Congrats! Kiwi looks so cute! (This is part of your evil plan to get all of fishlore hooked on puffers, isn't it??)
  28. ShaynaB

    I lost 1 of my favorite boys last night :o(

    Aww MM i'm so sorry. I hope Anberlin takes it well. She looks so adorable in those pictures. RIP Barney.
  29. ShaynaB

    Washing hands before patting bettas :-o

    No, I have that too. I don't put the fresh water in where the dirty water has been...
  30. ShaynaB

    Getting a Betta!

    Congrats on the new betta! Aren't kids great??
  31. ShaynaB

    Hello Fish Forum!

    Welcome to Fishlore! Looking forward to seeing pictures!
  32. ShaynaB

    I got my first ever bettas! ( Are they healthy?)

    You have beautiful boys! They don't look sick to me.
  33. ShaynaB

    Help catching fish (need quick reply)

    Do you have something else that won't hurt being put into water that you could use in lieu of the 2nd net? Like maybe a laminated sheet of paper or a really big serving spoon or something? Also, pulling the decorations out helped me. I didn't really want to do that in the beginning but they...
  34. ShaynaB

    Help catching fish (need quick reply)

    Use two nets if you have them. I used to have danios and it was a major pain when I needed to take them back to the store. I ended up putting in two nets and basically trapping them one at a time in between the nets and then quickly putting the two nets together and pulling it out of the...
  35. ShaynaB

    My New Female Betta

    Well, I've been reading on here that the breeders are saying that the petco bettas aren't so great to be breeding. It has something to do with funny lineage and genes. I know the big breeders here have only bred betta that have been imported or bred by private breeders themselves.
  36. ShaynaB

    Close look at eggs in the nest

    Oh man! How much did I miss over the holidays! haha MM, your babies are always so cute! It's nice to be able to see the pictures. I love the little guy or gal in the last one. Such a cute expression!
  37. ShaynaB

    My New Female Betta

    Hi EvFreak, Have you ever bred betta before? (If you have bred betta before, ignore the following advice!) If you haven't, there's a lot of work that goes into it. We have a couple of people here that I'm sure will be along soon to tell you how much time, energy, and money goes into...
  38. ShaynaB

    Help new tank questions?

    Langy, My 10 gal took a month and a half to cycle completely. Just because it's smaller doesn't mean it's going to cycle faster. And my 10 gal is very fickle when it comes to readings. If I don't do a water changes, the ammonia and nitrate levels go up quickly. (Keeps me doing water...
  39. ShaynaB

    Help new tank questions?

    Hi Langy, Wow what a fast cycle! How'd you do it?? Well the 5 neons will bring you to 7.5 inches, and the kuhli loach I've heard people count them as like 2 inches because they're skinny (someone correct me if I'm wrong...) so you're getting a little tight on space there. The rough...
  40. ShaynaB

    Biting his own tail?

    Some bettas will do that. Keep the water clean and maybe keep him occupied like Lucy said by rearranging his decor. (Or maybe he'll chase a ping pong ball? One of my boys flares at it and chases it around the tank. Distracts him from other things.) Also, flaring is normal if it's not...
  41. ShaynaB

    Monster fish

    Good grief. I had to take a 2nd look at that picture because I thought it was an alligator the first time I saw it. GEEZ. I would never go swimming. The fish in the lakes around here are smaller and friendly. That one doesn't look so friendly.
  42. ShaynaB

    Recommendation food for Cory's??

    I use sinking wafers. I have lots of little creatures that love to eat them, but when I didn't have so many I used to put them on a plate in the aquarium. (I used chopsticks to get the wafer into the right place.) Hope that helps!
  43. ShaynaB

    Weird question: Lopsided betta?

    Aww that's cute! He's like nemo! Right on Winter!
  44. ShaynaB

    Updates on the fishy friends

    Wow! They really do look exactly alike! Skye does the balloon thing too, but mostly with his top fin. That's great!
  45. ShaynaB

    Updates on the fishy friends

    Thanks very much. Same to you for 2009!
  46. ShaynaB

    Updates on the fishy friends

    Thanks Lucy! I just have to figure out where to put her... I may do some tank reorganizing in the near future. Seeing all the cute girlies here (yours included) makes me want one! You're all enablers!
  47. ShaynaB

    Updates on the fishy friends

    Angel's the same age as Skye. Angel and Skye are actually siblings... They were pretty teeny boys when I got them although I'm not sure exactly how old they were. They were smaller than I'd normally seen for sale. Both the boys have the big eye look. You can't tell with Skye now because his...
  48. ShaynaB

    Updates on the fishy friends

    So it's been a while since I've posted pictures and I don't believe I ever introduced one of my boys to you properly... So here are some updates! Here's Skye. He's my brat. He likes to play hide from the camera, then after I give up on taking his picture, he'll come over and be like...
  49. ShaynaB


    Guppies are nice. They're pretty vibrant little fish. Just remember, livebearers have lots of babies, so make sure you have room for fry! Maybe look into platies or mollys also.
  50. ShaynaB

    which cory species do you like best?

    I love my pandas... They're fantastic!

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