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  1. Cognity7

    DP growth coloration

  2. Cognity7

    Help DP is not right...

    Have you already treated the fish for Internal Parasites? In my history of DPs I always began the quarantine with treatment of IP... roughly 95% of LFS DPs come with IP
  3. Cognity7

    big, tall tank help, what to put in here?

    A tank's shape gives you a nice idea of the shape of fish to put in it. Just remember- fish that grow long need long tanks. Fish that grow in height (like angels, discus, seahorses) will like the high tanks. I have had troubles with live plants in my tall tank... the water depth works against...
  4. Cognity7

    36 gallon tank - overstocked or OK?

    If you have ANY ammonia it's bad... I would rehome the molly and platys. They have a large bioload. The best way to have live plants in an aquarium is to use a substrate that better supports them. I like Eco Complete. I can get the vac pretty close to my plants without plulling them out. the...
  5. Cognity7

    Some Fungus/Fin Rot On Our Boy

    Sounds like you are doing great! Hope Stormy is feeling better
  6. Cognity7

    shrimp and snails over cat?

    I snap a wafer in half and add it to my tank about once a month or so. i've had nerites for years. How many gallons in your tank?
  7. Cognity7

    Help Sudden discus death

    Welcome to fishlore! Has your tank water gotten cloudy? We can definitely help you if you can get your water tested and tell us the water parameters of your tank. NitrAte, NitrIte, and ammonia levels are crucial when trying to diagnose what is wrong
  8. Cognity7

    crazzy dwarf puffer idea

    I have heard of people keeping dwarf puffers in community tanks successfully. I have also seen dwarf puffers take chunks out of fish 3x its size. Depends on the personality of the puffer really. Also you must realize most dwarf puffers have internal parasites in them. You must dose your...
  9. Cognity7

    low light gravel

    I love my Eco Complete Plant Substrate. Easy to clean and comes with a bit of fertilizer and goodies in the black water it's packaged in. I think it does great to bury plants in. I don't vacuum it like i do gravel, i just run the vacuum about an inch away from it to pick up the extra debris.
  10. Cognity7

    Do my snails have enough to eat??

    I would suppliment with algae wafers. Depending on size of the wafer.. one or two every other day should be fine. You could also put a rock in water in the sun to grow algae for them. I know many people who feed their snails/shrimp this way.
  11. Cognity7

    Undergravel filter for fry?

    It sounds like your undergravel filter will be working.. You could always get a sponge filter instead. My LFS sells them for $2 each. all it requires is an air pump,
  12. Cognity7

    Tiger barb with intestines hanging out

    congratulations! love to hear it when this happends! I nursed a glofish back to health, You will find yourself especially attached to this guy from now on
  13. Cognity7

    dwarf puffer advice

    did you use the TSS? Do you have fish already? The brown is tannis leaking into your tank. You can use carbon in the filter to get it out faster, but it will not hurt your fish. It will eventually go away. If you used the TSS you are not supposed to do water changes for like 10 days or...
  14. Cognity7

    dwarf puffer advice

    I think fish food should work.. try searching for Tetra Safe Start on the forum- i know there are TONS of threads on it
  15. Cognity7

    New 20 High!

    I've had a couple males die on me. Water conditions were fine and i didn't notice any aggression or nipping issues. Sorry about your loss!
  16. Cognity7

    dwarf puffer advice

    For tetra safe start you have to have some sort of ammonia for it to feed off of.. do you have anything alive inthe tank right now? Tetra safe start is supposed to be use when cycling your tank with fish.
  17. Cognity7

    dwarf puffer advice

    I personally would not put a figure 8 in a 5 gallon. they need more space and they will be a bit trickier because they like to have salinity as they grow.
  18. Cognity7

    Help question about danios

    my danios have a 37g all to themselves and i rarely see them school. When i first added them to the tank they all schooled together but i haven't seen them do it since. Jdhef is right, they usually only school if they are threatened or stressed about something
  19. Cognity7

    Help with some idea's

    ah, yes. Figure 8 and green spotteds are brackish. usually if the green is a bright yellowish green- they they are brackish.. if they are more of a neutral color and not as vibrant.. then they are freshwater. (from my experience of researching puffers)
  20. Cognity7

    Funny Cant believe this...

    oh my gosh! Super cool!!!! thanks for sharing Lucky
  21. Cognity7

    Comment by 'Cognity7' in media 'Curious George'

    he's like... heeeeeeyyy- what you doooin? :P
  22. Cognity7

    I want a betta - let me run my options by you guys!

    My vote goes for a 10g. You are always taking risks when you put a siamese fighting fish in a community tank... Plus if you get addicted and must have another one you could always divide it
  23. Cognity7

    Help with some idea's

    dwarf puffers are 100% freshwater species. Do not put them in a brackish set up- it will shorten their life span. Dwarf puffers should not be sluggish even at the pet store. There are species of puffers that are substrate layers like my ocellated puffer. Dwarf puffers are not this way. Dwarf...
  24. Cognity7

    HELP! My fish died.

    Welcome to fishlore! I'm sure an expert in saltwater will be around very soon to help you! sorry about your loss
  25. Cognity7

    Help unknown cocoon.. no pic- but good description

    19 views and no reply. guess i stumped fishlore! I didn't get the egg sac out fast enough.. it was eaten. I've come to the conclusion that it had to have been my ocellated puffer. She must've been carrying eggs when i bought her. Atleast i learned 3 things: 1. What ocellated puffer egg...
  26. Cognity7

    What to add for pH?

    You feed your betta other bettas!??!
  27. Cognity7

    Question Mollies chasing each other around tank?

    No problem, Happy fishkeeping!
  28. Cognity7

    Mystery Sail survives incredible odds!

    i had to cover every single hole in my aquarium cuz of these guys. they are quite the escape artists. glad he's made it through it!
  29. Cognity7

    How often to stir sand?

    I've witnessed one of my dwarfs peck at one before... but hopefully the fact that the trumpets only come out at night will keep them alive. my puffers are asleep on the sponge filter at night
  30. Cognity7

    20 Gallon Tank Finally stocked it!

    I'm still learning too- no worries!
  31. Cognity7

    What to add for pH?

    ok, just a few things- you can buy Seachem Prime for a dechlorinator. It declorinates the water and makes it safe to add immediately. I personally see no problems with leaving the betta in the tank while doing water changes. I would also perform weekly 15% water changes and every 4th water...
  32. Cognity7

    Water droplets inside heater

    whoa.. you keep your dorm room pretty chilly (i keep my apartment at 78degrees LOL)! anyway you can turn the temp up a bit until you can buy a new heater? not sure about bubbles in the heater... maybe someone else with more knowledge can reply on that.
  33. Cognity7

    20 Gallon Tank Finally stocked it!

    they are harlequin rasboras i believe
  34. Cognity7

    Funny Cant believe this...

    sorry to hear about the old babies- but glad to hear they could be new babies!
  35. Cognity7

    What to add for pH?

    My fish are all healthy in a 8.4 pH level. its my tap water level. I just am sure to take my time acclimating the fish because i'm sure my pH level is much different than the stores. most LFS keep the pH around 7.4
  36. Cognity7

    How often to stir sand?

    i stir my sand up every other week before i do a vac. i have a few trumpets in there but i'm worried they won't stir it up enough or might even be dead due to the puffers... sometimes i see them sometimes i don't. I just feel safer stiring it up every other week- i have found a chopstick...
  37. Cognity7

    Plant temperature

    temperature is most important for fish. the plants can tolerate pretty much all temperatures most fish tolerate. I'm assuming this is about the tank in your aquarium info? or do you have a plant only tank?
  38. Cognity7

    20 Gallon Tank Finally stocked it!

    I'm glad you are having luck with keeping your female betta with the rasboras and barbs! tank looks great! thanks for sharing
  39. Cognity7

    Help with some idea's

    Puffers aren't difficult, but they definitely aren't as easy as a community tank. They do require a bit more time while feeding and much more care while cleaning. They are extremely messy eaters so i try to clean up the excess food 2-3 times a week (i do this with a turkey baster) and then a...
  40. Cognity7

    Question Mollies chasing each other around tank?

    You might want to have your water tested at a pet store to make sure nitrAtes and nitrItes are good. sometimes that can make fish aggressive. You also might want to remove the most aggressive one and put him in isolation for 24 hours then put him back in the tank. also rearranging the tank...
  41. Cognity7

    Help with some idea's

    puffer fish are oddball fish and very fun to have. they can be tricky though and i do frequent but small water changes to clean up after them.. you couldn't do an angelfish in a 20long. you could do some colorful male guppies?? they tend to be fun and colorful. you could do some cardinals with...
  42. Cognity7

    Baby platy ate too much- floating upside down

    so sorry to hear
  43. Cognity7

    29 Gallon Tank Help with algae!

    Nerite snails school of otos? i love my clown pleco but he does nothing for the algae in my tank
  44. Cognity7

    Help unknown cocoon.. no pic- but good description

    So i got home today and was surveying my 10g puffer tank and i have found this odd looking cocoon thing attached to one of my fake plants... it appears to have 3 circular sacks attached to one of another going vertically down from the plant. approx 1 centimeter long and each ball is about .4...
  45. Cognity7

    Baby platy ate too much- floating upside down

    I don't know of any way to MAKE a fish eat.. just see what happens... wait it out Sorry to hear How are your water parameters?
  46. Cognity7

    Question Mollies chasing each other around tank?

    well there could be many reasons for the aggression... your aquarium info and your signature are different.. which is the right information? What are your water parameters and do you add any salt to your tank? Your stocking choices are not ideal.. Are your bettas male or female? I am not...
  47. Cognity7

    10 Gallon Tank Stock it!

    I know you've kinda steered away from the leaf fish- but i would recommend not getting a leaf fish for a 10g.. my friend has some in his 55g and they are every bit 4 inches. I think a 10g would stunt its growth. (no offence petsmart.. lol)
  48. Cognity7

    Help with some idea's

    what kind of fish were you wanting? Maybe we can think of some that are similar?
  49. Cognity7

    Question Will a Figure 8 puffer do well in a freshwater community tank?

    I agree- Figure 8 puffers thrive the best in slowly increasing brackish conditions. As they grow the saline should increase. I have heard reports of people keeping figure 8 and GSP in complete freshwater but it usually lowers their life expectancy. I also think it would be a terrible idea to...
  50. Cognity7

    20 Gallon Tank Questions about what fish to put in my tank!

    shrimp do best in an established tank. I would wait to add them last. They can be very sensitive. i have personally had horrible luck with shrimp. cant make them live longer than a couple weeks.

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