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    Angelfish pro needed

    Have kept angels for a few years. IME, veiltail angels are not that aggressive, as compared to the regular ones.
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    Favorite Fish

    Rainbow fish
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    Can dwarf gourami coexist with angelfish?

    in a 45g there shouldnt be any problem. i've done it and currently have pearl gouramis and angels together for almost a year.
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    Cool fish for 75 gallon

    rainbow fish, gouramis, congo tetras, angel fish
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    angel problem

    just drop the food at multiple places on the water surface at the same time
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    Rainbow fish advice

    yes they are community fish, quite peaceful and my personal favs. they like to be in groups. you may see the occassional slight aggression b/w males of the same type but that can be controlled by at least 1M:1F ratio. More Fs than Ms is fine but not the other way round. i've seen 8-9 praecox...
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    Gravel okay for planted tank?

    I take that back about eco complete. I had never looked at product info from their website until now. I just read so many tank journals and postings from people who have used eco which had clearly lead me to think eco doesnt contain nutrients but is high CEC and therefore capable of absorbing...
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    Gravel okay for planted tank?

    I remember at least 2 journals where those people got great results, from what I read in the journals. Flourite has nutrients as against something such as Eco Complete, which doesnt have too many nutrients/none but is high CEC isnt it? Here is one of the journals, hope its ok to put a URL here...
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    Added live plants but how do I syphon the tank?

    If you got rooting plants but not the substrate for them for your test drive....well... we dont want you to be disappointed. Before doing an experiment its necessary to make sure you got all the material required to conduct the experiment right? Else the results are not trustworthy Can you...
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    Gravel okay for planted tank?

    I havent used Flourite but read some tank journals with a dirt layer topped with flourite and I think that is one of the best combinations for a low maintenance setup especially for root feeding plants.
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    Rainbows in a 20 high?

    You dont need a centerpiece if you dont want one. Get a school of corys + school of praecox rainbow.
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    20 Gallon Tank Gourami attacking my Angelfish?! HELP?

    I dont think you have mentioned your tank size. Assuming its 20g from your profile, its too small for pearl gouramis 'coz they get quite big - I've seen 6 inchers. Get a DG or a GBR. I love gouramis but because of recent experiences and reading on the net, I've seen so many people talk about...
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    40 Gallon Tank Mysterious death in tank !! (Gourami)?

    Welcome to FL. Oscars and gouramis... what size are they? At an LFS I've seen them together but the gouramis are giant gouramis, like 15 inches or more long and the oscars are big but smaller than the gouramis. I can imagine though that your fish arent that big since you have a 45g... I just...
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    Are Cichlid's really more difficult to maintain than more common community fish

    My experience has been with angels and rams only. Once set in your tank they are rock solid tough guys. They are full of personality. I love rams! Usually their aggression is intra species (angel-angel). Some flip sides according to me: -they need a lot of personal space to be happy - so...
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    Rainbows in a 20 high?

    For a centerpiece you could have a GBR. Praecox rainbows are peaceful and good for community tanks, 4 would be ok in your tank I think. The other bows I am familiar with need a bigger tank (boesemani for e.g.). I wonder if there are any other bows that are dwarf & a 20 would be ok for them...
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    planted 90 gallon

    The K rating of the light is something to watch out for. 6500K is a good rating. If you dont inject co2 or use something like Excel the co2 in your tank is going to come from animal respiration and the bacterial breakdown processes going on in the substrate but its limiting, plant growth will be...
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    Green Water

    For me this wasnt an option as they arent easily available + quite expensive. One local guy told me they disturb the n-cycle.
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    Green Water

    How much do UV sterilizers cost? They would harm live plants and beneficial bacteria, right? Thats what I've heard.
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    Female bettas and one male rainbow..

    Bows do better in schools of 5 or more usually. But yes you are right, get a girl, he will be alright. He isnt being aggressive to the bettas.
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    20 Gallon Tank Gourami attacking my Angelfish?! HELP?

    I assume they were in your 20g when the gourami attacked. Rather than rehome the angel I would rehome the gourami. Opalines are known to be aggressive. They get quite big. Tank space is also a factor. The bigger the tank, the more space these kind of fish get to themselves which seems to keep...
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    Green Water

    No, it wont. Fabric - ok, thats good. The most convenient option for me was to use a sock as it was available at home and I didnt have to go searching for any material in the shops-wasnt worth it. I rinsed/soaked/cleaned the sock I used over a period of 5-6 days until I was very sure it was...
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    Green Water

    You can just leave the filter running with the fine filter material for several hours in that case. It will reduce the greenness in the water. Start the filter with clean material before going out 12 hours. After coming back, clean the material and do one more run overnight if required. By the...
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    Are dwarf neon rainbowfish friendly?

    Yes they (m. praecox) are peaceful and well suited to community tanks. To bring out their best behavior the stocking ratio should be equal or greater number of females to males. In a 30 you could go upto 4. They are very active and voracious eaters, most active in the mornings with the males...
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    Salt in freshwater planted tank to be avoided?

    I'm on top of water changes and the cabomba plants are growing good, not so much the root feeders (started root tabs just 10 days ago for them). I gave some of my affected fish a bath in a concoction of salt+a general aid medicine called Rid All. (). This med has helped me in the past. Some...
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    Salt in freshwater planted tank to be avoided?

    In a planted tank with the following plants and with only fish as the inhabitants (no other fauna, no scale-less fish such as loaches): green cabomba banana amazon sword java fern java moss 1 other stem "with delicate looking long leaves" of which I dont know the name is it ok if...
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    Open to stocking suggestions

    I dont know about gars but the other cichlids you got are pretty cool fish. i would continue with them if they are compatible in the long run...
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    What vegetables can I feed my fish?

    Boil peas till soft, peel off the outer skin and feed the "hearts". Also garlic is good for fish (maybe once in 10 days?). Need to think of ways to somehow get them to eat it through their favorite food. Not talking about veggies but I feed my fish boiled chicken and boiled fish (u can freeze...
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    Angels and rams

    At full size angels gets fairly big. The biggest I've seen were 1 ft tall. Also when you add multiple new angels together into a tank you can run into aggression issues and if you get the odd one who wants to own the entire tank s/he will kill the others. If you want to avoid that aggression...
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    Green Water

    Like I mentioned water changes will not help. You have to get in there and do a fast filter run until the water is clear in 1 single run. If you let some green stay back in the water thinking you will take care of the rest "tomorrow", if there is a photo period before you start again tomorrow...
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    20 gal tank: stocking advice

    Hi, welcome to FL! Please lookup the tank size requirements of the following, for most I guess 20 is the minimum required. Please make sure to have a lot of hiding places, fish love/need them. Writing down some ideas: Smaller schooling fish: rummy nose tetras (tight schoolers)...
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    what are max and min depths for substrates in planted tanks?!?! i am using safe

    In a dirted tank, 1 inch of soil (after compacting the dry soil down) capped with 1 inch of whatever (gravel/sand).
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    Green Water

    Seems like the tabs injected excess nutrients which made the algae happy. PWCs are not going to help. After having been there, done that I do not recommend blackouts or any chemicals to kill the green algae in the water column as these methods can harm the plants. Here is a simple cheap...
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    200l (55g?) Tank stocking

    Welcome! I would suggest rainbow fish: As the name suggests, they are very colorful. And quite peaceful, good for communities. More than 60 types exist. You could get 3 sets of different bow types, 1M : 1or2 F ratios. They...
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    The Plant Life...

    Good luck. Do make sure to do tonnes of research before plunging into the world of planted tanks. A plant beginner needs to define at least a few goals I think, else its easy to get confused in this vast plant world. Define what you are ok going with, in terms of what plants you like the look...
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    Help stocking the planted 60

    Hi Trout, I asked this bow expert I know and he gave the following info: For any bow subtype, e.g. boesemani, the ratio of 1:2 or 1:1, M:F is safe to go with (basically there should be equal number of or more Fs than Ms). Rainbows do not exactly move around in groups but they will be seen...
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    Define "well established" for Oto cats

    I have a well established tank. The first otto I added died within 12 hours. Looking up on the net I saw people talking about how sensitive these fish are, so I was a bit concerned as ottos are quite expensive in my city. But anyways I wanted one for my tank so I got one more from a different...
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    Potted Plants

    I have plants in plastic containers which contain soil capped with gravel and i have planted root feeding plants in them (amazon sword and crypt). If you keep root feeding plants such as the ones I have in your pots, the gravel will not do any good for them (no nutrients) unless you insert root...
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    Vegetable Matter food in the diet of my Rainbowfish

    I had this same question going on in my mind - the OP I mean. Since we are talking about a vegetarian diet, is it ok to feed fish oats? I tried a very small amount on my fish and they loved it, including the bows. But I didnt feed them much - just 2 flakes of oats because I wanted to try it...
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    Harlequin raspbora tank mate ideas?

    Also since you are thinking of harlequins, please take a look at lambchop rasboras too, I like their coloration better than the harlequins.
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    Harlequin raspbora tank mate ideas?

    nice tank! Here are a few suggestions: dwarf gouramis rummy nose tetras white cloud mountain minnows rams as suggested above- cardinals and neon tetras, corys, ottos Ric, dont you think a 29 will be a bit small for pearl gouramis? Another suggestion is to research dwarf neon rainbow fish...
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    Ick help

    The way to cure ick in a planted tank is by turning up the temp and lots of gravel vacuuming. I would have recommended that to you but that took 12+ days & you say you will be leaving. I avoided any meds for fear of harming my plants. Hope someone has a solution... good luck.
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    aglae eater

    Are sae s also capable of Sucking other fish causing a lot of harm?
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    Constructing my 7000 gallon koi pond

    Great! Thank you for the detailed post. This is the first post I ever read about how ponds work. I have a walstad tank which I like to think of as my natural pond, its got snails & stuff. I'm always case studying others' natural setups. Thx
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    Please id this fish for me

    Being cichlids protein is required , once set they r quite hardy. I feed mine boiled chicken occasionally.
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    Please id this fish for me

    Pic 2 might be male from what I can make out frm my phone. They will take upto a week 2 settle down but after that should start taking food from the surface. Mine do.
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    Root tabs: API & Seachem Flourish

    Yes my first preference is for Seachem followed by Osmocote.
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    Experience Members Advising Newbies

    I identify with Rivier's post above about "response fatigue". I think what is a huge question for a newbie, its something the gurus have addressed many times and is a minor issue for them. As long as their post is helpful and the language fairly polite and to the point I think its ok. If too...
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    Root tabs: API & Seachem Flourish

    I asked about API and Seachem because other products from those brands such as Leaf Zone liq fertilizer are available in my country, so high possibility that the fert tabs are too. I know about osmocotes but I didnt ask about them as they arent available. I will be asking my friends/relatives to...
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    Root tabs: API & Seachem Flourish

    Jim, yes I've read that too. From what I read, it seems Seachem are more wholesome & balanced. I would rather go with them but availability could be a problem. API may be more readily available. Thanks everyone!
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    Help stocking the planted 60

    You're welcome!

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