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  1. Latrell

    How To Disinfect Beach Driftwood

    Boil it and let it cool
  2. Latrell

    My Guppies Are Dying Like Crazy

    If..IF you have enough room in the tank u can add 2 female Molly .....most livebearers need a 2 to 1 ratio more females than males.
  3. Latrell

    My Guppies Are Dying Like Crazy

    They will usually attack smaller fish if there hungry or playing to rough trying to mate with the females make the females very stress and maybe that's the cause of the females death and they try to fight the male guppies for dominance
  4. Latrell

    Red Claw Crab Spitting White Stuff

    It seem like it's make micro bubbles to keep it's self moist by the picture didn't fully read what u said srry
  5. Latrell

    My Guppies Are Dying Like Crazy

    Is it the water temp or the Molly is probably to aggressive to the guppies cause of size differences
  6. Latrell

    Guppy Pond

    If the water stays in the warmer side
  7. Latrell

    Molly With Pop Eye - Injury? Please Help

    general cure
  8. Latrell

    Help Sexing Plecos

    I don't know anything about phantoms but I found a quote that gives u a general way to sex most pleco "The body shape of a pleco can help a fishkeeper determine the fish's sex. This works best from a top view. Females generally have a more rounded body, while males are generally skinnier. When...
  9. Latrell

    Molly With Pop Eye - Injury? Please Help

    If its 1 eye its an injury it will go away if u keep treating it and if its both then the fish is infected ...treat the whole tank just in case other fishes doesnt get Popeye
  10. Latrell

    Help Cory Infection?

    It might have parasites or it had injured itself and the wound got infected...treat the tank with parasite meds and the fungal meds try rotating the meds each day and u might see some results
  11. Latrell

    My Water Is Green And My Plants Are Turning Brown. How Do I Fix This??

    U have bacteria/algae bloom maybe ur using to much ferts and the feeding will help the algae thrive longer try a big water change then go 1 week without ferts and a total black out for 24hrs after the water change ...and u could feed ur fishes normally how you've always have.i hope this helps
  12. Latrell

    Runty Cory?

    Oh okay @emeraldking Will might help .
  13. Latrell

    Runty Cory?

    She is probably a he males are slightly smaller and slender than females maybe that's the reason why "she" is small
  14. Latrell

    Can Magnesium Carbonate Be A Problem?

    It will most likely mess with the ph gh and or kh.....basically the water will get harder do some small test with the tank water
  15. Latrell

    29 Gallon Planted Tank Build

    Black phantom tetras, or red phantom tetra they're around the same size so the amount of aggression and fin nipping will level out a bit.
  16. Latrell

    What Plant Is This?

    It looks like ludwigia
  17. Latrell

    Question My Mystery Snail Laid Egg Clutch Twice

    Make sure the clutches stay moist and on the warm side
  18. Latrell

    Blood Parrot/ Plant Tank Substrate

    Gold fish are really messy fish their gonna keep up rooting the plants so u would have to stick to more hardy plants like anubias or java fern tied to something like on a stone or drift wood. Try to do a little bit more research it will help with your situation and prevent you from having any...
  19. Latrell

    Setting Up A Planted 40 For Angels

    Some stems plants maybe good like rotala, ludwigia, and/or limnophila, pennyworts, moneyworts species.
  20. Latrell

    Never Noticed How Fast Ramshorns Grow...

  21. Latrell

    Balloon Or Pregnant Molly

    If their stunted their most likely ballon mollies and maybe if ur lucky the chance are they are pregnant unless you bought two females.
  22. Latrell

    Why Guppies, But Not Platys Or Mollies? Hmmm

    Yea I see it a lot....I think for the guppies to not mix the strains and have hybrids in the tank so they won't accidently sell them as pure breeds bc guppies haves a lot of traits and morphs etc ... but for Platy and Molly their traits is stronger and have less divesrse morphs and traits in...
  23. Latrell

    Panda Corys Have Done It Again

    Most people would understand me but I am a big fan of hybrids unless ur careful with them and don't mislabel them as purebred which can ruin the effects of people taking many years to get a desired breed just for it to get In pure bc of careless crossing....I have a few hybrid guppy endless it...
  24. Latrell

    How Many Tetras To Add?

    I bought my black phantoms at a's not bad they were all healthy except 1 female had a Popeye on 1 of her eyes and it went away in 2 weeks
  25. Latrell

    Additions To A 55 Gallon

    Take your time when choosing it's not a race to have the best tank it's what you decide to do ...the stocks is fine and 2 angelfish is fine to add and probably 6 Cory's will be nice...
  26. Latrell

    Question Centerpiece Fish For A 30 Gallon

    Add an apistogramma cacatouides
  27. Latrell

    Thinking Seriously About Comletely Starting Over On My 55g And Would Love Ideas.

    Give it a try live plants will make the tank way more natural ...Try to get some exotic strains of sword plants...that's all I got 4 now lol
  28. Latrell

    Alternanthera Reineckii Dying

    I love the progress keep it up !
  29. Latrell

    90 Gallon Stocking

    Add a pair of apistogramma cacatouides...and for the sword tail try to expose the places they would hide when you see them and the adults and other fishes will usually eat them ....or add some tetras like black skirts or other decent size tetras they literally any little thing that move or alive...
  30. Latrell

    Guppies Attacking Mollies

    Try separating them for a few days and introduce back together and see if the aggression continues
  31. Latrell

    Help Apistogramma Cacatuoides Male Or Female?

    It's a male you can tell by the fins and bright colors
  32. Latrell

    Managing A Guppy Population?

    Cull them by giving them away to ur lfs or people who wants them.
  33. Latrell

    How Many Tetras To Add?

    Yea judging by the current stocks and tank size 8 would be a best fit for either tetra u choose to have inhabit ur tank
  34. Latrell

    Stocking 25-30 Gal

    No they get about six inches and eat fishes smaller than it's recommended to keep them with other cichlid species that's around it's size
  35. Latrell

    How Many Tetras To Add?

    With just them alone 15 would be a max for imo and it depends of what other inhabitants would share the tank with them
  36. Latrell

    Question What Will Bluegill Fry Eat?

    I got two baby bills gills from my local pond in late may to feed my axolotl and when my axolotl died they survived and now there about 2inches...they survived on leftover pellets and axolotl feces.....I neglected them at the time now they eat culled guppy fry and small pellets for small mouth...
  37. Latrell

    Stocking Ideas 75 Gallon

    Sparkling gouramis are good ....idk about the second question
  38. Latrell

    Help Baby Snails In Tank

    There bladder snail aka pond snails and there fine in ur tank for awhile cause they breed like crazy if there is a constant availability of food....U can get assassin snails to eat them or a less humane way is to crush them when you see them ...hope this helps.
  39. Latrell

    Stocking Ideas 75 Gallon

    Try some black phantom Tera same size at the serpae and/or apistogramma cacatouides
  40. Latrell

    Looking To Add Compatible Fish To 75 Gallon

    Black phantoms are so amazing I have a school of 5 .....1 male 4 females......he can also try apistogramma cacatouides
  41. Latrell

    20 Gallon Tank Muppy Fry

    So cool
  42. Latrell

    Looking To Add Compatible Fish To 75 Gallon

    Get 3 more peppered Cory's and 3 more Congo tetras there schooling fish and 75 is way more than enough space to add some fish the ....don't follow the 1in per gallon rule ....It doesn't always help ...I wish ik some other people who can help u out about the 1inch rule.cory needs soft substrate...
  43. Latrell

    Help Neon Tetra With Some Kind Of Fungus

    It could be internal parasites eating the nutrients from the fish and poop and that y the poop can come out clear and stringy ...
  44. Latrell

    Snail Clutch How Many Eggs Survive

    Yeah they are fertile
  45. Latrell

    What Plant Could Work?

    Succulents doesn't require frequent watering ....air plants can work too
  46. Latrell

    Snail Clutch How Many Eggs Survive

    Attach pics and you can get more help
  47. Latrell

    Snail Stocking Question

    Okay let me try to explain .....mystery snails are technically Apple snails bc it's in the family of Apple snails...but mystery is a species of Apple snails that doesn't eat live plants like said only on rare occassions......And when you say Apple snails people might assume the other species of...
  48. Latrell

    Snail Stocking Question

    There in the same family of Apple snails yea and no bc this species are called mystery snails and they don't eat live plants only on rare occasions.
  49. Latrell

    Stocking Ideas With A Male Betta

    The lucky bamboo aren't fully aquatic they will drown you can submerge it only a few inches never submerge the the cut top and the new leaf growths they will melt and drown the plant....lucky bamboo are semi aquatic
  50. Latrell

    Question Using Catechu Bark In Aquarium

    If you put a small amount it will be fine for the snails ...there go eat the leaves making it decompose faster and it makes there poop rich with nutrients for plants.

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