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  1. mimo91088

    Question Tank Mates For Rcs In A 10 Gallon ?

    Second CPD. They'll pick off some of the babies, but are too small to eat the adults. And they are beautiful fish.
  2. mimo91088

    Is This Too Much Filtration?

    I'll chime in here too. You can never filter too much water. The only concern is the flow. As long as your fish aren't getting blown around by the current, more filtration can only be good. It might not be needed, but it can't hurt anything.
  3. mimo91088

    Who Should Be In My Display Tank?

    Not yet, and this poll helped way less than I hoped. Pretty even split lol.
  4. mimo91088

    Snail Infestation

    If you follow this advice their population should dwindle to a more manageable number.
  5. mimo91088

    Who Should Be In My Display Tank?

    Both tanks are 30 gallon plus. (A 29 and a 37) 2 fancies in one, and a small guppy colony in the other. They're each housed adequately, and will be in either tank.
  6. mimo91088

    Who Should Be In My Display Tank?

    60/40 split! Vote, it's your civic duty!
  7. mimo91088

    Who Should Be In My Display Tank?

    I have 2 tanks that are nearly identical. One house's a guppy colony, the other houses a pair of fancy goldies. One is in the living room where I spend most of my hours (when I'm not at work), the other is in the bedroom where I pretty much just sleep, and only really interact with the tank for...
  8. mimo91088

    I’ve Got To Kill Some Baby Snails :(

    What ystrout said. They will die out as the food supply goes away. Massive population explosions happen at first, but the numbers will die back as they work through the available food. If they don't die back then there's usually a problem in the tank allowing them to overpopulate, such as...
  9. mimo91088

    I’ve Got To Kill Some Baby Snails :(

    Don't do it! Give the population a month to balance out! Snails aren't bad and people are too quick to panic. If you want me to elaborate on the benefits of snails let me know. At this point, I feel I need to prepare a copy/paste response to these threads. I spend most of my time on fishlore...
  10. mimo91088

    Free Blue Mystery Snails: Se Mass Pickup

    Yay! Happy to hear they're doing well. I hope you like them!
  11. mimo91088

    Important Mother & Family Poisoned By Palytoxin Coral Defense

    I've been told about it, and I still have zoas in my reef. While I admit I was very nervous at first, you just need to be smart about it. If you read that article, she was scrubbing the coral off something under hot water. The steam will get the toxin into the air so you're breathing it in...
  12. mimo91088

    Well Thats A Weird Snail

    I'm with fjh on this one. I think you have a ramshorn, not a freak of nature lol.
  13. mimo91088

    Help Snail Infestation

    Just saying, I've had them in my tanks since the beginning. In my mature display tank I can currently count 5 that I'm able to see out in the open. You'll have an initial explosion, the first couple snails will have the food all to themselves and they'll eat and lay eggs all over the place...
  14. mimo91088

    Clownfish Occasionally Sits Still On Rock

    Mine do something similar. Someone explained to me that it's behavior common only in captive bred clowns. Apparently sleeping room is at a premium in breeder tanks, and each fish kinda learns "it's spot" and keeps the spot even once the crowding is gone. Not sure how much truth there is to it...
  15. mimo91088

    Funny Convicts Are Tough

    I've always heard these guys were bulletproof but wow.
  16. mimo91088

    Is This Right? Cord In Water

    Edit: I can't read
  17. mimo91088

    Help Snail Infestation

    bladder snails stay small. The biggest one I've ever seen was like the size of a pencil eraser. And if you aren't overfeeding, the babies will die out from lack of food and only a small few will make it to adulthood. No real guide or rules that i know of. It will vary by tank. Just watch your...
  18. mimo91088

    Help Snail Infestation

    Hey there! Fishlore's resident snail advocate here! Let me take this thread in a whole different direction and suggest you stop trying to get rid of them. People always tell these horror stories about out of control snail explosions that clog filters and stuff. Doesn't happen if you're taking...
  19. mimo91088

    What Should I Add? (leo Tank)

    Looks solid to me. If anything I'd remove one of the climbing logs. These guys aren't great climbers.
  20. mimo91088

    Bought 3 White Guppies?

    Not sure I follow the question? Do you want our opinions on the gender or the age? Either way, a picture would help a lot in that regard if you can get one.
  21. mimo91088

    Mystery Snail Miracle Baby

    Congrats then! Yea those clutch sizes can be overwhelming. In that case I'd say your wild type is likely the other parent. It's a very dominant gene. Despite what some say, in my experience you can usually tell the adult color from the moment they hatch. So it will likely grow to be another...
  22. mimo91088

    Mystery Snail Miracle Baby

    Are you certain it's mystery snail? Even as fresh hatchlings there's no mistaking them. They look like tiny clones of the adults. Might be a bladder snail if it's got a different shape at all. Have you added plants or anything recently? I only ask because like you said, it is indeed impossible...
  23. mimo91088

    1st Timer! Buying Plants Friday!! Do I Need Co2?

    Fair point. Can't argue with that.
  24. mimo91088

    1st Timer! Buying Plants Friday!! Do I Need Co2?

    Snails aren't a bad thing in my opinion. The much maligned bladder snail is a welcome part of the ecosystem in my tanks. Don't overfeed and their population won't get out of control.
  25. mimo91088

    Large Belly Guppy For 4 Months, Quarantined No Fry No Death

    It's not the clearest picture and I can't identify from that angle, but are you certain it's female? That top fin looks pretty large for a female.
  26. mimo91088

    1st Timer! Buying Plants Friday!! Do I Need Co2?

    Shouldn't need CO2 with those plants. I keep those plants in one of my tanks and have never used CO2. Pretty heavily planted too.
  27. mimo91088

    Free Blue Mystery Snails: Se Mass Pickup

    Sorry, I haven't been on much the past few days! I still have plenty of them. If you're willing to make the drive from Worcester you can have as many as you want. PM me if you want to figure something out!
  28. mimo91088

    Free Blue Mystery Snails: Se Mass Pickup

    I have a bunch of blue mystery snails if any fellow fishlore members want any. Some penny sized some smaller. Pickup in mansfield area. PM me if interested. I'm not really comfortable shipping as I've never done it, but I might consider it if there's no locals interested.
  29. mimo91088

    Mystery Snail Does Acrobats

    Snails are the coolest
  30. mimo91088

    Weird Creature Found In My Aquarium

    Not a clue but I'm curious now too!
  31. mimo91088

    Question Member That Sells Plants? (wtb)

    He just had a post saying he won't be shipping until August though.
  32. mimo91088

    Important Saltwater Algae? Fungus? Idk

    Idk if it's the site, the post, or my phone, but I see no pictures.
  33. mimo91088

    Attempting The Impossible! 1.6 Gallon "limited Resource" Fowlr

    I've never kept frogspawn but they do look cool. My duncan and mushrooms have been through much the same, but I'm still using the crappy nicrew led lol. I'm a freshwater guy, but my mushrooms, duncan, and acans have all done well tolerating my noobness. My nano is quite ghetto.
  34. mimo91088

    Attempting The Impossible! 1.6 Gallon "limited Resource" Fowlr

    I think you could handle a hardy coral like mushrooms or a duncan. Those seem impossible to kill
  35. mimo91088

    Attempting The Impossible! 1.6 Gallon "limited Resource" Fowlr

    If you want a challenge do some corals in there. A 1.6 gallon nano reef would be cool. I agree with the others that's too small for fish. But I'm not sure why you're getting slammed so mercilessly.
  36. mimo91088

    Restocked My Community Tank

    That looks killer. Good job!
  37. mimo91088

    Mystery Snail

    They can also lay dud clutches like chickens. They're probably not fertile and won't hatch most likely.
  38. mimo91088

    Fish Id Help??

    Comets will eventually need a large tank it's true. But I agree that it's better off with you for now than dead. But I think you might have trouble trading it to a pet store. They go for like 35 cents in bulk. I'd look for either someone with a pond or a big tank.
  39. mimo91088

    What On Earth Is This?

    That's the thing. I lost count of how many hours I spent researching this and came up empty.
  40. mimo91088

    What On Earth Is This?

    Lol right? Very weird, and I still want to know!
  41. mimo91088

    What On Earth Is This?

    No I didn't! And whatever it was disappeared the day after my last post, and I haven't spotted it again since
  42. mimo91088

    Selling Dwarf Water Lettuce Issue

    This. The donation loophole strategy works for things like baby turtles that are illegal to SELL. What you have is illegal to POSSESS and TRANSPORT. All in the wording.
  43. mimo91088

    Normal Nerite Behavior?

    Where do you live that you pulled a nerite out of a river? Don't put it back whatever it is, you could introduce disease or invasives into the local ecosystem.
  44. mimo91088

    My New Blood Parrot (mango)

    Love these adorable little freaks!
  45. mimo91088

    Question Are Aiptasia Anemones Dangerous?

    Tweezer them off and put some reef epoxy over the spot they were in. You want to cover anywhere the foot was touching so it doesn't grow back from the tiny pieces leftover.
  46. mimo91088

    Question Are Aiptasia Anemones Dangerous?

    They aren't harmful to humans. You can be allergic to them though. If you're allergic to bees be extra careful. But they spread fast and will aggressively sting corals they get near. If you want coral, get them out.
  47. mimo91088

    Question How Long Can A Snail Live Hidden?

    Sounds like maybe MTS? They hide under the substrate when the lights are on. Did you manage to get a pic?
  48. mimo91088

    Question Mystery Snails Mating

    Mine are either NLS or omega one. I can't remember which makes the shrimp pellets and I'm at work right now. But both are solid brands.
  49. mimo91088

    Should I Just Toss It Or Is There Something I Can Put In It?

    Could do a small shrimp or snail tank, but I wouldn't put fish in it.
  50. mimo91088

    Question Goldfish Missing Scales

    Clean water and good food and they should grow back. Keep an extra close eye on your parameters, as any dip in water quality could lead to the injury becoming infected.

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