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  1. TexasGuppy

    Amazon Help/cloudy Water

    My Amazon's appear to be struggling. First their leaves got dark veins, then some of the leaves started wilting. I've been dosing thrives three times a week just 7-8 ml each time. CO2 around 30ppm (I guess, drop checker is green). And seachem flourish tabs every 4-6 weeks. I only put a couple...
  2. TexasGuppy

    Berried Amano

    I just noticed one of my Amano looks very berried. I have a driftwood with hiding holes, creavices, and a tunnel built of rocks with little hiding spots. I have several plants, sword, anubias nana, and bunch of Rotala rotundiifolia folding over on the surface. Is that enough for them to...
  3. TexasGuppy

    Uv Dangerous Levels?

    So, I did a DIY UV purifier by putting the UV inside a PVC pipe, painted w/ black enamel, and with drilled end-caps with black course sponge on the ends and an air pump to move the water slowly through it. However, when the lights are out in the room at night, you can see the PVC actually...
  4. TexasGuppy

    Operation Rainbow Rescue

    So, I have 2 male and 1 female turquoise in my 55g and wanted to add a few more female. Went by the local PetSmart, OMG, poor fish. I couldn't tell their sex so decided to hold off, plus one had very poor color and the other had finrot on his top and tail. So, I change my mind and just picked...
  5. TexasGuppy

    Crashed Cycle Tss Advice

    So, I crashed my cycle with furan 2 and kanapax. I checked parameters at the end and seemed fine, but my Otto died a few days later and ammonia was around .3 or so. I did water change and the primed for a few days to monitor but ammonia was sitting around .2 I added heavy dose stability a few...
  6. TexasGuppy

    What Species Is My Tetra?

    I bought what I thought was baby Cardinal tetra (8) about 6-8 weeks ago, but they don't look like any Cardinals I've seen pictures of. They also don't look like green neons since there is red in the tail. Do you know if this is really a cardinal? Also, is the belly like that normal? They've...
  7. TexasGuppy

    Molly's Losing Scales

    Two Molly's looks to be losing a bunch of scales, and it looks like a couple spots are getting worse. 10g w/ two Molly's and 4 serpaes. Learned later maybe they should be in bigger tank. Not sure. Nitrates get up to 30ppm and I do weekly 50% WC. 78°, last I checked pH was 7.4 We just noticed...
  8. TexasGuppy

    Plant Ang Algae Help!

    I have, I believe Ludwigia Peruensis Several are dying from the stem. I've removed one already. Can I cut off the dead section of stem and replant? I was using flourish and Excell and they appeared to be doing well, however I got shrimp and worried about copper so switched to thriveS. I...
  9. TexasGuppy

    Did Qt Kill My Fish?

    So, I ordered 6 Preacox rainbows online and thought I would do the proper QT. My tap is .5 ammonia but I figured daily Prime would detox it. However, I've lost 1 fish a day over the last 4 days and only have 2 left. 2 started with stringy poop, so I've done a dose of Paraguard per day just in...
  10. TexasGuppy

    New Dwarf Neon Rainbows - Death/parasites?

    Just got some Amano shrimp and 6 Dwarf Neons from liveaquaria. I put the neons in a 10g QT and noticed 2 had white stringy (very fine) poop hanging down. It seems like this means parasites? I put a dose of Paraguard in the tank. A male didn't survive the night. The rest seems to be doing ok...
  11. TexasGuppy

    My Cycle Frustrations

    So, got a 10g hand-me-down from family and promptly killed a few fish and then found this site... never knew about nitrogen cycle. Got some stability and prime and worked through it. Fast forward to Christmas and decide to get myself a nice 54g corner tank and now I'm a Google Genius, or so I...
  12. TexasGuppy

    Stock Check 54g

    This is a restart of another thread I had but was based on a question and now has reset. Wife doesn't want her fish in it, so it's a fresh tank. I'm thinking 8 panda Cory 10 cardinal tetra 2 cockatoo dwarf 2 GBR 2 redfire guppy 6 Praecox Rainbow 6 Amano shrimp I'm on the fence between...
  13. TexasGuppy

    Massive Initial Stock?

    Curious, if I'm doing my fishless cycle I can grow my BB to whatever initi load I need. I'm looking at buying most of my fish from liveaquaria. To keep from having to make several orders with shipping can I get most up front? Since it's a single source, can I quarantine the whole group? If...
  14. TexasGuppy

    Tetra Translucent

    Is this normal? I've read that sleeping/night can lead to this, but it seems like both my tetras are more translucent than normal all the time. Nitrates 10-20 which I thought was OK. After reading all the qt threads I'm getting paranoid!
  15. TexasGuppy

    Diy Canister - Mistake?

    So, getting ready to setup a 54g tank and was looking at various canisters online. Almost all of them have large % of people saying they leak after awhile or break, stop working, etc. So, I found some instructions on building your own and figured why not. lol. It's almost done, but I'm...
  16. TexasGuppy

    Tank Shape Affect Fish Choices?

    First off, thanks to all the people who share their knowledge and advice. This site is loaded with information. I just purchased a 55g corner tank and was curious if the 'boxy' shape of it would affect the standard recommendations of fish I see in these threads? Would the closer quarters...

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