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  1. WanderAtNight

    Question L144 And A Calico Bristlenose, Offspring Chances?

    Like its says I moved some fish around a few days ago and put my small trio of calicos in with four male L144's, moved them to their newly renovated tank today and found when checking caves a L144 male fanning eggs. I've placed him in with the calicos for the time being as I have guppies and...
  2. WanderAtNight

    Help Panda Cories With White Fungus?

    So I just bought 8 panda cory from the LFS. They have been in quarantine for 3 days now and today I noticed 2 have these strange white bits on there heads. I need suggestion with what it might be and how to treat it. Both are eating and acting normally, one definitely seems like it was a...
  3. WanderAtNight

    Help Strange Snail Death

    So I was just "gifted" (felt so bad for the poor fish that I offered to look after it) this tank as it was unwanted by my parents and I've been trying to correct several problems with it since I got it. I believe it's been running for a year but has been neglected for a few months. I have had it...
  4. WanderAtNight

    New Fish Enthusiast Here!

    Hi I'm Amy and I'm fairly new to the hobby. I've had a small betta tank (trio) going for a few months now and was just gifted a tank from my parents as my dad is now working fifo and mum says she cant look after it. Any help and advice would be appreciated as I move forward and dive deeper into...

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