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  1. Corrie Williamson

    Finally Get A New Breeding Pair And 1 Dies.

    I took a break from here and trying to breed my Angel's as every attempt I made ended up at the 3 week mark with a bunch of dead fry. My only proven breeding pair stopped spawning altogether 6 months ago and none of my 2 year olds pairs were doing anything. As a last ditch effort I switched...
  2. Corrie Williamson

    I Possibly Have New Pairs!

    For the first time ever, I think I might have more than 1 breeding pair. I finally did some angelfish shuffling and divided my 55 in half. I moved my original breeding pair to one side and my mutant half black on one side/marble on the other side and my female gold marble into the other half...
  3. Corrie Williamson

    Uv Filter And Fin Regrowth?

    I have a Male angel whom a year ago had his one pectoral fin torn apart and nearly ripped off, he was left with a tiny stubb on one side. I could never figure out how, it was there one day gone the next, I treated for fin rot and there was no change. I did frequent water changes and no...
  4. Corrie Williamson

    What Type Of Angel?

    @bizaliz3 , @Mcasella, @chromedome52 and any others with angelfish genetics/phenotype knowledge. What would you call this guy: Right side Left side I can't figure out if he's a ghost, clown, or just a plain old silver. I don't think s/he's a half black as it's only on one side of...
  5. Corrie Williamson

    Breeding/grow Out Tank Opinions

    Hi everyone, I am looking at different options for grow out/breeding tanks. I currently have a 55 and 10 gallon grow out which as you can imagine limits my ability to grow out too many fish at one time. So far it is working however I am getting pressed for grow out space and my renovations are...
  6. Corrie Williamson

    Another Round Of Sex My Angel

    I don't know if it is just my Angel's or if they all like to keep their owners on their toes. I totally thought I had a few of my 10 month old Angels sex figured out and then this one decides to play some games with me. S/he is a golden whom I was 90% sure was a Male but yesterday it looked as...
  7. Corrie Williamson

    Albino Angels Question

    Just wondering if those breeding albino find that they grow much slower than the regular angels? I have 10 month old angels that I have raised from a clutch. I've kept a few and most of them have a body size of 2-3 inches (some of the ones I've sold are up to a 4 inch body now), however the...
  8. Corrie Williamson

    New Angelfish Pair That Are Siblings?

    I have a breeding pair of angels, the female is the mother of the male in this pair. I also have 3 adult males all of whom are from different parents. I raised 1 clutch of angels, most of which I sold, however I did keep a few hoping that they would pair up with at least one of my males...
  9. Corrie Williamson

    Sources For Buying Fish Online In Canada

    Is there any good online stores for buying fish in canada? I thought I found a really good store however they no longer ship to canada. I'm looking for female dwarf gourami and all the online stores I came across in don't sell gourami.
  10. Corrie Williamson

    Looking For Female Gourami

    I'm looking for at least 2 female and 1 male dwarf gourami. If anyone has them to sell and can ship them within canada please let me know.
  11. Corrie Williamson

    Male Or Female?

    Ok I thought I had figured out the sec of this guy based on his breeding tube but now I am wondering if I was wrong. Is this a male or female?
  12. Corrie Williamson

    Angelfish Died Unexpectedly

    My 2 year old female angelfish suddenly died overnight. No signs of illness, stress or aggression. Last night she was fine; swimming, eating and begging for food. This morning she was upside down with what looked like a belly full of eggs. She has only looked ready to lay eggs one other...
  13. Corrie Williamson

    Hubby Contaminated Filling Hose!

    So I have been battling unknown diseases on and off in my tanks randomly for what appeared to be no reason for a year now. I recently found out that hubby had been using my garden hose that I use for filling the water jugs to empty excess water from the pool (chlorine) and the hot tub(bromide)...
  14. Corrie Williamson

    Male Breeder Angel With Fungus?

    How is it possible for a 38 gallon tank with only 2 angelfish in it get a fungus breakout.? There's been no additions, no changes only 1 death. My panda Cory died a month ago in this tank after aquiring an injury. I got him out right away and dis a 50 percent water change thst day. Now my...
  15. Corrie Williamson

    Plant Off Gassing After Water Change?

    I recently noticed that the plants in my 40 gallon seem to release air bubbles everyone I do a water change. The plants are Amazon swords, I have them in 2 other tanks but this is the only one I notice the bubbles being released from. The tank is set at 80 I do weekly water changes the...
  16. Corrie Williamson

    Angelfish Breeding Tank

    Just wondering what everyone else who breeds angelfish has as substrate in their breeder tank especially those that leave eggs ans fry with the parents. I have gravel and so far none of the fry left in the tank have survived beyond a day or two. Granted part of that is my fault i forgit to...
  17. Corrie Williamson

    When To Upgrade

    I currently have a 55 gallon corner semi bare bottom grow out tank that has 64 - 7 week old angelfish. About 70 percent are around the quarter size already with another 8 at dime size and the rest are nickel size. The tank has 2 sponge filters, 4 potted plants a couple of smaller ornaments...
  18. Corrie Williamson

    Snail Id Help

    This snail appeared in my 10 g. I'm assuming it came in with my plants months ago. I had a major outbreak of snails after installing the new plants. But this guy appeared after almost 6 months after that happened and was dealt with. It lays a clutch of eggs every other day now. Which means I...
  19. Corrie Williamson

    Help Sexing My Angelfish

    Ok I'm totally confused. I bought a breeding pair because my angels that I raised from juveniles which are now 18 months haven't laid any eggs. I have seen their breeding tubes. I've seen what I think are the females full of eggs and 2 of the remaining 4 have paired off, or so I thought...
  20. Corrie Williamson

    Used Aquarium Question

    I picked up a used 35 gallon corner tank last night. It was so filthy it wasn't funny everything looked to be in good working order but when I cleaned out the gravel and removed the under gravel filter I noticed what appeared to be a crack in the bottom. Upon further inspection this tank has...
  21. Corrie Williamson

    Angelfish Homing Advice

    I currently have a 90 gallon tall community tank with 4 angelfish, mollies, plates, ottos, tetras and swordstails. As for the angels 1 suffers from dwarfism, her body is only maybe 2 inches in diameter (I call it a her as that is what it looks like). The rest are normal size 3-4 inch bodies...
  22. Corrie Williamson

    My Babies Are Swimming

    My angelfish breeding pair have managed to get their 3rd batch to free swimmers. They did with their second as well but mom freaked out and ate them when we dimmed the lights at night. Dad has been the caretaker this time fighting mom off whenever he senses that she is starting to stress. I...
  23. Corrie Williamson

    Wigglers In The Tank And 1 Week Vacation

    My angel fish pair laid their eggs exactly 7 days after eating the last batch of wigglers. I didn't have too much hope as this is only their 2nd attempt at raising a batch. However they pleasantly surprised me and did everything right. The wigglers are now on a leaf all bundled tightly...
  24. Corrie Williamson

    Angelfish Laid Eggs On Filter

    Hi, I have a breeding pair that decided to lay their eggs on the in tank filter of course up and down the intake side. I do have a sponge filter running in the tank as well that is rated for 45 gallons and it is a 40 gallon tank. So I can easily turn this one off, however the cord is of...
  25. Corrie Williamson

    Advise On Reassembling 80 Gallon Tank After 24 Hoyrs

    Hi. I am going to apologize in advance for the lengthy post. We had to dismantle our 80 gallon tall tank tonight as it was in front of a gfi plug that tripped taking out the tank and 2 other crucial plugs. Our fish have been carefully re-homed to a temporary tank until our electrician moves...
  26. Corrie Williamson

    One Angel Bulling

    I have an 84 gallon tank, the parameters are normal, nitrates 0, ppm 80, ph 7.2, temp 75-76. We have 5 angelfish, tetras, swordfish, guppies, platys. My question is the one angelfish bullies all the other angelfish in the tank. It settled down for a bit and then started up again yesterday...

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