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    Matt's First Fry!

    Came home this morning (27 Oct 2019) from a weekend away to find 4 clumps of 131 little eggs on my 10 gallon's glass. After some time, I have come to the conclusion that my Emerald Corys, which are orphans from a friend, must be the parents. This will be a blog of my progress with these little...
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    Found these eggs on my glass after a weekend away. The tank has emerald corys, ember tetras, and some "pest" snails. Either bladder or pond, not sure which. Any ideas what they are? After some paroozing on the interwebs I believe I know what they are, but want some other opinions. What should...
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    Diy 29 Gallon Stand.

    Built this thing with my dad when I moved out for my overpopulated goldfish tank.speaking of which, anybody with a pond want some commons?! lol. Wish I documented the process, it was a lot of fun. What do youg guys think?
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    Help Goldfish Jumped Out Of Tank

    I came home from work the other day and noticed one of my goldfish was missing from his 29 gallon aquarium. I decided to look behind the tank and saw him on the ground. Immediately I took a closer look and noticed he was still attempting to gasp for oxygen. At this point his tail and fins were...
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    Goldfish Died For Unknown Reason

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to figure out why my goldfish died in the night. I have had it in a 29 gallon tank for about a year now. The fish was around 2.5 years old. In the past few months I have noticed it laying at the bottom of the tank in the corner basically lounging away. He always ate and...
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    Power Outage

    Question... My power just went out and i am in the northeast so with these storms I very likely will be out for at least a few days. Any tips on how to maintain my fishy friends with no running water, no filtration, and no heat?
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    Rcs And Dwarf Lobster?

    Anyone have any experience with putting a dwarf lobster in a tank with RCS? a friend of mine is getting rid of his dwarf lobster and I am considering taking it. the tank has RCS and ember tetras and is heavily planted. any thoughts?
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    Tetra Sitting In Corner Breathing Heavily

    I have an ember tetra sitting in the corner of my tank gasping for air. I have lost 2 cherry shrimp and one ember tetra in the last 72 hours. The ember tetra that I lost had a very large belly, not sure what it was. The tetra that died the other day had shown signs of swim bladder issues before...
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    3 Shrimp Questions

    Hello, I have three questions about red cherries. Got 10 about 5 days ago, as of this morning the tank is littered with a bunch of molts. I also lost one shrimp. The shrimp are in a 10 gallon with some ember tetras. My questions are: should i keep the molts or remove them? What are the common...
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    Rcs Molting?

    Hi Guys, I got my red cherries today and a few hours later I have noticed that one of them appears to be turning white down her back. not transparent, white. is this molting? should i be concerned about anything? Keep in mind, she may have been white this whole time and I never noticed.
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    Ember Tetra Question

    Do Ember Tetras have any preferences or requirements on water movement? My filer creates a noticeable current in the water column...wanted to make sure that this isn't a problem.
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    100g Stocking Ideas

    Looking to start a 100 Gallon community sometime in the next 6-8 months and want to start thinking about some stocking ideas so I can budget appropriately and find where the fish I want are. I am open to any and all suggestions and look forward to hearing from you! thanks
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    Japanese Trapdoor Snails Haven't Moved For A Few Weeks

    My japanese trapdoors have not moved for at least a week and a half but problably closer to 3 weeks. Some of them do move, but two of them have not. It's also worth noting that one snail dissapeared one night. The shell and trapdoor were sitting there in the tank and the snails body was gone...
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    Goldfish At Bottom Of Tank With Fins Clamped

    Some of my goldies are loungin on the bottom of the tank with their fins clamped. I have had them for a few years and they've never done this. Its not ammonia. My readings are 0 0 15 I noticed this behavior yesterday and did a 25% water change. I noticed the behavior again this morning and so I...
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    Iron Defiency?

    Can anyone pinpoint what deficiency this is? I think it might be iron or a combination of things. If you look closely at the broadleaf sag, it looks as though the tips are yellowing on most old growth, and in one or two cases, the whole leaf seems to be yellowing/browning. some new growth looks...
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    Lfs Reccomendations

    Not sure where to put this question but this forum is the most popular so I will post here. Anyone in the Hudson Valley NY that has any recommendations for an LFS? Sick of giving my money to Petsmart and Petco.
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    Dwarf Sag Melt

    I added some new dwarf sag from a friends tank about 2 weeks ago. Most of the plants completely melted and dont seem to be growing any new leaves. A few of them only lost a lead or two. But most lost everything. The broadleaf sag from the same friends tank is doing mostly fine. One plant lost a...
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    Do these white things look like hydras? I have a bunch of them all over my java ferns. seem to be pretty young still and have not spread too much yet. They do not come off easily when brushed or tapped. They also do not seem to move at all. Tank is cycling and is a bit out of whack, I think I...
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    Ember Tetra And Red Cherry Shrimp

    How many red cherry shrimp can i keep with 8 ember tetras in a heavily planted 10 gallon?
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    Anybody Know What This Is??

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know what this stuff is? It appeared about a week after I set up my tank with a few plants from another tank I had, it is not in the tank these plants came from. At first I thought it was just residue from the flourite black sand I used as substrate (I didn't rinse the...

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