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  1. bettanewbie2017

    Should I Euthanize?

    I don’t say/ask this question lightly, but should I euthanize my betta (Alpha)? As you can see, Alpha is pineconing because of dropsy, and his abdomen is severely swollen (is it possible for the skin/gills to rip apart? It goes from white to a red on his swollen tummy. I can’t bear the thought...
  2. bettanewbie2017

    Clean/disinfect A 5 Gallon Tank After A Betta Died Of Dropsy?

    Hi guys, I'm incredibly sad to even need to ask this, but my beloved betta fish, Alpha, is pineconing (I think because of parasitic infections - I began treating the tank with meds once I noticed that his poop was white and stringy). I haven't entirely given up hope, but I know that his chances...
  3. bettanewbie2017

    Tumor In Male Betta?

    Hi everyone, I'm so sad about this, but yesterday I noticed that my betta Alpha has a large growth on his stomach. He's in a cycled 5 gallon tank, and the water parameters are all where they should be. When you look closely, there are white spots on the growth (and only on the growth), but they...
  4. bettanewbie2017

    My Betta Gets Stressed When Removed For Tank Cleaning

    Hi all -- When I do my regular tank cleaning/pwc, I gently scoop my betta into the cup he was in at the LFS, and proceed to clean and refill my tank. From what I've read, this seems to be more or less the standard procedure. The problem is that when I place him back into the tank, he is...
  5. bettanewbie2017

    Where Should I Place My Heater?

    Hi everyone! I'm just getting started with my first aquarium (I plan to get a Betta), and I'm wondering where I should put my heater? I've read so many different answers that I'm not sure what to do - even here, people seem to have differing opinions about this (Help: - correct/best place for...

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