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    Pellets Or Flakes?

    I'm some what new to cichlids I have 3 convicts what should I feed them pellets or flakes? I can't seem to tell if they are eating the pellets. Two of them are a little over 3in and the other one is about an inch and a half
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    Sexing Convict

    Male or Female? I see no traces of orange but this one is much lighter then the other 2 in the tank I though it was a male but not so sure this one is also bigger then the other 2 convicts in the tank
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    Male Or Female?

    Is this a male convict?
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    Convict Cichlid Water Changes

    Currently don't have any yet but just trying to get all the info I can first. When I get my convicts how often should I do a water change and how much in a 75 gallon tank with a 250 gallon FX4 canister filter? Also what is the best feeding schedule for them daily twice a day? And how often...
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    Convict Cichlids

    Hello I am currently in the process of cycling a 75 gallon aquarium wanted to stock my tank with an easy to maintain cichlid. From my research I belive convict cichlids would be the best for me, however I do not want to get into breeding. One of my major questions is would be can you have a tank...
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