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    Have a quick question. I have been seeing in a lot of pictures with some really nice blue backgrounds on tanks. What is the best way to have this look? To paint to back of the glass? Or to just add one of those store bought backgrounds to your tank? If there are other ways please let me know.
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    Fins came off!

    Has anyone ever seen or heard of the tails of an angelfish and wiskers just coming off. I am an angelfish that has lost his tail and wiskers(whatever those are called), but it seems that they are growing back. Is this normal? My first thought was my other 2 angels beat him up, but they are all...
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    My 29 Gal Angel, and Swordtail tank.

    Let me knot what you guys think. My wife likes to keep it looking simple and clean, so that we can see the fish rather than having to try hard to find them. I am thinking about adding one more small hiding spot though!
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    New to Angels

    I am new to angelfish and have read on many post that having more than 2 angels can be a problem. I added 2 angelfish at the same time to my tank last week, then like 3 days later I couldn't help but by a third when I saw him on an unplanned trip by the pet store. Was this a mistake or should I...
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