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  1. Taritus

    Odd Behavior From Cichlids

    Hello all So during the middle of a water change I like to observe how my fish react I stopped and went to get my phone and my chemicals for when I filled the tank and noticed my female green terror and jack Dempsey were licking lips They weren't moving much just sitting there I tapped he...
  2. Taritus

    Need A Fish That Will Clean Bottom

    Hey y'all So my fish are very messy eaters ( oscars and other cichlids ) And I have a nearly one foot pleco named rock who likes to clean up but I need another cleaner I tried catfish and while they were wonderful at it I didn't feed the cichlids for a day to clear up the water and an Oscar...
  3. Taritus

    Oscar won't eat help

    So I have 3 oscars and 2 of them won't eat I have two smaller black ones and a large white one named meatloaf At first one of the smaller black ones stopped eating and then meatloaf stopped eating yesterday I tested my water conditions and everything is fine ph is neutral nitrite and nitrate...
  4. Taritus

    Making a log decoration

    Hello my fellow fish fanatics? I found a log out in the woods and want to make it into a cool decoration Iv already taken all the bark off and saw the holes in it I wanna know what y'all think would look cool I'm thinking about fake plants and prolong it up on a large rock I also have know...
  5. Taritus

    Are arrowanna legal?

    Hey y'all I'm designing a massive tank for a monster fish preferable a arrowanna but some people say this is illegal in the states Any clue if it is ?
  6. Taritus

    Should I move goldfish?

    Hello all About two months ago I bought some feeder goldfish for my frog jabba However he didn't want all of them so I put one in my 100gal cichlid tank for later and forgot about him Over these past months not only has he interrogated himself into the community but he's convinced he's a...
  7. Taritus

    Free red belly pirahna to good home

    Not familiar with how this works but I have a red belly piranha I have to get rid of Free I just ask for u to cover shipping cost I also want a picture of where he's going to ensure he'll be ok
  8. Taritus

    Need immediate help!

    Hey y'all My frog jabba fell from a high place and he seemed fine but he threw up his lunch and some congealed blood as well as took a bowel movement I don't know how to help him any ideas He keeps his mouth open to breath now which is uncommon
  9. Taritus

    Walmart refugee

    Hey y'all thinking about getting some another Walmart "refugee" fish (Oscar) since the lights are out and they have been there for months I just can't decide which one So thought y'all could help: )
  10. Taritus

    Oscar pair

    Hey y'all I want to form a Oscar pair but don't know the gender differences Also I found out goldfish are bad for them so why feeder fish may I feed them All help appreciated
  11. Taritus

    Cutting tank idea?

    Hey y'all so I have a 95 galloon tank but I'm no lazy and cheap to buy anymore plants so my idea is to convert my 10 gallon into a plant propagation tank where I can cut from previous plants and grow them in theyr Any idea what I'll need for this as well as how do I cut from plants and what to...
  12. Taritus

    Apps and places to sell fish

    Hey all I got a red bellies pirána that came with the tank and I have no place for him since I have to get rid of one of my smaller tanks as I am a college student Any place or app y'all have used to sell fish ?
  13. Taritus

    Safe aqaurium sand

    Hello all I work at Walmart and due to end of season the only sand we have is this but I don't know if it's aquarium safe They use it for cars to get out of ice when theyr stuck Any idea if it's safe?
  14. Taritus

    95 galloon set up help

    Hello all So I'm buying a 95 galloon tank from my friends father and it comes with the tank , stand, air pump filter and everything else for $250 Which is a steal right ?! But they'rs a catch I have to take the tanks previous inhabitant which is a small, juvenile red belly pirahna It's not...
  15. Taritus

    Tank upgrade fish help

    Hey y'all looking to upgrade cichlid tank to maybe 100 g if not more I have 2 jack Dempseys 1 blood parrot 1 Oscar 1 juvenile green terror 1 sail fin pleco And 5 silver dollars My question is are their anymore fish I can add if I get a massive tank I want some more schooling fish possibly...
  16. Taritus

    Looking nice for large tank cheap price does anyone have a trusted website with

    Looking for a website that sells tanks at a good price please help the cichlids getting big :0
  17. Taritus

    Anyone into weight lifting or exercising ???

    Hey y'all just wondering if any weight lifters, fitness buffs, or anyone into exercise at all is also a fish freak Just thought I'd make this to discuss what y'all do for exercise what ya lift and to give help on diets and see what y'all do
  18. Taritus

    African butterfly fish

    Hey guys I made a novice move So I found a African butterfly fish and was interested in it and I guess the associate saw my interest in it and coaxed me into getting it I already had seen them before but never in person only on live and that was to expensive for me to order due to...
  19. Taritus

    Anyone know anything about sulcata tortoises ?

    I'm looking to get a sulcata but wondering if anyone has any experience
  20. Taritus

    Can I use spring water for tanks?

    Hey so I accidentally bought spring water instead of distilled and I don't know if I can use it in my tank The brand is all purpose Thanks!

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