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  1. maeh22

    Need Help Sexing My Mollies.

    I really can’t figure it out. One of them is a female though. She had about 11 babies the other day and I had no idea she was pregnant. I tried to get good pictures but I don’t know how well I did. Baby pictures for attention cuz they’re so dang cute!!
  2. maeh22

    Rabbit Snail Had Twins?

    I bought one yellow rabbit snail maybe 4 months ago? I then noticed a little rabbit snail maybe about a week or two later. I placed this baby into my breeder box I had floating in this tank as I breed mystery snails. I just now found a SECOND BABY. I have 1 adult rabbit snail! How did this...
  3. maeh22

    How To Make Water Harder

    What can I use? I plan on buying a gh/kh test kit on amazon
  4. maeh22

    Can I Put A Live Lotus Plant In My Tank?

    ive seen some at Lowe’s and I’d love to grow it in my tank. I can’t find anything online about this so I was wondering if there’s something I don’t know about that makes it not safe?
  5. maeh22

    Is This Safe?
  6. maeh22

    Show Me Your 55/60/65g Tanks!!

    I had a very bad accident happen not too long ago in my 60g and all but 2 of my fish were killed. I’ve been so heartbroken and busy I haven’t really restocked. I recycled the tank so it’s safe for fish now. I wanna rescape so please show me pictures of your similar sized tanks! I prefer natural...
  7. maeh22

    Plecos With Ammonia Burns

    How can I help them heal and feel better? I had a bad accident with tap water that killed 16 out of 18 fish in my tank. The only 2 left are my juvenile and baby bristlenose plecos. I’ve moved them to a temporary 20g with good water but what can I do to help them other than keeping the water...
  8. maeh22

    Restarting My 60g... :(

    Yesterday I was doing a water change. To refill my tanks I have one gallon jugs and my mom takes them and fills them from the sink (tap water) and we put prime in. She brings the jugs back to me and I pour them in. I did about a 25 percent water change. I left for a *couple* (like 2) of hours...
  9. maeh22

    What Kind Of Pleco?

    He’s very very small. About an inch maybe a little bit bigger. He appears gold but was sold to me as a bristlenose Pleco. Not sure what to think he is. Gold nugget?
  10. maeh22

    Baby Mystery Snail Colors

    I’m trying to make a guide for new mystery snail breeders. I’d like everyone’s expertise! In your experience, around what age could you tell which color your mystery snails were going to be and how? Bonus points for pics lol I’ll update this list as I get answers if I get answers. Magenta-...
  11. maeh22

    Buying And Selling Freshwater Animals Online

    What are good sites for this? I’m in the US. I check aquabid frequently but I’d like to check out other sites if there are any.
  12. maeh22

    Mystery Snail Egg Clutch

    I have 2 mystery snail egg clutches and the one on the left seems to be close to hatching. Just wanted to show everyone! (just saying, the empty cells in the clutch were crushed a little bit in the process of getting them out of the tank at my LFS)
  13. maeh22

    African Cichlid Fungus Identification Help Needed

    I have a 60g tank with quite a few African cichlids. The only other fish I have in there is a Pleco and a yellow spiny eel. Yesterday I was feeding my cichlids and noticed just *one* out of my 10+ cichlids has a fungus of some sort. I couldn’t identify it but I’m not very experienced with...
  14. maeh22

    What Is This?

    Not my tank, it’s a tank at my orthodontist. It’s not in very good shape. I think it’s overrun with that pest coral. It’s pretty nasty looking for some reason. It used to be pretty. I have no idea what happened to it. I included a picture of the tank.
  15. maeh22

    Homemade Ferts?

    I have some plants that are turning yellow. They get plenty of light. I’ve got an LED. I don’t have anything eating them and my water is good. The plants are 1 banana plant, 1 java fern, and a few of my anacharis. Anything I can do? I can’t go to my LFS tonight to get root tabs otherwise I would
  16. maeh22

    60 Gallon Tank Stocking Ideas?

    I just bought a 60g tank from PetSmart for $150 USD. Black Friday is great!!! I don’t know if I want cichlids because I’d love to have a large apple snail or two but I’d be open to having some. I’d put some mystery snails in there too if possible. I would like really colorful fish. I’m gonna add...
  17. maeh22

    Diy 3d Aquarium Background

    This project was very easy. Time consuming, but easy. It took me 4 days for my 20g long. Here’s the process! Day 1: materials. I went to Home Depot and my LFS. I measured the inside of the black border surrounding my tank. I would’ve measured the inside of the tank but it’s bigger than the...
  18. maeh22

    Fish Store Betta

    I just wanted to express my feelings here as no one else really cares. At my LFS there was a betta and he had dropsy. He was all pineconed and it really didn’t look *too* bad yet. I told the lady that but despite me saying that she said they’d probably freeze him. It sucks, they have all of the...
  19. maeh22

    Betta Bloat

    My moms male has been bloated for a while now. He’s had a 15 minute Epsom salt bath and a piece of blanched pea. More peas? Another bath?
  20. maeh22

    What Is This?

    its only on one side. It looks almost like his scales were ripped but he won’t eat and he floats at the top or lays in the bottom corner gasping. He’s fairly new from the pet store. He lives alone in his 10g.

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