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  1. Kirby86

    Powder Blue Gourami Aggression

    Hi everyone! Having an issue with my 75 gal community tank. So for the past month I’ve built up the population in my tank, including introducing some powder blue gouramis. Against the advice of the LFS I got two males and a female, thinking my tank was big enough for them to keep away from each...
  2. Kirby86

    Help Identify My Fish!

    Happy Friday everyone! My LFS finally got the dwarf rasboras I’ve been waiting on! I got 9 rasboras and one unidentified freebie who was mixed in with them at the store. My guess is an algae eater based on coloration but I’m not sure.. thoughts?
  3. Kirby86

    Add Shrimp Or Fish First?

    I just finished cycling a small tank and plan on stocking with Neon tetras and Cherry shrimp. I'm curious if I should add the shrimp or tetras first? -I've heard the shrimp can be sensitive to environmental changes (argument for adding fish first) -The shrimp would clean the tank up nice for the...
  4. Kirby86

    Frogbit Maintenance

    When thinning out frogbit, is it better to remove smaller younger plants or would removing larger older plants make more sense?
  5. Kirby86

    I Thought My Cycle Was Done..

    I recently started a 5 gallon planted tank and ran it through a fishless cycle(although a few physella acuta snuck in) I accidentally overdosed on ammonia at the start and got stuck in a Nitrite spike, but finally after a long wait all my ammonia and nitrite levels came back down. As was...
  6. Kirby86

    Newbie Fish Keeper

    Hi! I’m pretty new to the hobby, but very much motivated to learn everything I can to make my fish happy

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