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    Not fish related at all...

    Not fish related at all...(Please Help) HI guys! I know this may not be the best forum to ask this question, but I judge the people at fishlore to be very intelligent people, who I can be sure will give me an honest answer in this touchy subject. Besides, this is the only forum I am part of...
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    New Boy! :)

    Hey everybody! Wanted to share some pictures of my new guy... His colors reminded me of the night sky, so I called him Orion!
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    The cursed 5 gallon tank

    Hey guys, Eh... I think my 5 gallon is cursed? Like 2 months ago I lost my Tidus... Yesterday, after doing a water change, I find that one of my two otos is gone... now, I see the one that is left has a red spot in its belly... He is swimming and all but he is not okay. Nothing has gone...
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    It is finally over

    Okay, after much fighting this bizarre disease, it finally won the battle. My little Tidus is now in fishy heaven. I wish I would know what happened. It is at least over now.
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    Gentian Violet

    Hello everyone... As some of you may know, my little betta boy Tidus has a horrible bacterial infection which started by destroying his fins and now, has eaten some of his flesh.. I am going to go ahead and start treating him, since nothing of what I have already done (clean water, garlic...
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    Holiday Surprises!

    Okay... So, I had not been at my bf's appartment since like the 20th because I have been at my family's house for the holidays. I went there yesterday and I did the same I do whenever I am there... I check the 28gal (full of harlequin rasboras, zebra danios and one mellow RTS). making sure...
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    Pictures of my sick baby.

    Hey guys, here are some pictures of my Tidus, I don't know what is wrong with him, I thought of fin rot but the water in the tank is pristine, he has been living there for a year with the two ottos and nothing has happened... and it indeed does not look like fin rot. ? I have never experienced...
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    Tidus is sick!!!!

    Okay... So, yesterday everything is fine, all despite the usual boredom he was displaying Tidus was fine... I left him alone for a night. Then I came back after work today to find him with half his analfin gone at the base (he could not have done that himself). And in one spot, like at the...
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    Betta problems

    HI everyone - So... I have had my boy Tidus for a year now, and he is... well okay, but there are a few things that could be better. 1) He looks bored. He has real plants, driftwood, caves and two tank mates (ottos) that he occasionally chases around... He basically lives in what I call...
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    55 Gallon Tank Need Fishy! :D

    Okay. I have had my current stock for a while, and since it is understocked, I am going to start thinking of more fishy for my 55 - I have 1 KoI veil angelfish 1 Rainbow shark 2 ghost catfish (maybe adding more of these? most of the original school died) 1 Dwarf platy (maybe add some...
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