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    Help Dying Off No Idea Why

    I am really sorry for your losses. I went through an infectious disease in one of my tanks. Never did figure out what it was but it only infected my Angelfish. I learned later on that there are diseases that only infect Cichlids. I dealt with it for months. Even lost a Green Severum and 6...
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    Important Fish Have Good Water Quality But Still Sick

    The pH is very low. Can you provide KH and GH readings? Both from tap and tank.
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    Help Green And Bba Algae 50g Tank

    The more light, the faster plants grow and the more demand for balanced fertlizers and co2. Algae likes plenty of light too. We just have to find that balance. Stopping the fertlizers is doing more harm then good. Your plants have no food, deficiencies start, growth slows or plants stop...
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    Help What Is Growing Out Of My Anacharis??

    Looks like staghorn to me.
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    Planted Tank Pics - 120 Gallon

    Haha glad I could help! And thank you!
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    New 125 Gallon Build Log, Suggestions?

    That looks great! Nice to see someone else with a large enough tank to have multiple Angelfish.
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    Planted Tank Pics - 120 Gallon

    Thank you! I ordered Bucephalandra (never tried them) and Vallisneria Spiralis Leopard today.
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    Planted Tank Pics - 120 Gallon

    Like said its the feature with the Fluval 3.0 for the sunrise/sunset. I do 50% water change weekly to reset the system as I dose fertilizers. Plus the fish and plants like it and keeps the tank just overall healthy.
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    Planted Tank Pics - 120 Gallon

    I did the whole hightech co2 injecting for awhile & got tired of it. So ditched the co2 & plants pretty much melted away. Most likely due to the environmental changes. What you see now has been redone this past year. Way less work! Haha. And no co2. I still have all the equipment if...
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    Planted Tank Pics - 120 Gallon

    Just a laid back day today, so took some pics. Running a more low tech tank these days. Fauna is mostly Rainbowfish & Angelfish Lights: 2 Fluval 3.0 planted LEDs dimmed & programmed to my liking. Photoperiod is 7.5 hours with sunrise and sunset. 50% weekly water change DIY root tabs GH...
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    New Angels

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    New Angels

    Tank went through an infectious disease and I lost or pulled out and culled most of my Angels. It was heart breaking. This was several months ago now. I think I ID the disease as TB. Anyways, I picked up 5 new Angels yesterday afternoon. 3 Koi and in another tank there were Pearlscales...
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    Amazon Swords Not Doing Well

    Eco complete is an inert substrate. As said you need to put root tabs in. I would also get the seachem potassium fert to dose as well. Cut the dead/dying leaves off as they wont repair and the plants can put energy into new growth and the more healthier leaves.
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    Algae In Leaves

    Did this issue gradually start when you added the Fluval 3.0? It seems they are being blasted by too much light. Especially if you are running it with another light. If i read your post right, you also have the Aquasky? Is the Fluval 3.0 dimmed or are you running it at max? I have 2 48”...
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    Show off your fish tank!

    Here is my 120g.
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    Meet Nightingail And Mohawk

    They are Blue Smokeys. Very nice! The one w/ the pointed breeding tube is male and the round fatter tube is female. Others can answer your other questions. I keep Angels but I do not breed.
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    Angel Id - Philippine Blue Angels Veils

    Perhaps, Pinoy Paribia. Do they have metallic patches forming? Looks like it.
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    Silver Dollars

    Your welcome. They also live a long time if well cared for. Something to keep in mind.
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    Silver Dollars

    Silver Dollars should be kept in and school of 6+ and be kept in 125g 6' tank. Due to they are active, are not a small fish and tend to startle easily which they will bang into decor and tank walls. Prefer subdued lighting. I cant keep plants with mine as they eat them all. You could do a...
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    New Angel Fishy!

    Looks like a Gold Marble with Pearlscale. Very nice!
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    240 Gallon Planted Freshwater Tank Build

    I didnt have to weigh it down. Being full of water it sat on the substrate. I ripped my planted tank apart trying to get him too with nets. Bottle was in the tank not even 5 minutes and he went in. Lol
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    240 Gallon Planted Freshwater Tank Build

    I trapped a Krib in my 120g with a plastic water bottle. Cut the top off and flip it so its inside the bottle, basically the neck is the entrance. Put food in the bottle. Worked like a charm for me.
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    Silver Dollars & Angelfish

    I keep Silver Dollars and Angels together in a 125g 6' tank. They do well together but my tank is not planted. I throw plant clippings in from my planted tank for the Silver Dollars. I also keep a Severum and Rainbowfish in there as well.
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    Curling Leaves

    Your welcome. Those liquid ferts are more water then fertlizers. So uping it will be a good idea. Just to add that all Hygrophila species are Potassium hogs. Good indicators if K is low. They get the pinholes on older leaves, leaf curling. And Calcium Deficiency is stunted deformed new...
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    Curling Leaves

    To ID your plant, that is Hygrophila Pinnatifida which needs plenty of Potassium.
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    Ridding Tank Of Bga

    Are you aiming for a highlight setup? Cyano pops up due to low or depleted Nitrates or not dosing balanced nutrients for the plants. You need to aim for 10-20 ppm nitrates, Po4 .50-3ppm. Make sure you have good water flow throughout the tank. Hygrophilia species are potassium hogs...
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    I Think I Cleared My Cyano, Got New Algae Now

    Sorry. I have dealt with it a few times.
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    I Think I Cleared My Cyano, Got New Algae Now

    Yes, that is Cyano. I also see it on the Cabomba.
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    Let's See Your Pearlscale Angelfish!!

    Everyone has beautiful Pearlscales!
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    The Nature Of The Pictus

    I keep 4 in a 125g 6' tank, subdued lighting, a large terrocotta pot cut in half for 2 caves, smooth rocks and driftwood that allows them to sit under. They also like to cruise over the tops of the smooth decor. They prefer to stay in the are of the tank with their hiding spots. Neat thing...
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    Angel Fish Buddies

    Due to the shape of the tank , I would do no more then 2 Angels. Even then, A 45-50g is only good for 2 Angels. If you did 4, it most likely wouldn't work for long term. Like said you can keep them in a large group to reduce aggression but you have to have a much larger tank.
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    110 Tall Stocking Suggestions

    Angelfish are semi-aggressive; they are a Cichlid. They will bicker and do some chasing but that is what they do. On occasion you will get an Angel that is just down right mean and need to seperate or rehome. They are tempermental. When they want to breed, they get more aggressive and...
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    300g Cichlid Tank Crisis

    I do the same thing, rinse my canisters and media straight from the tap. Been doing it this way for a long time.
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    300g Cichlid Tank Crisis

    Fish up at the surface is a sign of nitrite poisoning. Nitrite poisoning affects the gills so they go up to the surface and gasp. Poor things. Sorry you lost a few. Another water change may be in order. I had this happen to me one morning, got up and all fish gasping at the surface...
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    Bizaliz3’s Angelfish Breeding Journal :-)

    Referring to the topic on bluish ventrals - I am not a breeder but have learned from a friend who breeds that in her experience an Angel with 1 blue gene will get bluish ventrals and some in the dorsal. But not always. And Biz look at that finnage on that little guy! What a little peach. So cute!
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    Online Dealers

    No, I have not. I have gotten mine from a breeder in Oregon. But she has gotten Angels from the source to sell as well as her own breeding.
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    Online Dealers

    Here is a good source to start with.
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    My 125g Planted Discus Community Aquarium

    Your tank is beautiful.
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    Keeps Turning Green

    You said your tank was cycled with fish for months and it was fine. Decomposing plants can make water quality go down hill. The BN is a heavy waste producer. Traces of ammonia combined with light can cause green water. Every tank is different. I would leave the lights off for a bit and do...
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    Please Help Me Identify These Plants!

    1st looks like sags to me but not 100% sure. 2nd a type of Sword. 3rd looks like a type of Bacopa. Lighting would be medium for good growth. If you are interested in LEDs then getting one that is dimmable is the best route.
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    120g Planted Tank

    Thank you! No, not Altums.
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    Wild-life photos

    Out at my families house for dinner yesterday and we had a visitor watching us; young Eagle sitting in a tree just right off the porch.
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    120g Planted Tank

    Updated photos of the jungle. I gave it a trim since i took this a few days ago.
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    What Is Everyone's Tank?!?!

    120g tank (48x24x24) heavily planted tank w/ Angelfish and Rainbowfish. 125g 6' tank w/ Silver Dollars, Pictus Cats, Angelfish, Rainbowfish & a Severum.
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    Bizaliz3’s Angelfish Breeding Journal :-)

    Thank you very much for the warning. I appreciate it!
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    Bizaliz3’s Angelfish Breeding Journal :-)

    I already keep 9 Angels together in my 120g and adding more to the group. May end up with more then 6 in the 125g to help reduce aggression. My friend who has been breeding Angels for years has a 125g with 14 adults and spawning pairs and she has no issues. Keeping them in a larger group...
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    Bizaliz3’s Angelfish Breeding Journal :-)

    What I have learned about keeping Angelfish, is that we can't keep them all!! I got myself in a mess with getting 6 adults and then 9 smaller ones. My plan was to sell the adults to my only pet store....but now I am squeezing them into my 125g tank! Because they are so pretty!! And what it...

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