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  1. Paulsz

    New Tank New Fish

    Yes it could be that there is bacteria there, but the ammonia source is more than the bacteria can handle. I honestly would just use prime once a day reduce ammonia shock and leave it at that. Reduce feedings to once every other day for a little while. Maybe a week or two. Should help. then only...
  2. Paulsz

    Mostly Alkalinity Being Consumed.

    Hi all, I have a 35 cube + 20 high as a sump (filled halfway). Started it back in December and it's now got one one firefish, a CUC and 4 corals: - GSP (roughly 1.5"x1.5") - sympodium (one frag plug) - 1 orange hair mushroom (1" across) - purple Monti 2 pieces, about 2" long, 1" outwards)...
  3. Paulsz

    Imagitarium Frameless Freshwater Aquarium, 6.8 Gal

    Test the high range pH that comes with api test kit and post a picture of it
  4. Paulsz

    Weird Bump On Tetra?

    Could be that she's carrying eggs in her stomach
  5. Paulsz

    Stocking Ideas For 20 Gallon? Which Colorful Fish?

    You could get some Panda cories, or maybe some kuhli loaches as bottom dwellers. Get 6 of them (just one though. Can't have both). You could probably also add a killifish to the tank. Nice and colourful
  6. Paulsz


    So you probably won't need to use the UV anymore, since they're indoors. Unless they are by a window/source of sunliight. But you can still use it nonetheless to keep the water nice and clear. It just won't have as big an effect as it did outside in the pond. What kind of goldfish are these...
  7. Paulsz

    Is It Okay To Put 12 Koi In An 8 Cubic Meter Pond?

    Unfortunately it’s not 1 per 1000 litres, it’s 1 per 1000 gallons (roughly 4000 litres). So you should only be putting 2. But you can probably put something like 3-4 and it should be okay
  8. Paulsz

    Starting Up Another Tank

    It could, but what would be even better is to cut a piece of the 30’s filter and put it in the new tank’s filter
  9. Paulsz

    Fishless Cycling 90g

    If you’re gonna dose ammonia everyday, do a water change everyday too. You don’t want your nitrites at like 5-10 ppm or else you risk killing bacteria from the toxicity of the water. Bacteria can last a week without food and so you can dose ammonia once a week (twice if you’re worried that they...
  10. Paulsz

    29 Gallon Stocking

    Danios are super active. Having 10 will definitely keep some constant movement somewhere in the tank. And Panda Corys are adorable. You will love them As others have said, don't chase pH. Let it be what it is because a constant pH that is a little off is better than a pH you keep have to keep...
  11. Paulsz

    Panda Corys With Carabsea Gemstone Creek Substrate?

    I've kept them in 5mm gravel before and they looked irritated. Switched over to sand and it was much better. Not sure how it'll work on your substrate but a finer sand would always be better imo
  12. Paulsz

    Is My Fish Okay?

    Was the tank cycled before she was added? I kept danios and the females get gigantic bellies when they're full of eggs. The size of the one in the picture is not bad. I've seen even bigger with the 6 danios I had.
  13. Paulsz

    For 25-30% Water Changes, Do I Need To Heat Up New Water Before Adding It To The Tank?

    1-2 degrees F isn't too bad. But yes, if you can, match the temp to the touch (it'll be close enough), then add conditioner, swirl it and put into the tank. No need to leave it overnight
  14. Paulsz

    Apex Flow Monitoring Module To Prevent Overflowing Tank.

    Oh okay, thanks! When I initially said float switch I meant the switch that would cut power to the return pump if the water went above the line. Kind of like how my ATO pump turns on and off to replace evaporated water. My apologies for any confusion I may have caused!
  15. Paulsz

    Apex Flow Monitoring Module To Prevent Overflowing Tank.

    Can you elaborate on the back pressure that would be caused on the pump? Also, wouldn’t doing the DIY float switch cause the same thing? Thanks for the help! Much appreciated
  16. Paulsz

    Biocube Help

    Honestly I would avoid it. If you're going to invest in setting up a saltwater tank, you may be better off buying a new tank or a used, non-leaky one. Given this biocube is leaky, you may be just causing yourself stress and risk losing the money if you can't fix it. You could get a second hand...
  17. Paulsz

    Apex Flow Monitoring Module To Prevent Overflowing Tank.

    Was thinking maybe this one for the first option Double Switch Auto top-off with controller and sump mount I'm from Canada so this would be one my go to online stores.
  18. Paulsz

    Apex Flow Monitoring Module To Prevent Overflowing Tank.

    Hi all, I currently run a durso style overflow, but also have an emergency drain right next to it in the event that something clogs my main drain. The main drain is shielded by a cap with small holes so that no large snails can get in. However, I do still get paranoid that somehow they may find...
  19. Paulsz

    29 Gallon Stocking Suggestions

    The bio booster is a one time thing. To get bacteria started. Some say it works, others no. I have never tried so I can't tell you. All you can do is make sure the ammonia is 1.0 or lower and then add the seachem prime every day. Ammonia should go down around 7 days after starting. But nitrites...
  20. Paulsz

    29 Gallon Stocking Suggestions

    Prime will reduce the impact of ammonia on your fish for 24 hours. But only for ammonia at 1 ppm or less. So make sure it is 1 ppm or less by doing water changes. If it's more than 1 ppm, the prime won't help with the effect of ammonai on your fish. Once under 1 ppm, add the prime to the whole...
  21. Paulsz


    What you can do is cut out the filter pad and there will be small pieces of carbon in it. Toss those out and just rinse the white pad part in old tank water. Then put it back in the filter
  22. Paulsz

    29 Gallon Stocking Suggestions

    Change so that it is less than 1 ppm. So if 2 ppm, change 50%. Also try to use seachem prime as your water conditioner as it will help neutralize the effect of ammonia on your fish. But only up to 1 ppm. And you'll have to add it daily (the amount required for a 29gallon tank).
  23. Paulsz

    Any Fish That Grow To 5-6"?

    In a 20 long you would be able to do dawrf cichlids but nothing of 5-6" on length A jack dempsey is way too big. A gourami is pushing it as well, although a lot more reasonable. You could do dwarf gourami or dwarf cichlids wanted just one fish. Like a kribensis, apistogramma or some...
  24. Paulsz

    Why Are Gsp Polyps Are Longer Earlier In The Light Cycle

    Thank you! I started off the tank with something closer to what you have. Mid 80s for the blues and the rest is relative to that. Only in the last month did I increase it after watching a video of the prime hd par readings in a cube tank :S I'll lower them and see what happens
  25. Paulsz

    Will My Bb Die?

    How long are you going to be gone?
  26. Paulsz

    Cycling With Ammonia Steps....

    I would add something like 2 ppm ammonia at first. Then when they drop and nitrite rise, add 0.5 or 1 ppm of ammonia a per week. This is more than enough to keep the bacteria alive. What happens when you add 4 ppm constantly is that the ammonia will turn into nitrite, but the bacteria that...
  27. Paulsz

    Please Help! My Tropical Community Fish Are Dying?

    My apologies if that came out rude. I was a little rushed in addressing Bianca's questions that I didn't realize how dry my response to you was. What I was meaning to say is that as much as this is a place to chat, this specific thread is to help Bianca with her specific issue. There are some...
  28. Paulsz

    Please Help! My Tropical Community Fish Are Dying?

    Ok so you put way too many fish in too quickly. The tank likely didn't cycle and if that bacteria supplement worked, it probably couldn't handle all those fish pooping at once. What will likely happen is that you will lose the other fish since the tank is in the middle of cycling (cycling is...
  29. Paulsz

    Please Help! My Tropical Community Fish Are Dying?

    Wait until the conditioner comes and read the label to fidn out how much you need to use. Put whatever you need for a 10 gallon straight into the tank (it's probably a capful or something like that. Read the instructions). Then from that point on make sure you use it every time you change the...
  30. Paulsz

    Please Help! My Tropical Community Fish Are Dying?

    Out of curiosity Bianca, tell us how long ago you set your tank up, and how long ago you put your first fish in. And please be honest. We were all beginners once and learned from our mistakes. Although we may be throwing a lot of info at you, we are trying to help and are more than happy to...
  31. Paulsz

    Please Help! My Tropical Community Fish Are Dying?

    You shouldn't put any bacteria supplement. The one time is enough. What you need to do is use a water conditioner. This removes chlorine and chloramines from the water, since these two chemicals will kill your fish. So do a 50% water change everyday (a 5 gallon bucket worth) and put the...
  32. Paulsz

    Mushroom Filament Discharge After Trying To Feed

    My friend gave me some reef roids so that I may try feeding my mushroom and gsp. I tried feeding it as directed (I've also watched videos on it) and the mushroom contracted a little. Then opened up again shortly after and released this filament. From what I've seen, this could be poop or it...
  33. Paulsz

    Why Are Gsp Polyps Are Longer Earlier In The Light Cycle

    I run it at these settings (see row above the chart) I have sympodium at around the same height. It's a small frag and I haven't seen much growth since I got it in January. It is also closed at times during the day. I have a mushroom at the floor bed and it opens up nicely everyday. Again...
  34. Paulsz

    3.7 Gallon Planted Cube

    Looking good! And I love the contrast of the red shrimps on the dark substrate, and wood. Very nice
  35. Paulsz

    Why Are Gsp Polyps Are Longer Earlier In The Light Cycle

    I was thinking they may be getting too much light as well I have an ai prime hd on a 35 cube (20" each side). The light is at a high power but the gsp I maybe 3" off the bottom. I didn't think the light would be that strong. Maybe I could lower the light a lottle and see if it gets better...
  36. Paulsz

    Why Are Gsp Polyps Are Longer Earlier In The Light Cycle

    Hi all, I've noticed that when the lights first come on (during the ramp up), my GSP's polyps are much longer and flow so nicely. But once the light comes on at full strength, they shorten a lot and stay like that for the rest of the day. My ramp up are blues and purples only. The cool white...
  37. Paulsz

    Too Soon To Have Put A Monti

    Also, I use red Sea coral pro. When I make a new batch, the pH is usually 8.2-8.4. I think what happened was when I first filled the tank, I had a lot of precipitate because I must have done something wrong. Do you think that I could do one large wc (25-30%) and see if the pH goes up to 8? Would...
  38. Paulsz

    Too Soon To Have Put A Monti

    How slow do you think should I bring up the pH? If it's around 7.8 on average, should I bring slowly bringing it up to 8.4 over a week? A month? Two months?
  39. Paulsz

    Fishless Cycle With Ammonia Question.

    I would wait. The bacteria can live without ammonia for some time. If you are still having low ammonia but consistent nitrite, then I would maybe add a few drops (1 ppm) ammonia. Then once both ammonia and nitrites are 0, put a few more drops and test one day later. If they are still 0 a day...
  40. Paulsz

    Too Soon To Have Put A Monti

    Some quick pics of my tank
  41. Paulsz

    Too Soon To Have Put A Monti

    Hi all, I set up my 35 cube back in end of October and had it cycling. In mid December, I got my first fish (firefish) and in end of January my first three softies (gsp, mushroom, sympodium). Then last weekend I got my first piece of purple Monti. It's been about 4 days and the Monti looks to...
  42. Paulsz

    Sw Questions

    I switched from FW to SW last summer. All I can say is that it is very rewarding, but also a lot pricier. So as long as you're ready to spend a bit more on equipment, go for it. You'll love SW!
  43. Paulsz

    60 Gallon Cube

    I believe he is talking about using the 60 gallon for saltwater. I have a 35 cube and it doesn't take much room while still being big enough to stock a handful of fish. A 60 cube will give you a bit more options for stocking than what I have. You could do a dwarf angel if you don't plan on...
  44. Paulsz

    Can I Connect Apex To Switch Instead Of Router?

    Hi, In my basement, there is the Xbox, pc, and aquarium (with an Apex I just bought). I would like to have these three connected with an Ethernet cable since wifi is fairly weak in the basement but I do not want to run three cables from the router (upstairs) to the basement. Could I run one...
  45. Paulsz

    Planted 20 Gallon Tall

    Considering it's a 20 gallon tall, I don't think a blue gourami would do well. Maybe a dward gourami instead? Or two honey gouramis. Those get smaller and can fit well in a tank that sizs
  46. Paulsz

    Is This A Good Move?

    You may be right. I don't have much experience with betta in general
  47. Paulsz

    Is This A Good Move?

    I wouldn't keep the betta due to possible aggression, and the danios because they need colder water than the rest. I would think you could get the best out of angels at around 78F but I may be wrong. I know some sites say they can go as low as 75F, but I'm not sure how they behave in those...
  48. Paulsz

    Help Me Set Up My First Saltwater Aquarium! 16]

    Will you be using RO or RO/DI water? Investing in a unit would be good long term

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