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  1. Rcslade124

    African cichlid tank

    This is an African cichlid tank I think atleast my mom sent me from a dr office. Thought I'd share
  2. Rcslade124

    Fish dieing

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 29g How long has the tank been running? Oct 1 Does it have a filter? Yes 2 Does it have a heater? Yes What is the water temperature? 78 What is the entire stocking of this tank? Was 17 cardinal tetras. (Please list all fish and inverts.) Maintenance...
  3. Rcslade124

    4 of the 17 didnt make it

    So 4 cardinal passed over the night. I only had a few mins to retrieve them before I had to leave for work. Will test water as soon as i get home tongiht. Pics attached
  4. Rcslade124

    Boisterous fish

    I dont know about anyone else but my fish get super active after their weekly water change. All the fish are out and active and showing off. My betta continuously swims into the filter current float through the air bubbles. My glotetra just chase eachother and look at me for food. If people dont...
  5. Rcslade124

    Stocking question

    I process 3ppm ammonia in 24 hrs. Could I add 15 cardinal tetras tomorrow after a water change and the remaining bacteria survive until wed when I get my apistogramma? Or should I just get some ss+ just incase
  6. Rcslade124

    Repashy for apistogramma

    I am preparing my tank for the arrival of my apistogramma. So I was wondering everyone's feelings on rephasy as a staple food? I will probably do baby brine shrimp hatchery and some black worms later on. As for rephasy as a staple is it a good idea? Also which type would be better for...
  7. Rcslade124

    Question Ph clarity

    Ok this should be my last question about ph and so forth. I want to check if my nightly ph drop will hurt the fish? I have a moderately planted tank. Last night while lights on ph was 6.2ish. So my worry if ph drops too a much lower level at night will it hurt the fish? Or is this normal and...
  8. Rcslade124

    Moving red eye tetra

    So I have some apisto coming in a week when weather warms a little. I was going to get some rummy nose tetra. But I have 2 red eye tetras in my hexagon that always stay hidden. I think my glofish bully them and they stay down in bottom. Since it's a hexagon I cant add more. So would moving...
  9. Rcslade124

    Accepting cookies

    How do I accept cookies to be able to change avatar picture. I dont know how cookies got blocked
  10. Rcslade124

    Daddys number 1 fan!

    Shes def daddy's #1 fan. The boys the #1 fish fan but he doesnt want a photo!!
  11. Rcslade124

    My 29 gallon Apistogramma tank!

    So I'm going to start a thread so I can just post my build from here on out! To start I got a 29 gallon tank used from Facebook. (Was supposed to be a 40g) I didnt take tape measure with me so when I get home poof depressed instantly. So I fight for a week and finally decided to make this...
  12. Rcslade124

    Kh and gh questions

    I just got my kh and gh test kits. I got a 2 drop KH which I see is low. And a 8 drop gh. So I am wanting low ph for the tank. I havent added any chemicals to the tank. Just finished my cycle. I have 2 pieces of spiderwood and one mopani wood. I will be adding indian almond leaves after I plant...
  13. Rcslade124

    Finally!! 6 weeks to cycle..

    Finally after 6 weeks to the day! I am finally cycled. Its bitter sweet. I have a plan for the tank know the stocking. But I cannot get a single female apistogramma cacatuoides. I can get pairs but not a 3rd. Will adding a 3 later hurt? Anyways this is about all the testing to reach completion...
  14. Rcslade124

    Diy hood

    I decided against diy light so I ordered a beamswork dafullspec that arrives tomorrow. Here is the cover I made needs some tweaking still but I'm happy
  15. Rcslade124

    Light questions for plants

    Before I dive in on a diy light setup I was wondering 4 things. I have been looking into lights for weeks. I am getting led light strips and making my hood. I was looking into doing a moderately planted tank with high light plants. I have since decided to do a Blackwater Douth American tank. I...
  16. Rcslade124

    Final stages of 29g

    Ok I'm turning the corner in the nitrite stage of my 29 gallon cycle.(fishless) I have been dosing to 2ppm ammonia each day. The tank processing the ammonia to nitrites in a day and a half maybe. And I'm now getting a good nitrate reading. The picture of the test is 17 hrs after a 2ppm ammonia...
  17. Rcslade124

    29g stock ideas

    I have been working on a stock idea for a 29g I am cycling. Looking for info from anyone housing these fish. I know I want 3 apistogramma dwarf cichlid. And 6 cory cats. But mid level i have been switching. Would 2 Angel's and a dwarf gourami me a good match. I have read they are. Would 2...
  18. Rcslade124

    Fishless cycle question

    So I'm cycling a 29g. Got impatient added tss+. Ammonia was 4ppm. Here's my test results from this morning. Should I up ammonia back to 2ppm? Also at what point do I lower nitrates? I'm guessing water change at 0 nitrites?
  19. Rcslade124

    Diy lights for planted tank

    I have been researching diy Led lights. So here's where I'm at hopefully someone on here has done it. So I was planning on getting the finnex 24/7 planted. Would cost $101.45. I can get these plant growing rgb lights...
  20. Rcslade124

    Adding rocks

    I had found some rocks in a drainage line that I have collected. I was pretty sure they would be limestone. So I threw a bunch in a bucket of dechlorinated water and put a lid on. It has been a full week The ph hasn't rAised any. Would gh/kh changing change ph also? would it be safe to add to...

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