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  1. fishychachki

    Is My Glue Aquarium-safe?

    I have a super glue that says ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate. Pretty sure cyanoacrylate glues are perfectly aquarium-safe but is that the same thing?
  2. fishychachki

    Min Tank Size For Pearl Gourami Trio?

    Hello everyone. I'm smitten by the beauty that is pearl gouramis and is thinking of getting them next. However I've been reading mixed reviews about how peaceful the males actually are (pretty concerning by peaceful gouramis' standard) so I'm planning to get a trio of 1m2f. In your experience...
  3. fishychachki

    Plants And Water Chemistry

    As I understand it, it takes a super dense plant cover for an aquarium to have its water chemistry affected (in particular the three nitrogenous compounds central to our hobby). However, I was just wondering if someone can give me a brief lesson on biochemistry as to what nutrient from the water...
  4. fishychachki

    Understanding Ph Shock, Its Myths, And Realities

    I'm relatively new to the forum so forgive me if this has been previously gone through but if it has, I can't seem to find the relevant thread(s). I have been wondering what exactly about pH that could cause extreme 'shocks' on fish and inverts if changed drastically over a short time period...
  5. fishychachki

    Is Seriouslyfish Down?

    I've been having problems accessing our beloved SF on mobile (haven't been able to try it on my laptop) for almost the last 24 hours or so. The page would stop with only the main fish pics displayed and nothing else. Is it really currently down or is it just me?
  6. fishychachki

    Less Common Dwarf Cichlids?

    I was doing some research on peaceful small-medium cichlids out of pure curiosity and was surprised to find how many genus of dwarf cichlids (10 cm/4" adult size and smaller) are not commonly available even today when all sorts of high-maintenance, exotic oddballs make their way into the hobby...
  7. fishychachki

    Minimum Tank Size For L260 Queen Arabesque Hypancistrus

    I was wondering what you guys think would be the minimum tank size for a single hypancistrus sp L260 (so-called queen arabesque pleco)? And what would be the minimum tank size for a breeding pair? No plan for the foreseeable future but this gorgeous fish every now and then becomes available in...
  8. fishychachki

    Heater Safety During Ich Treatment

    Hello, everyone. What are some of the general safety precautions I have to take in using heaters? I live in a tropical climate and the water temp always stays warm in the 26-29 C range all year round without any intervention so this will be my first time using heater (using it to treat ich in my...
  9. fishychachki

    Friend's Tank Stocking Ideas

    My friend is cycling a planted 30 gallon (80×40×40 in cm) in her living room and she trusts me to stock it with a community. She has her heart set on cardinal tetras though so everything else has to work with it. We live in in a tropical country so tank water stays within 26-29C all year long...
  10. fishychachki

    Which Non-melano Rainbows?

    There have been a number of non-melanotaenia rainbows that have been sold here and they seem gorgeous. I was wondering if anyone can gell me about their general care/difficulty level, especially from firsthand experience? I'm not exactly new to fishkeeping but have never worked with these...
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