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  1. grump299

    Difference With Matrix

    Could someone tell me what the difference between matrix and pond matrix if any at all. Thanks in advance
  2. grump299

    Question For Aquatop/sun Sun Users

    I’m planning to change over my aquatop cf300 from biorings to matrix could anyone tell me how much matrix will fill a basket. Second should I put the matrix in a media bag or just leave it loss in the basket.
  3. grump299

    Set Up For Figure 8 Puffer

    i am thinking and researching a brackish tank for a figure 8 buffer and I have soon questions it will be a 30gal planted. 1- what filtration would be best ie canister/hob/sump 2-is the BB in freshwater the same or is it more like saltwater 3-if it’s the same can I seed from my freshwater tank...
  4. grump299

    Heater Control

    Does anyone use one of these heater controls and how do you find it for keeping a steady temp on two heaters...
  5. grump299

    Quarantine New Plants

    I’m planning on starting my first planted tank a 29g with a pea puffer.. I need to know is I plan on quarantining my plants befor I put them in but do I need to cycle the quarantine tank for plants or just conditioned water with prime or would water from my 75g be better..
  6. grump299

    Fun Post Show Your Set Up!!!

    Here is my setup....
  7. grump299

    Question About Silicone Oring Lube

    is a silicone lube marked pure food grade oring lubricant safe for my orings on my filters.
  8. grump299

    Inline Heaters Any Good?

    Can any one tell me are the inline heaters any good or not worth the money.
  9. grump299

    Using Purigen.

    I’m thinking of starting to use Puigen in my filter I have never used it befor can anyone help with telling me the pros and cons of using it or do I even need it my tank is well established been running for almost 2 years in my 75 gal senses I up graded from a 40g which was running for about 7...
  10. grump299

    Lava Rock Rubble In Filter

    good morning I probably already know the answer to this but anyway I want to know is lava rock rubble in my filter as good as bio rings or matrix I have a full basket about 1.5 lbs in it.
  11. grump299

    Aquatop Cf300

    Can anyone tell me if aquatop cf300 is a good filter. I am looking at picking one up off a site for 50$ is that a fare price. Thx in advance for any input.
  12. grump299

    Super Glue Question

    i was wondering can I use super glue I need to fix a part on my filter and I believe I read somewhere that super glue was ok to use just had to make sure you let it fully cure befor getting it wet then it is fully safe...
  13. grump299

    Seals Of Canister Filter

    I have a fluval 404 the seal on the motorhead needs to be conditioned its getting hard and started to leak.. so my question is I have seen on line guys using 100% petroleum jelly on the seals will this be safe for the aquarium..
  14. grump299

    Aquaclear 110 Filter Information

    Looking for recommendations on the aquaclear 110 HOB.. I am a canister filter guy but im looking for a spare filter to keep in case of emergency.. does it hold a lot of media will it take media from my canister how easy to set up..
  15. grump299

    This Is Some Of My Friends

    This Thing 1 (black ghost knife) This is Thing 2 (black ghost knife) This is Charlie (clown loach) This is Fred (common pleco ) This is Oscar ( electric blue ram)
  16. grump299

    Bubbles In Betta Tank

    Hi there I just started a betta tank for my wife 2 weeks ago seeded the cycle from my established 75.. I got a Male he is the only one in a 3.5g.. Now my question is there is always bubbles on the top of the tank I have been taken them out with a small net but I have seen someone mentioned they...
  17. grump299

    Thought I Would Share My Betta

    This is sir Winston Churchill my wife's betta that I take care of lol.
  18. grump299

    Sponge Filter Question

    I have started a 3.5g acrylic tank with 1 betta for my wife. It come with a small filer I have packed with floss and media from my established tank for an instant cycle. Can I swap out the filter that come with the tank for a sponge filter and if so what size sponge and air pump should I use...
  19. grump299

    Question About Bb

    good morning this will sound like a beginner question I think I know but I want to be sure. I'm starting a betta tank can I use plants from my established tank as well as filter media for an instant cycle. My established tank is a 75g and been running for almost 5 years.
  20. grump299

    Question About Sand In Saltwater Tank

    I am starting my first salty and doing my research my question is can I use pool filter sand for a salt water tank. Before anyone goes off on me I am planning on doing a full fishless cycle on the tank befor I add anything to it lol.

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