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    What Will Take Out My Bladder Snail Problem?

    Looking for something friendly that will take out my bladder snails or at least the new babies and keep them from overtaking my tank. I have a nerite snail, tetra, black molly, two danios, 4 amano shrimp and two cherry shrimp. I don't want anything that will kill any of those. Thanks!!
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    Are These Snail Eggs?

    Ill attach a picture.. I recently noticed some baby bladder snails in my tank a couple months after adding some plants.. I then noticed these balls on the bottom of my tank Heater.. I'm a beginner.. And I didnt notice when I set it up if those were there....or are these bladder snail eggs?
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    Plz Help With Snail Issue

    So today I found 3-4 small baby snails. No clue at all how they got in my tank. I'm a beginner so I don't know a ton about tanks or snails in general. The only thing I can think of is that a couple months back I got some live plants from petco. I also am Seeing something in my heater (maybe it...
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