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  1. orangeclumsy1

    Raising Kh For Mystery Snails?

    I know snails need harder water. I just tested my kH and after 5 drops it turned from blue to yellow which i believe is 85ish ppm. I'm fairly certain this isn't hard enough so I'd like some advice on how to raise the kH in my tank. There is driftwood in my tank which I believe is what lowered it...
  2. orangeclumsy1

    40 Gallon Breeder Ideas (angelfish?)

    Hey there! I've just come into possession of a 40 gallon breeder tank and I'm not sure what to stock it with! I'll be using some established filter media from another tank to cycle it but I also need input on filtration. Should I go with a hob filter? I've only ever used sponge filters because...
  3. orangeclumsy1

    Looking For A Sexed Pair Of Ivory Mystery Snails

    Hi there everyone! My tank is cycled and I'm waiting for my betta to come in from Thailand! I'm a big invert fan and so I'm looking to add a sexed pair of Ivory mystery snails to my tank. I've bred them in the past and would love to breed them again so that's why it's important to me that...
  4. orangeclumsy1

    Getting A New Betta Very Soon!

    Hi everyone! it's been a while since I've posted on here, but I'm able to have fish again so I'm back! I'm currently working on a 10 gallon planted tank that I'm going to house a single betta in, likely a male. I'm hoping to get a plakat because I've just absolutely fallen in love with them...
  5. orangeclumsy1

    Question Finnex planted+ and 37 gallon tank?

    I'm going to be purchasing a finnex planted+ 30" light for my 20 gallon long soon and was thinking of moving on up to a bigger tank. I'm torn between a 29 and a 37 gallon tank. Both are 30 inches long and will fit my light and my stand, but I don't know if the light will reach the bottom of the...
  6. orangeclumsy1

    What kind of fish are these? (Male and female?)

    There are two fish in a display tank that were donated a while back at the store I work at and I don't know what they are! There are two of them and I think it's a male and a female because one is super colorful and fun and one is duller but they look similar in shape. The colorful one is...
  7. orangeclumsy1

    20 Gallon Tank Journal! Mystery Snails, Molly fry, and RCS

    I have one tank, and 20long that has about 30 Red Cherry Shrimp and 2 mystery snails. I took the mystery snails out of the water and attempted to sex them yesterday and believe I was successful. If I am correct, my gold snail is a female and my blue snail is a male, yay! I actually caught them...
  8. orangeclumsy1

    API CO2 Booster

    I've heard good things about it from a friend of mine, but I'm hesitant to put it in my tank. I've already bought it but was wondering if anyone had any experience with it on here? It says that it is "liquid carbon" and "promotes a vibrant, healthy planted aquarium". I want to make sure it is...
  9. orangeclumsy1

    Aqueon strip light

    Alright, once more question! I'm starting a planted shrimp tank and trying to find a good light for it, although I'm on a budget. This aqueon light is within my price range and I've already bought it but I've been reading bad reviews on it since I did. My question is; will this light...
  10. orangeclumsy1

    Marineland LED aquarium hood?

    I'm thinking of buying this Marineland aquarium hood for my 20L because the price is just too good! The general consensus on the reviews seems positive but I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with these hoods and whether you would recommend them or not? I am planning on using...
  11. orangeclumsy1

    Lighting suggestions needed for a 20L!

    I'm starting up a 20 gallon long tank that will be solely dedicated to shrimp--specifically Red cherry shrimp. Since it will be a shrimp tank I'm wanting it to be fully planted and I intend to use Tahitian moon sand which I will be picking up tomorrow. I know I'm definitely going to have rocks...
  12. orangeclumsy1

    Cherry Shrimp!

    Hello everyone! I have not had a tank in a long, long time and I'm wanting to start back up again. The only thing is that I tend to lose interest in fish rather quickly, but shrimp fascinate me, so I'm going to be starting a cherry shrimp tank! I plan to be breeding them and eventually mixing up...
  13. orangeclumsy1

    Different 29 gallon stocking ideas?

    I'm planning on eventually getting a 29 gallon tank and I'm open to any and all ideas. The only thing that I KNOW will be in there is two purple mystery snails, so plan around that. And it will be planted. GO!
  14. orangeclumsy1

    29 gallon aquarium stand

    What is a good quality one?
  15. orangeclumsy1

    Betta tank : Help and advice needed!

    I have a beautiful veil tail betta named Steve. I'm ashamed to say that Steve has lived in an unfiltered one gallon habitat his entire life, but I'm looking to change that. Steve probably doesn't have much longer to live though, because I've had him since 2009! Nevertheless, I love bettas and...
  16. orangeclumsy1

    What are skunk corys?

    Are they like panda corys? Please help!
  17. orangeclumsy1

    Do plants need special substrate to grow properly?

    I'm wanting a 29 gallon with 2 honey gouramis 6-8 harlequin rasboras 10 neons tetras 8 Cory cats 10-20 rcs 1-3 mystery snails So what kind of plants could I use? I'm just planning on having some black sand as a substrate. I know I'm gonna have some java moss and amazon swords, but...
  18. orangeclumsy1

    My new new new new new tank stocking idea.

    2 honey gouramis (centerpiece) 6-8 corys (panda if I can get a good deal on them, bronze and albinos or skunks if not) 10 neon tetras 6-8 harlequin rasboras 10-20 rcs 1-3 mystery snails (purple if I can get them) Okay, so A) how do I sex the honey gouramis? B) will the honey gouramis eat my...
  19. orangeclumsy1

    What gouramis are "dwarf" gouramis?

    I'm wanting a dwarf gourami as the centerpiece for my 29 gallon. What gouramis are considered dwarfs?
  20. orangeclumsy1

    Gah, I'm still painfully uncertain about what I want! Help! Opinions!?

    Okay, so I originally wanted a........ 20 gal high with 4 cardinals 4 neons 5 or so corys My betta 10 ghost shrimp And one mystery snail. I quickly changed my mind because A) my LFS doesn't carry cardinals, B) corys need schools, C) ghost shrimp are bullies, and D) I fell in love...

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